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Building Mozilla and Netscape 6 for Solaris

The purpose of this page is to diagnose build problems with Mozilla and Netscape 6 for Solaris. If you have experienced a problem, there is a chance you will see a description of that problem here. Note that this is not a general troubleshooting page for Netscape 6 on Windows, Linux, or Macintosh, nor is it intended to help with Netscape Communicator 4.X.

Many thanks to: Chris Mcafee, Dan Mosedale, Ashutosh Kulkarni and Rich Burridge.

For troubleshooting tips for using the browser on the Solaris platform, please visit this page.

Browser: Build

I am using Solaris 2.5.1 or Solaris 2.6, and Netscape 6 will not launch. The error says I am missing
Netscape 6 for Solaris is supported only on Solaris 7 or later. The library in question is not available until Solaris 7. Netscape 6 for Solaris as produced by Sun will not run on versions of Solaris prior to Solaris 7. If you really need the Mozilla browser technology on your old version of Solaris, you might try nightly builds of the Mozilla open source browser, which are built by and run on Solaris 2.5.1 and later.
Is there a recommended compiler?
There are four compilers that are known to work: gcc-, egcs, WS4.2, or WS5.0. Each has good and bad features, as described below. There is no clear leader right now.
  • gcc
    Good:Classic compiler, lots of support on many platforms. Purify support.
    Bad: Weak C++ support, defines LCD for Tinderbox right now.
    Note: More-recent versions not rock solid yet.
  • egcs
    Good: Benefits from linux coverage.
    Bad: No Purify. Can't step in debugger
  • WS4.2
    Good: dbx has better threading support and is more reliable than gdb, as well as purify-like memory checking.
    Purify support.
    Bad: Costly. Picky compiler, some bugs, mainly worked-around with autoconf.
    Note: Some Solaris contributors are using the Workshop 4.2 compiler with some success.
  • WS5.0
    Good: dbx has better threading support and is more reliable than gdb, as well as purify-like memory checking.
    Purify support. Built in performance tools.
    Bad: Costly. Builds are painfully slow.
    Note: Some 4.2 bugs fixed, some new ones.
Is there a patch for use with Workshop 5.0 compilers?
When using the WorkShop 5.0 compilers, be sure to get a recent copy of the compiler patches from Sun. At the time of this writing, for 32-bit machines, this means at least the following patches:

On Solaris 2.6 with WorkShop 5.0, the C++ runtime library patch (105591, rev -07 or later) is also required. Anyone who wants to run the code you've compiled will need this patch as well.

Is there a patch for use with Workshop (Forte) 6.0 Update 1 compilers?
Yes, absolutely. Use the following required patch for WorkShop (Forte) 6.0 Update 1 compilers:
         SPARC: 109513-02, 109508-03, 109505-04
         Intel: 109514-02, 109509-03, 109502-02
Here is a link to Workshop (Forte) patches:
Also, for access to the Forte 6 Update 2 EA (Early Access) release, please follow this link:
Is there a way to switch between two compilers?
If both a gnu compiler and non-gnu compiler are in your path, the gnu compiler takes precedence in the preconfig test. To override this, or to pick from among different compilers you have in your path, set the environment variables CC and CXX to point to the compiler you want to use:
         # Example to override gcc install with WS5.0 using the WS 4.x
         # compatibility flag
         setenv CC  /usr/local/workshop/SUNWspro/bin/cc
         setenv CXX "/usr/local/workshop/SUNWspro/bin/CC -compat=4"

Additionally, if you are using one of the WorkShop compilers and have your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable set, be sure that the location of the SUNWspro libraries is closer to the front of LD_LIBRARY_PATH than the location of any GNU g++ libraries. Otherwise, the build may fail trying to pull in the wrong libiostream.

What cross-compiler plugin/module compatibility, vtables, and name-mangling issues exist?
These issues are still being identified. See Bugzilla bug 20297 for some discussion.
What can be done about a "Gdk-WARNING **: can not create input context with specified input style." error message?
If the error message is a result of clicking on input fields when the input method is disabled, install one of the following OS patches:
Solaris 2.6 Solaris 7 Solaris 8
SPARC 106040-14 (or higher) 107636-04 (or higher) 108773-02 (or higher)
x86 106041-14 (or higher) 107637-04 (or higher) 108774-02 (or higher)

For patch access, access http://sunsolve.Sun.COM/pub-cgi/