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Mozilla Add-ons

A more complete list of add-ons can be found at the Extension Room on Developers, make sure to check out the Web Developer Add-ons list.

Note: see Plug-ins to obtain plug-ins for Mozilla (e.g. Java, Flash.)

Popular Add-ons


You can change the Mozilla user interface from English to many other languages.

Get Mozilla for different languages. Check the Mozilla Localization Project pages for more details and information on how to contribute a localization in your language

Spellchecker Dictionaries

Spellchecker dictionaries in various languages are available through MozillaCafe.


Mozilla Calendar, currently in alpha testing but very usable, will be a standards-based calendaring solution, and the sixth member of the Mozilla suite of applications. (Windows and Linux only.)
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Search Engines

Mycroft is a collection of files which enable mozilla to use practically any search engine under the sun.
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PGP/GPG Encryption in Mail

Mozilla already supports S/MIME out of the box for secure email; Enigmail is an addon for PGP/GPG support. (Requires command-line PGP/GPG program.)
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Jabberzilla Instant Messaging

Jabber is the open-source instant-messaging client which can talk to any other instant messenger on the planet (AOL, MSN, ICQ, etc.) Jabberzilla is a Mozilla sidebar Jabber client.
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Blog with Mozilla while you surf.
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Mouse Gesture Support

Navigate the web using click-and-drag mouse gestures.
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MathML Editor

Mozilla supports display of MathML, the Mathematics Markup Language. (You can make MathML render much better with the appropriate fonts.) An editor has also been developed.
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To add to our excellent popup suppression support, BannerBlind hides ad banners on most websites.
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AutoScroll changes the functionality of the middle mouse button so that it scrolls the web page by simply moving the mouse up and down.
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Crash Recovery

Almost every program inevitably crashes. The Recall project is designed to recover from those crashes by remembering which web sites you were visiting at the time.
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Tab Browser Extension

Do the tabs in Mozilla not have the functionality that you would like? Chances are that the Tab Browser Extension does. It allows you to re-order tabs, have pages open new tabs instead of windows, and much more.

More Mozilla addons can be found at MozDev and XULPlanet.