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xpapps performance tests

Contact: Chris McAfee <>
$Id: tests.html,v 1.6 2001/02/13 08:17:27 Exp $
Description and results of benchmark performance tests for the browser outside of general page layout testing.
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    Lists of tests

    I am kind of winging this, please help me keep the number of tests small, relevant, and repeatable. Listed in priority order below. Please look at the mailnews equivalent to this set of tests, I think that would be a good start to borrow the format they have started there. ( mcafee)
      All tests should be done with sidebar closed, XUL cache on, classic skin.

    1. Startup time. Time to start the browser with about:blank URL, sidebar closed, XUL cache=on, classic skin (sec). jrgm has a way of automating this for win32, linux. Mac needs more work.
    2. SSL. Standard jrgm test, but using SSL.
    3. Open New Window. Time to open 10 new windows to about:blank URL, with sidebar closed, XUL cache=on, classic skin (sec). We might be able to automate this in JS.
    4. Close Window. Time to close the 10 windows opened in above test, sec. (Window close is too slow, bug 28639)
    5. Forward/Backward. Time to visit page A, click on link to visit page B, and then alternately visit each page 9 more times (total of 20 page views).
    6. Initial Bookmarks Window Open. Time to open bookmarks window with 1,000 bookmarks.
    7. Bookmarks scrolling. Time to scroll 1,000 bookmarks in real-time from top to bottom and back, twice, using page-down key. (2nd scroll tests different code path.) bookmarks file of death
    8. Bookmarks sorting. Time to sort 1,000 bookmarks in real-time, twice. Open bookmarks window, sort by Location, then sort by Last Visit.
    9. Prefs Window.
      • Open prefs window from Navigator (to start at Navigator panel)
      • Switch from Navigator panel to Mail and Newsgroups panel, measure time.
    We should probably run these weekly, per-platform, and get some trend data that way.
    Here is a wish-list of tests that currently lack reliable test cases:

    Current results

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