You are currently viewing a snapshot of taken on April 21, 2008. Most of this content is highly out of date (some pages haven't been updated since the project began in 1998) and exists for historical purposes only. If there are any pages on this archive site that you think should be added back to, please file a bug. Staff Meeting Minutes staff meetings take place once a week. A few days after each meeting, the minutes are posted to the netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey newsgroup. Note that not everything discussed in the staff meetings can be made public.


September 19
Releases; Mozilla Foundation
August 29
Firefox 1.5; Thunderbird 1.5; Newsgroups; DevMo; Conferences
August 22
Firefox 1.5; Thunderbird 1.5; New Newsgroups; Trademarks; DevMo; Software Update
August 15
Joi Ito; 1.5; 2.0; Marketing/; Reorganization
July 25
Releases; OSCON; Reorganization
July 18
New Hires; Firefox 1.0.5 release feedback; Release management in general; Firefox 1.0.6 API fix release; Firefox 1.1b1; Thunderbird 1.1a2; Spread Firefox; QA thanks
July 11
Firefox 1.0.5; Deer Park 1.1a2; New Update; 1.1b1 Planning; Server Transitions; IDN update; Hiring stuff; News server
July 6
1.05 and 1.1 alpha; Server Transition; Marketing
June 27
Releases; QA Planning Meeting
June 20
There are no minutes of this meeting
June 13
Firefox 1.0.5 security release; Thunderbird 1.0.5; Firefox 1.1a1/Thunderbird 1.1a1 feedback; 1.1a2 timeframe; Server outage plan; Accessibility and Thunderbird; Apple
June 6
Thunderbird 1.0.3/4/5 (TBD); Firefox 1.1a1 and Thunderbird 1.1a1 feedback; 1.1a2 timeframe; Google's Summer of Code; Awards; News Server; Docs; Community Awards; Conferences; Server Transition Plan
May 31
Deer Park; XTech post-mortem
May 23
There was no meeting, as most of the Foundation staff were either at XTech or out of town
May 16
People; Firefox 1.0.4; 1.1 Releases; In-tree Localization; Build systems; XTech; Mozilla Store; Community Awards
May 9
There are no minutes of this meeting
May 2
Neither Gerv nor Marcia attended this meeting; no notes were taken
April 25
Releases; Security Release; Volunteer Awards; Board Meeting; Search; Firefox Strategy; Quarterly goals
April 18
Firefox 1.0.3; Thunderbird 1.0.3; Firefox 1.1/Thunderbird 1.1; Volunteer Awards; Proposed CA certificate policy
April 11
Firefox 1.0.3; Mozilla Suite 1.7.7; Thunderbird 1.0.3; Firefox 1.1/Thunderbird 1.1
April 4
Firefox 1.0.3; Mozilla Suite 1.7.7; Thunderbird 1.0.3; Firefox/Thunderbird 1.1; New Newsgroups; Visit to OSU; SpreadFirefox
March 28
Releases; DevMo
March 21
Releases; DevMo; Camino; People
March 14
Mozilla 1.8b2; Security updates; Firefox/Thunderbird 1.1; Seamonkey Transition; Volunteer Awards; Trademark enforcement; Mozilla China
March 7
Firefox 1.0.1 auto-update rollout; ThunderBird 1.0.1; Mozilla 1.7.6; Mozilla 1.8b2; Firefox 1.1; Thunderbird 1.1; UMO load
February 28
Mozilla 1.8b1; Mozilla 1.8 final; Firefox 1.0.1 feedback; Firefox 1.1; Thunderbird 1.1; FOSDEM report; UMO load; DevMo; Volunteer Awards; IDN/punycode domain spoofing; Other
February 22
Firefox 1.0.1; Mozilla 1.8b; SpreadFirefox; UMO; IDN/punycode domain spoofing
February 14
Mozilla 1.8b; Firefox 1.0.1; UMO; Firefox 1.1/Thunderbird 1.1; Contributor Awards; IDN/punycode domain spoofing; PSM; Emphasising Security
February 7
Mozilla 1.8b6, Firefox 1.0.1, Firefox 1.1, Volunteer Awards, Relationship between MoFo and (Mitchell's view, Asa's thoughts, Dmose's thoughts), SpreadFirefox, UMO, Other
January 31
Mozilla 1.8b1, Firefox 1.0.1, Firefox 1.1, UMO, Thunderbird 1.1, Volunteer Awards
January 24
Mozilla 1.8a6; Firefox 1.0.1; Firefox 1.1; Deploying Hendrix; Broken Website Tool; Other
January 18; Feedback on 1.8a6; Firefox 1.1; Thunderbird 1.1; CDs, Infrastructure; e-mail changes; Press; Conferences
January 10
Mozilla 1.8a6; Thunderbird; Firefox; Roadmap; Accessibility


December 13
Mozilla 1.7.5; Mozilla 1.8a6; Firefox 1.1; Thunderbird 1.0 feedback/press; Thunderbird 1.1; Roadmaps in general; CVS contributor forms; Misc
December 6
Mozilla 1.8a6; Firefox 1.0 feedback/press; Firefox roadmap; Thunderbird l10n; Server status
November 29
Firefox; Thunderbird 1.0; u.m.o. status; server status; NYT ad
October 25
Mozilla 1.8a5; Firefox 1.0 RC1; Thunderbird 0.9; Localized builds; "Thunderbirds are Go!" quote?
October 18
Mozilla 1.8a5; Firefox; Localization builds; Thunderbird 0.9; Builds; UMO; Miscellaneous
October 11
Mozilla 1.8a5; RSS Feeds on; Firefox 1.0 PR 2; Thunderbird 0.9; Aviary 1.0 party date(s); Press; Web 2.0 Conference
October 4
Mozilla 1.8a5; Firefox Security Release; Firefox 1.0 Preview Release 2; Thunderbird 0.9; Aviary 1.0 Parties; Aviary mailing list archive; Oracle DBA wanted (chofmann); Web tools for 1.0
September 27
Firefox 1.0 Preview Release 2; Thunderbird 0.9; Mozilla 1.8a4; Talkback; Camino 0.9; Aviary 1.0 Parties; Localised nightly builds; Bugzilla Cleanup Plans; Possible home page changes; Aviary mailing list archive; Ben's fame
September 20
Mozilla 1.8a4; Firefox 1.0; PR Release Feedback; Plugin Finder; Bittorrent; Dealing with Bugzilla influx; CA certificates; Getting People Involved; Aviary mailing list opening; Other
September 13
Mozilla 1.8a4; Firefox 1.0 Preview Release 1; Thunderbird 0.8; Aviary mailing list
September 7
Mozilla 1.8a4; Firefox 1.0 Preview Release 1; Thunderbird 0.8; Developer Day video/audio; KDE/Gecko; Aviary 1.0 Party; APNG; Marketing Camino; FooCamp
August 30
Firefox 1.0 Preview Release 1; Mozilla 1.7 branch; Thunderbird; APNG; QT port; Website redesign; Aviary 1.0 party
August 24
Drivers; Dynamic theme switching; Firefox 1.0 Preview Release 1; Thunderbird 0.8; DNS redirection
August 16
Mozilla 1.8a3; Mozilla 1.7.3; Firefox 1.0 Preview Release 1;; Thunderbird 0.8; NVu; Developer Day video/audio; New MLP team; PSM ownership
August 9
Mozilla 1.8a3; Firefox 1.0 Preview Release 1; Camino; Better mechanism for reporting broken websites; Developer Day video/audio; Email from bsmedberg re: branding policy for localisers; New MLP (Localization) team (mail from kairo)
August 2
Firefox; Thunderbird; Other Releases; Security; Developer Day; OSCON Conference Update
July 26
Firefox 1.0 RC1; Mozilla 1.8a3; Developer Day; PSM Ownership mail; System for reporting broken sites; User feedback mechanism for 1.0; Other
July 19
Mozilla 1.8a3; Firefox 1.0 RC1 and Thunderbird 0.8; Bugzilla; Developer Day; Marketing Launch
July 12
Mozilla 1.8a2; Firefox 1.0; Thunderbird; Modified versions of logos; Localisation trademark policy; Webstats; Misc
June 21
1.7; Branches, misc.; Firefox; Thunderbird; FF and TB release review; Camino
June 14
Mozilla 1.7 final; Firefox 0.9; Thunderbird 0.7; Rafael; Mirrors
June 7
Mozilla 1.7 final; Firefox 0.9; Thunderbird 0.7; CVS over SSH; MPL translations; Merchandise status
May 24
Mozilla 1.7 final; Firefox 0.9; CVS over SSH; Trademark policy document
May 17
Mozilla 1.7 final; Firefox 0.9; CD; Thunderbird 0.7; Camino 0.8; NVu; Bugzilla reorganization
May 10
Mozilla 1.7 RC2; Firefox 0.9; Thunderbird 0.6 feedback; Trademark policy document; Bugzilla reorg
May 3
Mozilla 1.7; Mozilla 1.4.2; Thunderbird; Firefox; Newsgroup Admin; Greece Software Conference; Trademark Policies
April 26
Mozilla 1.7 final; Thunderbird 0.6
April 19
Mozilla 1.7 final; Firefox 0.9; Thunderbird 0.6; DevMo progress
April 5
Mozilla 1.7 final; Firefox 0.9; Thunderbird 0.6; GRE; Matters arising from the board meeting; Reorganising the newsgroup names; Trademarks; Other
March 29
Mozilla 1.7 final; Talkback; Evangelism; Firefox 0.9; Thunderbird 0.6; Mozilla Foundation; Merchandise
March 22
1.7 final; Firefox 0.9; Thunderbird 0.6; Trademark policy
March 15
1.7b; Firefox/Seamonkey coordination; thunderbird; Firefox logos; Mozilla Foundation board meeting; Mozilla Europe
March 8
Mozilla 1.7b update; Firefox 0.9 update; Thunderbird
March 1
Mozilla 1.7a update; Mozilla 1.7b; General Tree Management; Developer Day - Followup; Firefox logos/trademark; Conferences/Scheduling
February 23
Mozilla 1.7a update; Developer Day; Firefox logos; FOSDEM Report; Download numbers
February 16
Mozilla 1.7 Alpha; Developer Day; Branding; Standalone Calendar (Mozilla Sunbird); Other
February 9
1.7 Alpha; Firebird 0.8 Update; Branding; Developer Day; CVS over SSH; Thunderbird
February 2
Mozilla 1.7a update; Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update; Developer Day; CVS over SSH update; Thunderbird update; 1.6 uptake; Testcase Manager; Bugzilla reorganisation; Bugzilla upgrade
January 26
1.7 alpha update; Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update; GRE;; Moving Firebird Help to; Developer Day
January 20
1.6 feedback review; CD; 1.7 alpha update; More future milestones in Bugzilla; Other
January 12
1.6 Final; Mozilla Firebird 0.8; Thunderbird update for CD; 1.7 Alpha; CVS over SSH; Developer Day; LinuxWorld; Miscellaneous
January 5
1.6 Final update; Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update; CD status; Talkback status; Plans for the next few months; PR


December 15
1.6 Final; l18n; Website; Mozilla Firebird 0.8; Camino 0.8; Talkback
December 8
CVS over SSH update; 1.6 beta update; Talkback; Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update; Can we streamline the release process?; Localisation packs; Website; b.m.o. upgrade; Meeting on 22nd or 29th?
December 1
1.6 beta update; Website; Localisations on CD; Foundation
November 24
Website; 1.5.1; 1.6 beta update; Thunderbird update; Localised packs/builds on CD; Points of contact for questions; CVS over SSH update; Relicensing update
November 17
Releases update; Localised builds; New website; Thunderbird tinderboxes; CVS over SSH
November 10
Releases update; New roadmap update; New website; addresses in important docs; bz's suggestion about flag policy at release time
November 3
Mozilla 1.5.1; New roadmap status update; Mozilla 1.6 update; Mirrors and FTP; Website beta status; Other Stuff
October 27
1.5.1 Release; 1.6a Release; Website Update; CD; Localizations; Download logs
October 20
Facilities; FTP; 1.5/0.7/0.3/website-beta
October 13
1.5 Final update; Mozilla Firebird 0.7 update; Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 update; CD progress; New website progress; Roadmap update; Have all the jobs Asa would have done been picked up?; FTP mirror network
September 22
1.5 Final update; 1.4.1 update; Talkback; Thunderbird; September 30th deadline; Roadmap; Mozilla Foundation employees mailing list; Localisation; Mail and Web moving
September 15
Meeting purpose; Marketing; Other issues
September 8
1.5 Final update; 1.4.1 update; Server migrations; Other decisions
September 2
1.5 Final update; Thunderbird 0.2; FTP; More user-friendly builds; Software patents demo
August 25
Foundation Update; Releases
August 18
Foundation update; 1.5 beta update; Mozilla Firebird 0.7 update; Thunderbird 0.2 update; Talkback; New test matrix; 1.4 branch (1.4.1); Other
July 28
Foundation update; 1.5 beta update; Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1 update; Thunderbird 0.1 update; User-friendly 1.4 builds (1.4.1); New about:mozilla
July 14
1.5 alpha; Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1; Mozilla Foundation
June 23
1.4; 1.5; Mozilla Firebird 0.7; Thunderbird 0.1
June 16
1.4rc2/final update; 1.5 trunk update; Mozilla Firebird 0.7 update
June 9
1.4; 1.4 Branch drivers; 1.5; Mozilla Firebird/Thunderbird releases
June 2
Doug's XPCOM book; 1.4 final update; 1.5
May 19
1.4 status; Mozilla Firebird 0.6 feedback; Cooperation with Ports Maintainers; Security fixes for the 1.0 branch; CVS account disabling
May 12
Tree/Build System reorg; Tinderbox3/MozTools; 1.4 beta; 1.4 final; Mozilla Firebird Browser 0.6; 1.5
May 5
1.3.1; 1.4 beta; 1.4 final; Mozilla Firebird transition; Mozilla Firebird 0.6
April 28
1.4 beta; 1.3.1; Mozilla Firebird 0.6; 1.5 onwards
April 14
MozillaU; Website; The Browser Formerly Known as Phoenix; 1.3.1; 1.4 beta
April 9
1.4 beta update; 1.3.1 update; Roadmap; Any news on people wanting to continue app-suite development?; Confirm that next meeting will be Monday 1pm PST; Documentation/website?
March 26
Mitchell in Germany; Scott going to Carnegie-Mellon; 1.3.1; 1.4 alpha; GRE; Wednesday Talk at Open Government Conference; Sun's Module Requests
March 19
1.3.1 update; 1.4 update; Calendar; Anonymous access to website CVS tree
March 12
1.3; 1.4; Change of compiler and OS on Linux; Roadmap update; Publicising 1.4 plans, Distributing Mozilla to developing countries on CD; "Why use Mozilla" docs from MozillaU
March 5
Discussed Mozilla 1.3; 1.4 development and planning; Camino release; Gerv looking for relicense scripting help; Re-licensing; Sun crypto press release; Status Report maintainer; Java-related Component Ownership; Leadership discussion
February 26
Camino; 1.3 final; 1.4 cycle; New roadmap; Phoenix release; Adding Marcia to staff page; mingw port; Mail about porting fixes to 1.0 branch; Reorganisation of the front page navigation
February 19
1.3; Plan for 1.4/1.5; Chimera/Camino 0.7; jkeiser's offered tinderbox3 and mozilla_tools for CVS; Talkback data request for research; Splash screen
February 12
New person responsible for maintenance of key website files; Disabling inactive CVS accounts (mstoltz); Remove CVS admin rights from normal users (mstoltz); Update calendar partition in despot (Brant Gurganus); Chimera 0.7 release - status; cls filed a bug to remove the QT port; Possible large changes to Gecko or other components; Review and super-review
February 5
XPCOM ownership; Mitch Stoltz re: CVS bug; Progress/plans documents; Chimera 0.7 release; Last week's meeting minutes; Looking for someone to do status updates; Proposed change to license of parts of mfcembed; Guninski's mail re: secure CVS; Once in; always in?
January 29
Direction of the Project; Communications; Project Status; Are we a Distribution?; Chimera 0.7 Release; Mozdev Donation Drive