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Mozilla University

A project to develop and improve knowledge about Mozilla technologies, particularly in the form of educational material that can be distributed and reused in a variety of instructional settings.

Short Term/Long Term Goals

Sec. 1. Mozilla University Roadshow. Develop and present the case for introduction of Mozilla University course materials to the classroom.

Sec. 2. Course Materials. Mozilla University course material will be built around these three items:

  • Prose description that teaches
  • An example that demonstrates that piece of knowledge
  • Questions or pieces of work that demonstrates knowledge of topic


Mozilla University Charter

BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF THE TERRITORY OF DOT.COMS, That there shall be established in this Territory an Institution, under the name and style of Mozilla University.

Section 1. Audience. The audience for Mozilla University shall primarily be University administrators, University students, and Continuing Education.

Sec. 2. Mission. The object of the University shall be to provide the inhabitants of this Territory with the means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various nuances of the Mozilla browser by acting as a "clearing house" of educational material, introducing and improving knowledge about Mozilla technology, and developing educational material that is not readily available elsewhere.

Sec. 3. Governance. The government of this University shall be vested in a Board of twelve superpowers, consisting of the following individuals: Asa Dotzler, Mitchell Baker, Bob Clary, Brendan Eich, Scott Collins, Dawn Endico, Chris Hofmann, Marcia Knous, Myk Melez, Ian Oeschger, Namachivayam Thirumazhusai, and Andrew Wooldridge.