Package org.mozilla.webclient

The Webclient public API.


Interface Summary
BrowserControl Provides a common access point for other webclient interfaces.
CurrentPage Get information about and perform operations on the page currently being shown in the BrowserControlCanvas for the BrowserControl instance from which this CurrentPage instance was obtained.
CurrentPage2 Extended current page functionality.
DocumentLoadListener The WebclientEventListener.eventDispatched(org.mozilla.webclient.WebclientEvent) method is passed a DocumentLoadEvent instance.
EventRegistration Allow the user to add and remove listeners on the current BrowserControl instance.
EventRegistration2 Extended event registration features.
NewWindowListener This interface allows the implementer to be notified of NewWindowEvents that occur as a result of user browsing.
PageInfoListener This DocumentLoadListener subclass adds the ability to get detailed information on each event.
Prompt The custom app must implement this interface in order to supply the underlying browser with basic authentication behavior.
Selection Selection is more like a DOM Range object which represents a portion of a document or a document fragment.
WebclientEventListener The base interface for many, but not all, events coming from the browser.

Class Summary
BrowserControlFactory The factory from which BrowserControl instances are created.
DocumentLoadEvent Event class for the DocumentLoadListener interface.
WebclientEvent Base event class for browser specific events coming from the browser.

Exception Summary

Package org.mozilla.webclient Description

The Webclient public API.

The first Webclient public API call in the application must be BrowserControlFactory.setAppData(java.lang.String). If embedding a native browser, the argument must be the fully qualified path name of the binary directory for the browser. If embedding a non-native browser, null must be passed to this method. This method must be called once and only once in the lifetime of the application.

For browsers that support the concept of "profiles" it must be possible to set the current profile used for this browsing session by calling BrowserControlFactory.setProfile(java.lang.String). This call must be made before the first BrowserControl instance is created. If not specified, the "webclient" profile is used to avoid overwriting any settings in the user's profile.

Upon from return from BrowserControlFactory.setAppData(), BrowserControlFactory.newBrowserControl() may be used to create one or more web browser instances. The returned BrowserControl may then be queried, via BrowserControl.queryInterface(java.lang.String) for additional features.

When the application is done with a BrowserControl instance, it must pass the instance to BrowserControlFactory.deleteBrowserControl(org.mozilla.webclient.BrowserControl).

When the application no longer needs the Webclient API, it must call BrowserControlFactory.appTerminate().

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