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Mozilla University Planning Document

This document lists the topics that should be covered at Mozilla University, documentation and other resources that already exist about these topics, and coursework that's been developed on the topic. The middle column, Existing Resources, points to documents, slides, videos and other resources that might be used as sources for the course material being developed now. In some few cases (e.g., Alec Flett's slides and videos about XPCOM, which were born fully formed into the world because Alec is such a good presenter and because the approach he took is so similar to the one we hope to take here), we put the resources in the right-most column; We hope to incorporate these resources—with modifications—directly into the list of Mozilla U. course material.

Software Development with Mozilla

Course Name and Course Manager Existing Resources Contact(s) Course Materials/Courses

MU 295: Web Standards & Evangelism Bob Clary

Web Content Debugging
  • Devedge
  • Mozilla Evangelism
  • Venkman Project Page
  • Introduction to the JavaScript Debugger
  • Bob Clary
    Standards Based Development
  • XSLT
  • XPath
  • MU 101: Application Development Andrew Wooldridge

  • XUL 1.0 specification
  • XUL Events
  • Building Applications with XUL and JS
  • XULPlanet
  • Remote XUL Tutorial
  • Tutorial: Creating a Mozilla Extension
  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Remote XUL Tutorial *
    Tutorial: Creating a Mozilla Extension *
  • JavaScript Language Resources
  • Writing a Mozilla App with XUL and JS
  • Ch. 4, Scripting Mozilla, Creating Applications with Mozilla
  • Rob Ginda
  • Writing Efficient CSS
  • CSS in Mozilla Applications (book)
  • Ian Oeschger
  • XBL 1.0 specification
  • XULPlanet XBL Example
  • Myk Melez

    MU 150: Application Development II Ian Oeschger

  • XPInstall API Reference
  • Learning XPI Installer Scripts by Example
  • Ch. 8, Installation, Creating Applications with Mozilla
  • Ian Oeschger
  • Localization, Creating Applications with Mozilla
  • Asa Dotzler
  • Accessibility Project page
  • Aaron Leventhal
    Application Security
  • Mozilla Security Projects
  • Mitch Stoltz
  • RDF in Mozilla
  • Brian King
  • XUL Overlays
  • Andrew Wooldridge

    MU 200: Gecko Embedding Marcia Knous

    Embedding Basics
  • Gecko Embedding Overview
  • API Overview
  • Mozilla (embedding) APIs
  • Ellen Evans
    GRE Ellen Evans

    MU 250: Component Development Marcia Knous

  • Overview doc?
  • Netscape Gecko Plugin API Reference
  • Arun Raganathan
  • XPCOM Introduction on IBM developerWorks site
  • Introduction to XPCOM (Alec Flett) (slides)
  • Introduction to XPCOM (vid.)
  • The XPCOM Library (Alec Flett) (slides)
  • The XPCOM Library (vid.)
  • Modularization Techniques
  • XPCOM Roadmap
  • Doug Turner
    Introduction to XPCOM (Alec Flett) (slides)
    Introduction to XPCOM (vid.)
    The XPCOM Library (Alec Flett) (slides)
    The XPCOM Library (vid.)
  • XPConnect project page/overview
  • Scott Collins
  • Scott Collins
    Tools: Smart Pointers, Macros, Strings
  • Mozilla String Classes Guide
  • Introduction to Strings (vid.)
  • nsCOMPtr User's Manual
  • Scott Collins
    Introduction to Strings (vid.)



    Extending Mozilla

    Topics Existing Resources Contact(s) Course Proposals/Courses

    MU 299: Large Scale XP Software Engineering & Management Asa Dotzler

  • Hacking Mozilla
  • C/C++ Portability Guidelines
  • C++ Portability (vid.)
  • Introduction to Performance (vid.)
  • Demystifying Footprint (vid.)
  • Scott Collins
    Testing: daily verification, smoke testing, QA
  • Helping with Mozilla QA
  • smoke tests
  • Bugzilla Fact Sheet
  • Asa Dotzler
    Project Management/Development Process
  • sheriffs
  • daily builds
  • releases
  • verification
  • milestones
  • planning
  • Asa Dotzler

    Collaborative XP Development Tools Myk Melez

  • Asa Dotzler
  • Mozilla's Introduction to Bonsai
  • Asa Dotzler
  • CVS Tutorial
  • Asa Dotzler
  • Main LXR page
  • Asa Dotzler
    Tinderbox/Testerbox Asa Dotzler

    MU 260: Core Development Marcia Knous

  • Introduction to Layout in Mozilla
  • David Baron Introduction to Layout in Mozilla
  • Necko Interface Overview
  • Networking in Mozilla (Gagan) (slides)
  • Darin Fisher Introduction to Necko*
    Parser Harish Dhurvasula
    DOM Johnny Stenback

    MU 270: Security Marcia Knous

    Introduction to Security
  • Introduction to Security (vid.)
  • Mozilla Security, Pt. 1 (vid.)
  • Mozilla Security, Pt. 2 (vid.)
  • Mitch Stoltz Introduction to Security (vid.)