Project Start Date: 7/12
Project Finish Date: 9/16


1Dependencies76d0% 1/147/19 
2GFX working (need fixes to coord system, API, etc.)0d0% 7/127/12saari
3UE spec for widget look/feel0d0% 7/127/12german
4Core form elements0d0% 7/127/12 
5Radio button group0d0% 7/127/12karnaze
6Combo box0d0% 7/127/12karnaze
7XP Connect0d0% 7/127/12jband
8Fast DOM-JS event dispatching0d0% 7/127/12 
9Color picker requirements0d100% 1/141/14cmanske
10Focus Manager0d0% 7/127/12joki
11NSRepository0d0% 7/127/12 
12NSRegistry0d0% 7/127/12law
13Views need a borderless, top-level window0d0% 7/127/12michaelp
14Jump Scrolling for scrollbars (scrolls by line amounts)0d0% 7/127/12?
15Proper View event processing0d0% 7/127/12joki
16Transparency for Scrolling Views (transparency currently doesn't work)0d0% 7/127/12?
17Changes in DOM are saved into RDF (thru DOM)0d0% 7/127/12waterson
18Necko0d0% 7/197/19warren
19Bug 35050d100% 1/141/14 
20D&D framework in place0d0% 7/127/12 
21Pseudo -classes like :active and :hover0d0% 7/127/12?
22DOM event object support for screen x,y0d0% 7/127/12joki,v
23Ability to make an ??? Object outside of Layout0d0% 5/175/17nisheeth
24RDF D&D backend support0d0% 5/285/28waterson
25GTK 1.40d0% 6/226/22GTK
26M9 Feature work27d6% 5/267/30 
27Convert appcores to components12.2d26% 5/267/12scc
28Making the context menus draw- Linux1d0% 7/97/9pavlov
29Linux accelerators & shortcuts2d0% 8/48/6pavlov
30Linux clipboard4.5d0% 7/127/21 
31Image & HTML support (Linux)2d0%227/127/14pavlov
32Streams for large data sets (test & verify)0.5d0% 8/188/18pavlov
33Filter by format (Mac)3.5d0% 7/167/23 
34Put filter in dialog3d0% 8/48/9sdagley
35Specify file format0.5d0%347/237/23sdagley
36Linux Drag Service2d0% 7/127/14 
37Drag in: Incoming drags need to generate proper Gecko events2d0%17,207/127/14mcafee
38Finish splitter2d0% 7/127/13evaughan
39Embedding APIs 2d0% 7/127/14pinkerton
40Fix nsiEventQueue1d0%97/127/12hyatt
41window.open mac issues1d0%188/28/2saari
42window.open linux issues1.5d0%187/217/23mcafee
43Handle effects of Necko landing on Linux1d0%188/48/6mcafee
44Handle effects of Necko landing on Modal dialogs2d0%187/217/23danm
45Solve the modal dialog thread problem SNAKE3d0%187/267/30danm
46Window Support3d0% 7/127/16 
47XUL-based specification of size,title, resizability, modality.3d0%197/127/16danm
48Make XUL fragments load synchronously2d0%188/58/6hyatt
49Dynamic menus - Mac5d0% 7/127/21saari
50NSPR test apps5d0% 7/27/14sdagley
51Default buttons in dialogs1d0% 9/89/8sdagley
52Add GFX scrollbars to Gecko3d0%187/207/23evaughan
53Font info component1d0% 7/267/27 
54Data Source0.5d0% 8/248/24evaughan
55List box and dropdown box builders for RDF1d0%188/238/23evaughan
56Close feature dev for M9 (July 26)0d0%267/307/30 
57Bug Fixing for M93d0%5610/1110/15pinkerton,mcafee,evaughan,rods,danm,hyatt,sdagley,scc,saari
58M10 Feature work12.5d0%568/28/30 
59Mac menu titles I18N1d0% 8/28/2saari
60LinuxDrop target3d0% 8/28/6 
61Start/End Drag2d0% 8/28/4mcafee
62Register callbacks with Gtk1d0% 8/258/25mcafee
63Linux Drag & Drop3d0%578/238/27 
64Get data into transferable1d0% 8/238/23mcafee
65Handle focus changes2d0% 9/39/8mcafee
66Color Picker8d0% 8/68/25 
67Design requirements, implementation meetings1d0% 8/258/25pavlov
68Implementing Color Picker7d0% 8/98/25 
69XUL syntax1d0% 9/109/13pavlov
70Hooking up the native event system to the DOM event system2d0% 9/229/27pavlov
71Making the Color Picker draw4d0% 10/1510/25pavlov
72Ensure unsigned XUL can manipulate its own window2d0% 9/89/10danm
73Linux menu I18N (major dependency risk)1d0%1212/112/3pavlov
74MacOS issues (immediate drawing, etc)3d0%188/138/18pinkerton
75Handle focus changes and drop feedback issues2d0%748/118/13pinkerton
76Cut & Paste in trees1d0%119/79/7hyatt
77Tree Drag and Drop5d0%118/108/20 
78Reordering of columns2d0% 9/169/17hyatt
79Drag Feedback1d0% 11/111/1hyatt
80Drop Before/After/On1d0% 11/211/2hyatt
81Resolve window targeting issues1d0% 11/1511/15hyatt
82Tree column resizing2d0% 11/2511/29hyatt
83Text Cropping in tree cells (mid/left/right)1d0% 12/712/7hyatt
84CropStyle for tree widget and titledbuttons 0.5d0% 12/2012/20hyatt
85Keyboard Navigation in trees1d0% 8/128/13hyatt
86Native Print Dialogs (what is left to do?)3d0%248/28/9 
88Windows1d0% 8/188/20scc
89Linux1d0% 8/258/25scc
90Cursor support (what is left on this?)4.5d0% 8/28/11 
91Define xp api for some subset of cursor management0.5d0% 8/28/2scc
92Mac cursors1d0%919/89/8scc
93Win cursors2d0%918/28/5evaughan
94Linux cursors1d0%919/89/8mcafee
95Mac clipboard1.5d0% 8/98/11 
96Image support (Mac)1d0% 9/89/8sdagley
97Streams for large data sets (test & verify)0.5d0% 9/179/17sdagley
98Linux File Picker2.5d0% 8/28/6 
99Filter by format2d0% 8/28/4pavlov
100Specify file format0.5d0% 8/258/25pavlov
101Close feature dev for M10 (August 16)0d0%588/308/30 
102Bug Fixing for M103d0%1019/229/27pinkerton,mcafee,evaughan,rods,danm,hyatt,sdagley,scc,saari
103M11 Feature work19d0% 7/138/25 
104MacOS Drag and Drop1d0% 7/197/19 
105Special MacOS 8.5 Internet Shortcuts (adding special drag flavors)1d0% 8/168/16pinkerton
106UI for showing/hiding columns1d0% 7/227/22hyatt
107Tooltips in treeview1d0%257/297/29hyatt
108Drag and drop on toolboxes16d0% 7/218/25 
109Grippies need to initiate drags1d0% 8/278/27pinkerton
110Toolbox needs to do drop feedback between toolbars3d0% 9/89/13pinkerton
111Process drop2d0% 10/1510/18pinkerton
112Save Expand/Collapse state on toolboxes. (99% RDF-Waterson)_2d0% 2/92/11pinkerton
113Downloadable chrome security2d0%188/248/27hyatt
114High-level API for downloadable chrome2d0%189/99/10hyatt
115Tooltips on collapsed grippies1d0% 8/48/4pinkerton
116XUL overlays (e.g., for AIM)2d0%1157/267/27hyatt
117Tree closure for M11 (Sept 6)0d0%1169/69/6 
118Bug Fixing for M112d0%11710/910/12pinkerton,mcafee,evaughan,rods,danm,hyatt,sdagley,scc,saari
119Decommit52.5d0% 5/59/10 
120Make d&d work with native widgets (text widget, WASTE) ???2d0% 6/96/11pinkerton
121Window icons (Linux)2d0% 10/2510/27mcafee
122Spinner1d0% 9/29/2evaughan
123Widget convenience methods/properties4d0% 5/55/12evaughan,pinkerton
124Tree Widget 1.5d0% 7/167/19 
125Tree footers 0.5d0% 8/38/3hyatt
126Style support for tree indentation 1d0% 8/68/9hyatt
127 Broadcasters and Observers 20.5d0% 7/229/10 
128Event forwarding 1d0% 9/39/3hyatt
129MapTo attribute 1d0% 3/313/31hyatt
130Methods for event observation 1d0% 5/55/5hyatt
131Springloaded Folders in trees1d0% 8/168/16hyatt
132In-place editing in trees1.9d0% 5/286/2hyatt