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Status Update #225 — Tuesday March 16, 2004

Maintained by Alex Bishop <>

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Mozilla Thunderbird Windows Installer

A test build of Mozilla Thunderbird with an installer for Windows is now available.

Mozilla Firefox Profile Migration

Mozilla Firefox can now import user data from a variety of other browsers (bug 215094).

Mozilla Firefox Roadmap

Mozilla Firefox 0.9 will be based on Mozilla 1.7. After 0.9 ships, a branch will be created for the final 1.0 released. See the Firefox Roadmap for more details.

Mozilla Firefox Branding

A new --enable-official-branding flag builds Mozilla Firefox with the official logos and artwork for those who have permission to use them. This flag is being used to brand the nightly builds (bug 237596).

JavaScript Controls

A new preference allows users to prevent webpages from blocking the standard page context menu (bug 86193 and bug 117532).


The IMAP IDLE command is now supported (bug 141369).


The cookies UI has been rewritten to reflect the new capabilities of Mozilla's cookie controls (bug 233339).


Mozilla now supports spoiler protection (bug 11080).


The default Mozilla Application Suite bookmarks have been updated to become less developer focused.

Extensible Tag Framework (XTF)

Some initial Extensible Tag Framework (XTF) code has been checked in to the XTF_20040312_BRANCH.

Tree Status

The trunk is currently frozen for Mozilla 1.7 Beta. Check tinderbox for the latest status.

Staff Meeting Minutes

Monday March 1, 2004
Mozilla 1.7a update; Mozilla 1.7b; General Tree Management; Developer Day - Followup; Firefox logos/trademark; Conferences/Scheduling

Independent Status Reports

Sunday March 14, 2004
mozdev, Googlebar, Firebird Help, Dictionary Search, Mnenhy, the Metagrams Toolbar and cuneAform

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