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XFE Cool Projects

Prime Directive: Get SmartMail working

Features that need to happen:
  • RDF-based Popup Widget (ramiro)
  • Remaining Toolbar Work (slamm)
    • New URL bar (ramiro) done
    • Toolbar Icon States
    • Show/Hide Toolbars
    • Saving Toolbar State
  • Make animated Logo RDF-based
  • Custom Icons (radha) 50% done
  • Other Privacy Prefs (mcafee)
  • Aurora Popup Menus (slamm)
  • Implement LiveBar
  • TreeView
    • Saving Tree View Column State (slamm)done
    • Sort Tree Views (slamm) done
    • Tree View Controls (radha)
    • Custom Tree View (radha)
    • Properties Hookup (radha)

  • External Mail Client Access and Prefs (mcafee)
    • Resurrect the mozilla/cmd/xfe/altmail.c API
  • Finish Shack (embeddable tree object)(mcafee)

  • Prefs:
  • Aurora Prefs
  • Privacy Cookie Prefs (mcafee) 50% done
  • All Other Prefs

  • General UI:
  • Drag and Drop, everywhere (mcafee, radha)
  • Finish Top-level Menus
  • Help Access in Dialogs
  • [on its way] Implement UI Spec Changes
  • [on its way] Usability Feedback Changes
Good Things that should happen:
  • Prefs

  • Update what we have now:
    • Nuke the fe_GlobalPrefs structure
    • Yank the install() function
    • Breakup PrefsDialogGeneral.cpp
    • Error checking in XFE, we don't detect bogus prefs
    • Move prefs into a separate library/directory, e.g. xfe/src/prefs
    • Rewrite the Application helper pane, Windows version works well
    • BackEnd: get Perl to generate all.h from all.js with
      the right string defines (alecf) 80% done
    • BackEnd: Define enum's for pref values

    Holy Grail of prefs:
    • Ramiro widgets (ramiro)
    • Make this easier to maintain.

  • Fonts

  • The current font code is a complete mess, here's some ideas about how to clean this up:
    • Implement xfeCmdIncreaseFont(), xfeCmdDecreaseFont()
    • Break up the file into several files by function to make the code more maintainable:
      • XFE font preferences (actually move this to the XFE font preferences UI code)
      • X11 font cache
      • 7 html sizes
      • font substitution
      • Latin 1 measuring/drawing
      • EUC measuring/drawing
      • Unicode measuring/drawing
    • Fix the code to allow Japanese font size preference
    • Fix the font cache scanning code
    • Fix WebFonts for multibyte languages
    • Add unicode printing (see recent non-latin1 PostScript patch)

    Holy Grail of fonts: Include true type rendering logic in the client and completely ignore the server. Some links to get started:
  • Color

  • Performance

  • Networking

    • Fix the Async-DNS mechanism
      (cmd/xfe/xfe-dns.c, network/main/unix-dns.c)
    • Fix the Off-line/Dropped-connection hang problem

  • Remote

    • Write a Remote Document! This one is 4 years old :(

  • Resources

    • Come up with an Alt/Cntl key abstraction

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