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Task + Description


Enhance XULPrototypeCache 9d
Adapting nsXULPrototypeCache to be able to indicate whether or not a XUL document is present in the user's FastLoad cache. Involves moving most fastload code from nsXULDocument to nsXULPrototypeCache and updating clients to use these new methods. (4d) The Chrome Protocol handler continues to obtain the prototype for the document via the cache's GetPrototype method, this method now consults the fastload cache if the memory cache misses. The different behaviour is that now a cached chrome channel will be created for either memcache or fastload-cache cases. (5d) -- infrastructure work.


Serialization Scheme for XUL 3d
Devise a serialization scheme for XUL Elements and implement on nsXULPrototypeElement. This should be a way of compactly storing information about that XUL Element in the FastLoad cache.


Implement Serialization Scheme on XULPrototypeElements 6d
Adapt existing code to serialize prototype elements & the whole prototype document (when? - js does so as they are created).


Overall System Test 3d