Welcome to the Wonderful World of Wallets

The wallet feature (a.k.a. "Form Manager") remembers data that you have entered on forms and pre-fills that data on future visits to the same form or on other forms that ask for the same data.

You need not pre-specify your data, but you certainly can if you like. If you would like to pre-specify your data, go to the Form Manager dialog which is accessible from the Tools menu. (Tools -> Form Manager -> Edit Form Data)

Alternatively, you can specify the data later when you encounter actual forms that you will want to submit. In that case select Save Form Info from the Edit Menu before submitting the form.

To try filling out some forms, click on any one of the samples listed below and then select Fill in Form from the Edit Menu. To review the stored data, select Edit Form Info from the Form Manager submenu.
Sample 1 Sample 4 Sample 7 Sample 10
Sample 2 Sample 5 Sample 8
Sample 3 Sample 6 Sample 9