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Mozilla on HP-UX FAQ

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Authors: Jim Dunn <>

  1. OS Version
  2. What compiler should I use?
  3. How do I build?
  4. How do I run?
  5. How do I debug?

  • OS Version(s):
    • HP-UX 11.22, 11.00 (11.11) & 10.20. To determine use the command: uname -r

  • What compiler should I use?
    • We are currently building with aCC 3.25 (and higher) on HP-UX 11.00, 3.15 on HP-UX 10.20 & 5.38 on 11.22 with patch PHSS_27658. Latest patches can be found on HP's website
      To determine what level of aCC you are using:
        /opt/aCC/bin/aCC -V

  • How do I build?
    • You need a bunch of open source tools that you can build yourself or download the specific HP-UX binaries and install them. You can get these from one or both of the following sites: Connect's and/or HP's tools & Gtk
      • GTK+/Glib 1.2.0 (or higher, we are using 1.2.10)
      • libIDL 0.6.3 (or higher, we are using 0.6.8
      • Perl 5.0
      • GNU make 3.74 (or higher, except 3.77)
      • CVS 1.10 (or higher)
    • Pull the tree
      • set CVSROOT
      • cvs co mozilla/
      • cd mozilla
      • gmake -f pull_all
    • Build
      • For HP-UX 11.00
        • export CC='cc -Ae +DA1.1 +DS2.0'
        • export CXX='aCC -ext +p +DA1.1 +DS2.0'
        • export CFLAGS='-DHPUX11 -Dhpux'
        • export CXXFLAGS='-DHPUX11 -Dhpux'
      • For HP-UX 10.20
        • export CC='cc -Ae +DA1.1 +DS2.0'
        • export CXX='aCC -ext +p +DA1.1 +DS2.0'
        • On 10.20 you need to use NSPR threading and NOT dce threads. By default on 10.20 NSPR uses dce threads. To override this you have to send the following option to configure, --enable-nspr-threads.
        • You will also need to disable XPrint using the configure option --disable-xprint
        • If you are building security (--enable-crypto) you will also have to apply the patch from 112597.
      • For HP-UX 11.22
        • export CC='cc +DD32'
        • export CXX='cc +DD32'
        • export CFLAGS='-DHPUX11 -Dhpux'
        • export CXXFLAGS='-DHPUX11 -Dhpux'
        • Until 169294 is fixed, you will also need to apply its patch.
      • gmake -f build_all

  • How do I run?
    • cd dist/bin
    • mozilla


    • To run the binary, mozilla-bin, instead of the shell script, mozilla. (this is useful when running in the debugger)
      • export SHLIB_PATH=`pwd`
      • export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=`pwd`
      • mozilla-bin

  • How do I debug?
    • We have been successfully using HP's graphical debugger WDB 3.1.x which is based on GDB. Because it is based on GDB it reads a .gdbinit file from your home directory for source directories and other gdb macros. Since mozilla has lots and LOTS of source directories, here is a script to generate a .gdbinit.

      Say that your tree is in /builds/mozilla:
      cat `find /builds/mozilla -type d -print | grep -v CVS` | awk '{print "dir "$1}' > ~/.gdbinit

      Then to debug,

      • cd /builds/mozilla/dist/bin
      • export SHLIB_PATH=`pwd`; export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=`pwd`
      • /opt/langtools/bin/wdb mozilla-bin