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Here is a task breakdown with estimates for adding a tabbed interface, similar to what NetCaptor adds to IE,  to Navigator. This feature adds technology that can also be considered a performance improvement, and may lead to new features or improvements to existing features.

(1) Implement a <tabbrowser> XBL widget that is a tab control that can hold multiple <browser> widgets. 1 day.
(2) Support the dynamic shifting of the primary content area in a window.  1 day.
(3) Add a notification for primary content shifting, so that observers of the primary content area can be shifted to the new content area. This is required for the lock icon, session history, progress notifications, etc. 2 days.
(4) Support progress and load icons on the tabs themselves. 1 day.
(5) favicon support on the tabs on Win32. 1 day.
(6) Ensure that only the primary content area can set status.  Ensure that the tabs contain the correct titles and that updates to the title update the tab titles as well as the window title. 1 day.
(7) Add menu items for open link in new tab and for new navigator tab along with appropriate accelerator support.  Add support for the ability to close individual tabs using a close box in the window.  Support closing one tab vs. closing the whole window.  1 day.
(8) Add support for Bookmark Groups to Navigator.  This includes additional options in the Add Bookmark dialog for bookmarking all current tabs.  There should also be a modeless dialog for constructing groups that supports drag and drop construction of the pages in the group.  Skins will need a new icon for groups (e.g., a cluster of ribbons instead of a single bookmark ribbon) 2 days.
(9) Set as home page should support the ability to have a group designated as a home page rather than a single page. Prefs UI would need updating. 1 day.
(10) Support arrow scrolling of the open tabs using a pair of arrow buttons.  Ensure that these arrows appear at the right times and show/hide.  Ensure that all tabs vanish when the user has only one tab remaining.  2 days.