NGLayout Windows Build Instructions

This document explains how to build NGLayout for the Windows platform. It was last updated on October 21, 1998.
Required Tools: Setting up: Building:
  1. Go to your MOZ_SRC directory and check out the following: (this is how you get your source code)
         cvs co mozilla/nglayout.mak
         cvs co mozilla/config
  2. Go to mozilla and check out everything
         cd mozilla 
         nmake -f nglayout.mak pull_all 
  3. If this is the 1st time doing step 2 then skip step 3, otherwise clobber as follows:
         nmake -f nglayout.mak clobber_all 
  4. Build everything
         nmake -f nglayout.mak all 

Run It!
You will end up with a viewer.exe and an xpviewer.exe at the end. These binaries will be in your dist\win32_[OD].obj\bin directory (O will be used when you don't set MOZ_DEBUG; D will be used when you set MOZ_DEBUG). The xpviewer is the current state of Navigator using XPFE and Raptor with nice looking chrome, etc. The viewer.exe binary is a simple test harness for the NGLayout engine useful for debugging purposes.

Subsequent Builds
Assumming that the above has been done at least once and the various other systems it uses have not changed, the latest NGLayout can be built as follows: