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Mach V Engineering Plan for Search

Samir Gehani <>
$Id: machv-search.html,v 1.2 2001/10/19 21:53:05 Exp $

Item Number
Section D: Search
D.1 Solve Problem of Search Vendor Changes
  • Possible solutions:
    1. Continue with current design - vendors only in Basic Search Sidebar Tab (includes notion of versions)
    2. Server based list of engines
    3. HTML Search Tab 
  • Update: Current solution suffices.  Out for Mach V.

0 days

Add Tool Tips/Title Tips to Search Sidebar Tab
  • Should include complete URL & Description for results
3 days
  1. Modify search results template to contain URI as well as description text in titletips.
  2. Add URI to search results nodes if needed.

Polish Search Results in Sidebar
  • See IE 5.5 Explorer Bar Search Results or Alexa What's Related Tab
  • Need to make results appear less crowded, more usable, better formatted
  • Need input from UE. Update: Mail to German. Expecting response and disccussion early in the week of September 17, 2001 at the latest.
4 days
(Dependent on UE suggestions. Taking stab at it based on what I see in IE6.)

Assuming this requires (no UE response yet):
  1. Splitting list to show limited number and inserting "prev" and "next" .
  2. Making items more distinct from each other: adding more vertical space between results?
Eng blurb response:

1 day:
  1. Reformatting of template, maybe need some new info with search results.

3 days:
  1. Splitting list up.
  2. Inserting "next"/"prev" UI and functionality compatible with any search engine's results.
Implement Contextual Search
  • Context menu should have an option to perform a search on the selection
  • See Search Spec
4 days
2 days:
  1. Get selected text from layout.
  2. Use text selection to target a search into the main content area, new window, or sidebar search tab. (Use default search engine.)
2 days:
  1. Add new dynamically built context menu item.
  2. Add default engine icon to dynamically built menu item.
Improve Search Performance
  • Implement outliner widget Update: Not worth the conversion since we have on average 20 reults in a single column.  Out for Mach V.
4 days
1 day:
  1. Study outliner in XUL templates.
3 days:
  1. XUL template changes to add outliner for results that is "toggle-able" with the current tree used for selecting search engines in advanced search mode.
  2. Modifying search results programmatically to make them behave as links.

11 days