Who we are, & what we're working on:

XPToolkit project is staffed by nine full-time Netscape engineers (the mercenaries), one full-time manager (as pointy-haired as they come), and several developers contributing via mozilla.org (Olympians, every one).

If you've checked in contributions to this project, and you'd like to be added to this page, please give me a holler.

XPToolkit team:
Who What
Scott Collins Application Object Model, Clipboard
Steve Dagley Keyboard Mapping Service, Widgets
David Hyatt Tree Widget, XUL
Dan Matejka XUL, Dialogs, Tab Widget
Chris Mcafee Linux CPR, Drag & Drop
Mike Pinkerton Toolbar Widget
Chris Saari Menus, Command/Event Model, Color Picker
Rod Spears Commands, Widgets
Peter Trudelle Manager
Eric Vaughan Widgets 

Last updated: 2/9/99 by Peter Trudelle