You are currently viewing a snapshot of taken on April 21, 2008. Most of this content is highly out of date (some pages haven't been updated since the project began in 1998) and exists for historical purposes only. If there are any pages on this archive site that you think should be added back to, please file a bug.

Who we are

Daniel Boelzle, Developer, Project Lead (daniel DOT boelzle AT sun DOT com)
Besides keeping track of the project, Daniel mainly focusses on backend work (libical, RFC2445 conformity, remote protocols and the like). He got involved into the project implementing the Sun Calendar Server support. Daniel is a long term developer on and thinks Sunbird/Lightning is the best completion to a full Open Source Office suite. He is employed by Sun Microsystems
Michael Buettner, Developer (michael DOT buettner AT sun DOT com)
Mickey's main focus is on everything that could broadly be categorized as the frontend, with occasional excursions scattered throughout different parts of the project. Mickey is the founder of the internationally awarded game development studio X-ample Architecture Productions where he was primarily working as technical architect and main programmer on several triple-A console game titles such as "Mission: Impossible". He has a strong background in computer graphics with a bias towards physically based realtime-rendering. Mickey also belongs to the developer community and is employed by Sun Microsystems
Clint Talbert, Developer and QA (ctalbert DOT moz AT gmail DOT com)
Clint Talbert works on iTIP (RFC 2446) based scheduling, Timezones, and helps with the Calendar-QA efforts. He started thinking about the project when he downloaded Thunderbird 0.5 and said, "This is cool, but it needs a calendar". Shortly thereafter, he was coincidentally hired by Simdesk to do just that. Currently we works for the Mozilla Corporation on Firefox QA. He tries to keep his calendars organized, but can't stop himself from polluting them with test artifacts containing unusual recurrences in odd timezones.
Philipp Kewisch, Developer (mozilla AT kewis DOT ch)
Philipp initially found interest in the project during one of many QA testdays. That not being enough he looked for a way to contribute code to the project. Prefering to work with backend code, he started working with the Google Calendar API seeking to integrate it with the calendar project. In his remaining time, Philipp tries to find out how the theory of relativity affects the consistancy of pudding and other fun things you learn while studying physics. He is also employed at Sun Microsystems as a part-time employee.
Simon Paquet, Website/Localization coordinator (bugzilla AT babylonsounds DOT com)
Simon is responsible for most of areas in the project that aren't directly code-related. He maintains the project website and acts as the liaison to the localization (l10n) community. He is also a regular contributor to the Calendar development blog, where he posts status updates or release announcements. He has also contributed some patches, but since he really can't code, his contributions to the codebase are small and mostly trivial. He became involved with the project when Sunbird was announced back in 2003. Before that he was a major contributor to the Firefox QA team. In his real life Simon works as a management consultant in Germany.
Michiel van Leeuwen, Developer (mvl PLUS moz AT exedo DOT nl)
Michiel contributes to various parts of the codebase. He tends to work mostly on backend stuff and got involved in the project because he got a Palm, and wanted to use it with his linux desktop. When he is not hacking on the Calendar codebase, he also hacks on the Mozilla code for cookies and permissions.
Bruno Browning, Developer (browning AT uwalumni DOT com)
Bruno only recently began contributing to the project, focussing primarily on CalDAV and related areas. Timezones make his head hurt, so he makes every effort to leave those to Clint. His interest stems from years of (sometimes spectacularly) unsuccessful attempts to juggle incompatible calendaring systems. His day job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison involves a wide variety of things, mostly having to do with technology and/or foreign languages.
Christian Jansen, User Experience Lead (christian DOT jansen AT sun DOT com)
Christian Jansen is an User Experience Engineer of the team at Sun Microsystems. During the last eight years, he played a major role in specifying the graphical user interface of Since one year he is the User Experience lead of the Mozilla Calendar Project.
Andreas Treumann, QA Engineer, (andreas DOT treumann AT sun DOT com)
Andreas is part of PIM team at SUN Microsystems, where he is heading the QA efforts. Prior to working on the Calendar apps, he was doing quality assurance work on StarOffice and
Martin Schroeder, QA Team Lead and Developer (mschroeder AT mozilla DOT x SLASH home DOT org)
Martin coordinates the Calendar QA effort, organizes test days, triages bug reports, and hopes to introduce more automated testing in the future. When he finds time, he also tries to fix some bugs. Martin got involved because he wanted to contribute to a Mozilla project, and the Calendar project was an easy entry where he could participate in test days and fix small bugs. At the moment, he is finishing his Computer Science studies at the University of Wuerzburg in Germany.
Mark Carson, Graphic Artist ( Mark AT MarkCarson DOT com)
Mark designed the Sunbird logo and along with Chris Cook (and a lot of community input) created the default theme for Sunbird. His follow-on effort was a theme for Thunderbird called "Winstripe Unofficial" where he collaborated with Scratch to make a Thunderbird skin to complement the default Firefox theme. He is currently designated as the responsible party for Sunbird graphics (logo, icons, etc.).

His "day job" has very little to do with graphics. Outside of making an odd logo or some icons for business or personal projects, he works as a software engineering consultant and develops web-based applications. He has lived in Hawaii for over a quarter of a century and has been paid to do what he loves (coding, of course) for over 15 years.


Mike Potter, Former project leader (mikeypotter AT
As the first Project Manager for the Mozilla Calendar project, Mike initiated the opening of source code from OEone, created the initial web pages and source code locations, helped organize developers to help fix bugs and managed releases of the software. Mike is currently employed by Adobe Systems Inc. as Program Manager.
Mostafa Hosseini, Former project leader (mostafah AT axentra DOT com)
Mostafa took over as project lead after Mike Potter left the project. He introduced Sunbird, the standalone calendar application shortly after Firefox and Thunderbird had taken off. Mostafa currently works at Axentra (formerly OEone) which is the company which donated the Calendar code base to Mozilla.
Dan Mosedale, Former Lead Developer (dmose AT mozilla DOT org)
Dan took over as lead developer, when Mostafa resigned. Having been part of since its inception, Dan has been involved in many different areas, including coding, toolsmithing, processes, and community-building. These days he is employed by the Mozilla Corporation, where he is actively hacking on Mozilla Firefox.