You are currently viewing a snapshot of taken on April 21, 2008. Most of this content is highly out of date (some pages haven't been updated since the project began in 1998) and exists for historical purposes only. If there are any pages on this archive site that you think should be added back to, please file a bug.

This is a rough changelog for the RC-1 release. It's probably got a few bugs on it that aren't actually fixed and it's certainly missing a few bugs that were fixed, but it should give you a pretty good idea about most of the 250 or so bugs we've fixed since the Preview Release.

256877 -- nptypes.h for OpenBSD 3.5 (no stdint.h)
239358 -- DNS: Reverse lookups are degrading performance
255774 -- number of available software updates not displayed when mail button not on toolbar
256501 -- Still unchecked recursion in parser
249229 -- Mouse events not fired on scrollbars in 1.7, works on aviary
257649 -- Leaks introduced by checkin to nsDOMClassInfo.cpp
257472 -- Move plugin finder service to RDF/XML
257592 -- version numbers hard-coded in brand.dtd
257242 -- doubled up search plugins
258110 -- getShellService() doesn't return null on OS X / Default browser box is shown on OS X
253916 -- CTRL++ does not work if using "+=" key on UK keyboard (same issue as 238474)
221365 -- Shockwave plugin does not work on Mac (app needs vers resource)
257018 -- extensions (silently) fail to install/uninstall if the "read-only" checkbox is set
257627 -- GetPrintDriverSize () returns pointer to stack variable and causes Laserjet trap
239535 -- [Mac] nsDateTimeFormatMac is broken in Japanese locale (Page Info fails to load / Media Tab doesn't work / Cookie Manager doesn't show "Expires")
252475 -- nsLocale is broken on Mac OS X / GetSystemLocale always return en-US
256683 -- Make Ctrl+0 work
258343 -- searchbar , press on separator adds "add engines + separator" in pulldown
245109 -- Do not try to remove a file that does not exist - Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80520012 (NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND) [nsIFile.remove]"
257274 -- Minor errors in forieusers.xhtml, using_firebird.xhtml
258503 -- Comment in nsIURIContentListener.idl is incorrect
248071 -- FF09 [@ nsXPCWrappedJSClass::GetInterfaceName] [@
255617 -- Custom update.rdf ignored at installation of incompatible extension
257777 -- Profile Manager still offers Offline mode
258915 -- Correct version numbers for 1.0PR *Final*
247174 -- Mail button looks horked when using small icons and show icons and text
257431 -- Tabbrowser accepts non-trusted events
241731 -- bookmarks sidebar creates empty contextmenu when no items are selected
253944 -- enablePrivilege dialog uses "Yes" and "No" as button labels
245653 -- components/build/nsModule tries to build with dogbert migration under BeOS, causing build to fail. AVIARY_1_0_20040515_BRANCH
258667 -- leak when opening a tab group that's on the personal toolbar
257219 -- nsFormHistory leaks one mork factory
257218 -- toolkit form and autocomplete code leaks mork rows
257211 -- nsFormFillController::StartSearch leaks nsPasswordManager singleton
257209 -- nsAutoCompleteController leaks nsGlobalHistory
244490 -- [FIX]Crash when ":before" having URL with wrong document base element [@ nsCSSFrameConstructor::CreateGeneratedFrameFor ]
252733 -- ###!!! ASSERTION: Potential deadlock between Monitor@12f0a8 and Monitor@0: 'Error', file r:/mozilla/xpcom/threads/nsAutoLock.cpp, line 299
257607 -- nsScrollBoxObject::::EnsureElementIsVisible dereferences a null pointer if element is not a nsIDOMXULElement
259599 -- ab-CD search engine pictures/icons not found with builddir
257602 -- Add hooks to the JS engine to tell declaring resolves appart from non-declaring resolves.
257690 -- CreateGeneratedFrameFor() doesn't add the generated content as anonymous content
258265 -- installer strings in are charset-ambiguous
255911 -- native theme button cleanups for gtk2
259206 -- XML prettyprint broken
244692 -- Tabs bar, status bar, Download Manager, Extensions Manager and Themes Manager respond to all kinds of double-click (left, middle, right mouse buttons)
253954 -- Not possible to let nsDOMParser detect charset from xml entity decl
260541 -- Referencing an Error object on its .name attribute causes a crash
258788 -- Reflect GNOME Default shortcuts in the UI
260318 -- UMR in nsScanner::AppendToBuffer
260141 -- Some strings in locale files is using "Firefox" - should use &brandShortName; instead
157354 -- URL bar should not display passwords in URL
253942 -- enablePrivilege parameter can change the meaning of the dialog
258725 -- Incorrect chrome registration of multilingual extensions (including multiple locales)
261321 -- missing SAVE_SP before js_ConcatStrings call from JSOP_ADD: case in js_Interpret
253241 -- wrong JS math in 64bit systems
253046 -- Missing Plugin Installer
256630 -- [firefox only] style attribute doesn't show up in style rules view
257317 -- Fullscreen window management buttons need tooltips
257308 -- Visual indicators of site security appear for the wrong site
246014 -- Extension manager does not generate appropriate chrome.rdf entries for locale entities
256963 -- document.all warning doesn't show in Firefox JS console, not loaded
259890 -- don't call Remove(PR_TRUE) to delete a file
241300 -- Crash with with firefox on this url with invalid background [@ nsImageLoader::Load ]
140577 -- radio buttons and check boxes aligned to the left when UI aligned to the right
248021 -- Incorrect ordering for tab and window menu items on the File menu
259002 -- clean up Help Viewer shortcuts (forward/backward/home/reload commandkeys missing)
260282 -- <MARQUEE> default |Direction| should be "left", instead of "right"
257647 -- pulldown menus in top-left corner (regression from 223545) on OS X 10.2
227344 -- Mozilla (Mac version only apparently) crashes when displaying page with :hover :overflow and scrolling
258487 -- Add pref for blocking popups from plugins.
257375 -- about:mozilla should be localizable through .dtd file
258535 -- multiple plugin finder dialogs
261315 -- program name lowercasing should happen in Startup()
252023 -- "no-store" header directives from server or web script ignored by browser during non-SSL transactions
259192 -- update statusbar/location restriction prefs
251994 -- window size can exceed available screen real estate on launch
260312 -- UMR in nsXBLWindowKeyHandler::WalkHandlers
259993 -- Messed up favicons on Bookmarks with Firefox 1.0 Preview Release
229441 -- Background images are not shown in Media tab (Page Info)
262205 -- PFS contains hard-coded string "Plugin Licenses"
260803 -- Allow localization of 'Click here to get the plugin' string in content generated for missing plugin
255812 -- scroll bar in extension manager is very slow, uses 70-100% CPU
260874 -- Help window Activity Indicator (throbber) isn't right
259005 -- Print preview should hide the browser statusbar
260308 -- Live Bookmarks ignore entries without a title
251969 -- FF10PR1 M17x crash [@ nsHttpChannel::OnStopRequest ]
257523 -- Text fields give scripts access to the user's clipboard
241363 -- Search box is ugly in Customize Toolbars dialog
259203 -- uninstalling current non-default theme breaks browser
242393 -- M17 FF09x crash after dowloading page [@ nsHttpChannel::OnDataAvailable ]
247323 -- <iframe src="javascript:1"/> partially hoses Mozilla
258767 -- Shift-Delete crashes when removing URL from Location Bar history - FFBranch [@ morkRowMap::Hash ]
262750 -- some missing tooltips on the Help toolbar buttons
260704 -- Can Uninstall/Update/Disable/Enable an Uninstalled extension
246193 -- IPV6: doesn't revert to IPv4 if IPv6 connect fails
261887 -- statement vs. delete - ECMA compliance
258798 -- Reconsider InstallTrigger.enabled() return value
242036 -- Setting window.status is ridiculously slow
258787 -- Personal Toolbar: Not all context menu items are available when right clicking
252324 -- timers with very long delays block timer queue
263043 -- CPU usage cycling up to or near 100% every 15 seconds or so with a high volume Livemark
261173 -- "Add a Keyword for this Search" sometimes does nothing
262365 -- document.all is ignoring __defineGetter__
178546 -- regression: addFile (AppleSingle) doesn't work on Mac OS X
262761 -- Firefox does not identify the needed plugin
237204 -- pressing enter on the bookmarks manager search field clears the display of all bookmarks
241625 -- "Open in tabs" doesn't focus content area in first tab
255439 -- Extension/Theme Manager and Help Contents don't close on ESC
255151 -- Open Import wizard instead of file picker when choosing Import in bookmarks
259273 -- missing locale in user agent string
256349 -- Startup() in browser.js assumes window.opener is still around
255572 -- "Restore Default" in customize toolbars window should restore display mode
244231 -- use pdb files for debug symbols
251098 -- Context menu key doesn't work in Theme & Extension manager
256988 -- firefox pkg-config files reference mozilla-xpcom and mozilla-nspr
261589 -- Disable old RenderPostScriptDataFragment support in 1.7, aviary branches
257354 -- Can make firefox crash while using form completion [@ nsFormFillController::OnTextEntered]
181364 -- Dragging is broken in windowless plugins
263411 -- ::first-letter pseudo-element doesn't include punctuation marks :
261798 -- crash if CSSStyleSheet::insertRule is used with an empty string
261847 -- Seach plug-ins Update Mechanism Not Working
57600 -- Security: JavaScript document.write() is denied access to its own window.
262537 -- Tabs opened from left click and from external applications should always open in foreground
248419 -- [Linux] Yellow background in location bar for secure site indication does not show
257826 -- using "back" in installer during custom install = reproducable crash
261991 -- Re-order search plug-in list
263019 -- Get more info link should pass in system info and non-installed mimetypes
245722 -- FF10PR1 crash on start after importing passwords [@ kernel32.dll - nsIEProfileMigrator::GetSignonsListFromPStore ]
207781 -- M17 FF10PR1 [@ nsEventStateManager::ForceViewUpdate] Crash if I scroll the page while keeping the cursor on the link
263060 -- bookmarklet select stopped working (editor not initialized correctly)
260591 -- bookmarks.html not created if it does not exist in profile, bookmarks fail
241987 -- Export bookmarks doesn't save the bookmarks to a file like bookmarks.html
256635 -- [Linux] N-th tab shortcuts should use Alt-1 to Alt-9 rather than Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-9
262689 -- lock icon and certificates spoofable with "view-source:"
261886 -- Must always evaluate delete operand expression - ECMA compliance
259935 -- document.all can be easily detected
263512 -- /opt:nowin98 increases code size
263460 -- OJI build failure using GCC 3.4.2
240490 -- M17x FF10PR1 crash after closing Print Preview of XUL page [@ gklayout.dll - nsTreeBoxObject::GetTreeBody] [@ 0x00000000 - nsSplittableFrame::RemoveFromFlow] [@ PresShell::`vftable']
260427 -- non-ASCII characters displayed wrong
256025 -- Creating new bookmark in Quick Searches folder yields separator in menu
263429 -- execute() doesn't work on Mac OSX
262758 -- live bookmarks leak memory/RDF resources
252133 -- in sidebar and bm manager new items should be added below selected item, not above. inconsistent behavior across bookmarks manager, sidebar, and menu.
247603 -- Removing address bar breaks stuff
252599 -- 'Add a Keyword for this Search' doesn't save all form elements (checkbox, radio button)
88579 -- Bad default Traditional Chinese font (MS Windows)
262272 -- Icon in location bar doesn't clear when visiting site without favicon
261998 -- onbeforeunload should not apply to internal anchors
218694 -- implement master password UI
259682 -- Live Bookmarks / livemarks do not automatically refresh
264090 -- Set property stopped working in scriptable API in PR1
256622 -- FF10PR1 crash when adding/refreshing live bookmark [@ nsBookmarksService::OnAssert] [@ nsBookmarksService::OnUnassert]
261108 -- using to submit a form triggers Warning ``reference to undefined property event.button'' [xs] in file ``chrome://communicator/content/contentAreaClick.js'', line 189, character 0.
256603 -- Firefox and Mozilla crash at startup on linux alpha (and possibly other 64 bits arches).
261734 -- installer crashes given any commandline arguments
257405 -- Use gtk2 native keybindings for input and textarea
263394 -- RDF/XML live bookmark with bad tags crashes browser with a seg fault.
263680 -- /FIXED:NO linker option increases executable size
264031 -- Adding bookmarks does not work
261957 -- Install script template for other locales never register DOMI or HELP (even when they are present)
235450 -- blocked popup window can't be opened from menu
258592 -- popup blocked notification reappears after switching tabs
246892 -- Firefox crash when this page is opened [@ nsXPCWrappedJSClass::GetInterfaceName ] shockwave plugin?
263738 -- crash on print/print preview [@ nsTableRowFrame::InsertCellFrame]
263263 -- Dialog box asks if I meant to load If I answer no, it loads anyway.
253793 -- Find in page won't stop if you go to the next page
253326 -- Popup blocked information bar should be closeable
264067 -- Allow localization of arbitrary prefs (Firefox)
255120 -- crash if a textbox/textarea has a value of 32769 bytes in length or greater
248817 -- pressing delete with nothing selected breaks delete in Bookmark Manager
263366 -- execute() doesn't check if exection succeeded or not, and claims it did even if that's not the case
262727 -- manually downloading shockwave player results in a broken download dialog
249855 -- QuickTime/Flash plugin not scriptable after Firefox re-installation (missing xpt files)
257463 -- Localized firefoxes need another Contents/Resources key
254241 -- Do not lookup gtk_style_get_prop_experimental in GTK2 build
259039 -- import bookmarks wizard doesn't display open file dialog (closes after choosing "from file")
225574 -- When trying to select an application to use in the Open with dialog / Download window / Preferences window, applications are greyed out
223545 -- Mac OS X 10.3's expose feature reveals "hidden" window
255656 -- Gtk-WARNING/Gdk-CRITICAL/GLib-GObject-WARNING every time menus are accessed
173010 -- [URL] Whitelist for launching safe external protocols and blocking unsafe
256949 -- browser not using the right credentials for proxy authentication
264713 -- ensure nsExternalAppHandler have a reference to the helperappservice
254040 -- Incorrect address in address bar when doing a google search.
249332 -- Bypassing CheckLoadURI using custom getters and changing toString returns
259120 -- default option should be "no, dont visit" on username/PW URLs
248987 -- When closing last tab the tab bar disappears indefinitely until new tab is opened
264995 -- SAVE_SP is too late [@ nsXPCComponents_Interfaces::NewResolve]
264325 -- Home/End/PgUp/PgDn doesn't work in Input/TextArea/Composer/MailNews on Solaris Xserver
264620 -- crash at nsTableOuterFrame::OuterReflowChild line 1317
263940 -- delete nonexistent cookie: prefs dialog OK button doesn't work
263388 -- Downloads initiated in hidden iframe doesn't work
256079 -- Clicking focused readonly textbox triggers autocomplete
225281 -- checkbox label background problem on the "Install Complete" page
264861 -- find button broken in Help
263606 -- update notification broken (updates button always visible, always green, no tooltips)
263956 -- Filepicker dialog opens into new tab (Linux)
250834 -- livemark fails on some RSS feeds, saying: Live Bookmark feed failed to load
227361 -- Don't reflow documents in background tabs until window resizing is complete
262065 -- [altss] temporarily disable altss statusbar icon until 83663 fixed
264786 -- Un-highlight doesn't work on sites with iframes
234865 -- when "Regional Options / General" locale is set to "Serbian (Latin)" or "Serbian (Cyrillic)" wrong display of date in Page Info (Ctrl + J)
246283 -- Prebinding fails to auto-update on OS X 10.3.x
69070 -- do not allow http: documents to load images from file: via <IMG> (call checkloaduri for security)
265313 -- Profile locking busted on little-endian machines
247507 -- TypeError exception launching firefox 0.9 with Venkman
264560 -- http meta refresh allows bypassing of XPI whitelist
258821 -- cancel creating bookmark/folder doesn't work
258692 -- "Sort by name" should sort siblings, not children
180309 -- Xft Crash while loading page with MS .fon font - FF10PR1 [@ GetNormalLineHeight]
254485 -- autofill should not retain form info when save form info pref is off
265068 -- null dereference in nsFormControlHelper::GetType (found by mangler)
261527 -- 1.0PR installs with world writable permissions on Mac OS X
264679 -- Clicking on fallback image starts drag because of plugin finder service
265109 -- Use different character encoding for different platforms for README.txt
251989 -- Feedback missing on current highlighted text & cued search when findbar is opened
262422 -- Build fails with Binutils version 2.15.91
254086 -- Page info -> Forms -> Form name is editable
262262 -- favicon.ico requested every time tab selected if doesn't exist
264571 -- new items created above currently selected item, instead of below
264385 -- error when deleting and then adding folder or bookmark on bookmarks toolbar
256409 -- bookmarks file path with non-ASCII characters doesn't work
256383 -- Unknown 'lang' should be mapped to 'x-unicode' instead of 'x-western'
264577 -- XPConnect GC holes and hazards
265545 -- XPCConvert::NativeArray2JS needs to protect newborn array
240696 -- cannot open new browser window if the only window open is the download manager
265055 -- can steal focus from other tabs
259117 -- Popup blocker for onunload does not work when closing a window/tab.
265445 -- help content/contents.rdf includes chrome DTD file, really bad mojo
265334 -- Add API for observing all data coming through the parser.
265176 -- Javascript allows websites to download content without prompt.
252941 -- Don't pull all locales
221824 -- themes should be RTL compatible
264683 -- Leaving a page with missing plugin or popup blocked notification bar causes crash
260385 -- beforeunload event can be used to open a popup window
254078 -- Flashing cursor in View Source window cannot be moved by arrow keys
263960 -- popup blocker fails to stop synthetic click popup in single window mode
207846 -- M17x FF10PR1 [@ msvcrt.dll - nsStorageInputStream::Read] Miscellaneous non-repeatable browsing crashes
250983 -- "Close Window" (ctrl-shift-w) does not display confirm dialog when multiple tabs are open.
265027 -- mangle crash [@ nsBlockFrame::PushLines ][@ firefox.exe ]
265479 -- Put somewhere else
264956 -- Malformed HTML document causes crash [@RuleProcessorData::RuleProcessorData]
257834 -- firefox logo and wizard panel clipped in Linux installer (minor)
258917 -- Find As You Type not working on Washington Post page.
257154 -- Apply fix in bug 217640 to Password manager for list sort exact match
264442 -- plugin finder can't find anything for windows media.
242237 -- ability to freeze (and thaw) all page animation: GIFs, Flash, DHTML
249654 -- Open finished download not working on linux
263276 -- copy changes to toolkit/content/customizeToolbar.xul
232715 -- Serious problems with browser after disk sleep
172962 -- Options for where to open URLs from other applications (reuse tab, new tab, new window)
124750 -- Other tab steals focus with javascript textbox.focus()
261613 -- Popups displayed when viewing item properties in bookmark manager.
251297 -- files in /tmp world readable (email attachments, helper app docs).