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Status Update #227 — Wednesday April 14, 2004

Maintained by Alex Bishop <>

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Stable Branch

Mozilla 1.7 is to become the new stable branch, replacing 1.4. It will be the basis for Mozilla Firefox 1.0, a new milestone of Mozilla Thunderbird, a new Camino release and several third party Mozilla-based products.

Quality Feedback Agent (Talkback)

Using a new Web interface located at, the data from Quality Feedback Agent (Talkback) reports can now be queried.

Junk Mail Controls

Backend support for server-side spam filters has been implemented (bug 224318).


The spellchecker now supports replacement tables, providing better suggestions (bug 227214).

Mozilla Firefox Bookmark Keywords

Using a new context menu item on GET forms, bookmark keywords can easily be set up in Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Thunderbird Mac OS X Default Theme

Pinstripe is new default theme for Mozilla Thunderbird on Mac OS X. Pinstripe, a collaboration between Kevin Gerich and Stephen Horlander, is designed to fit in with the Aqua graphical style and is already the default Mozilla Firefox OS X theme.

Mozilla Thunderbird .eml Support

Mozilla Thunderbird can now open .eml (message/rfc822) files (bug 217149).

Tree Status

The trunk is currently open (but check tinderbox for the latest status). Checkins to the 1.7 branch require approval from

Staff Meeting Minutes

Monday March 29, 2004
Mozilla 1.7 final; Talkback; Evangelism; Firefox 0.9; Thunderbird 0.6; Mozilla Foundation; Merchandise

Independent Status Reports

International Special Edition
L10Nzilla, Mycroft, kairo, l10ntools and Gaeilge
Tuesday April 13, 2004
Mozilla Links Newsletter, Dictionary Search, wmlbrowser, Launchy, MozManual and the Mozilla-Delphi project

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