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Tab Widget Requirements

Written by danm
Last modified by danm on 15 Mar 99


This document is a list of features planned for implementation in the tab widget. The tab widget is our name for that well-known control which allows the display of more than one set of content in just one window display rectangle. The different sets of content available for display are listed in a line of buttons made to look like labels on notebook dividers.


  • The widget maintains a tree of children, each child subtree corresponding to a tab's contents. The widget controls a layout rectangle. Only the subtree corresponding to the currently selected tab is visible.
  • Responds to these style settings
    • Font for tab label text
    • Height and width of tab buttons
    • Background colour

Possible Requirements

(think of these as excluded, though the author is more willing to consider putting them in than features in the "excluded" list)

  • Mouse feedback while punching a tab -- most controls have mouse feedback, but this seems optional in tab controls (generally, Windows tab controls offer no feedback).
  • Icons in the tab labels, rather than just text
  • Responding to these style settings
    • Configurable background image
    • Configurable (platform-specific) behaviour -- whether each tab triggers on mousedown or mouseup.
    • Rollover feedback

Excluded Features

The authors at this time specifically do not intend to implement these arguably desirable features

  • vertical tabs
  • multiple rows of tabs
  • scrolling tabs
  • inline editing of the tab text (hey, we're trying to be complete!)

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