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Status Update #222 — Monday February 2, 2004

Maintained by Alex Bishop <>

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Checkin Requirements

Developers making API changes to core components must now ensure that they do not break Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird and Camino. See Ben Goodger's, Scott MacGregor's and Mike Pinkerton's newsgroup posting for more details.

Bugzilla has been upgraded to a newer version. Regressions are being tracked in the regressions meta-bug. If you think you have found a regression, check the list of known regressions to see if yours has been filed already, then file it if not.

Unsent Messages

When starting the Mozilla Application Suite Mail & Newsgroups component or Mozilla Thunderbird in online mode, the user is now prompted to send any unsent messages (bug 232452).


The dialog displayed when a site wants to store a cookie now allows to user to accept the cookie for just the current session (bug 230624).


A new string implementation is under development on the STRING_20040119_BRANCH.


The last traces of the PICS code have been removed from the CVS repository (bug 166192).


Camino now requires Mac OS X 10.1.5 or above (bug 184864).

Tree Status

The trunk is currently open (but check tinderbox for the latest status).

Staff Meeting Minutes

Monday January 20, 2004
1.6 feedback review; CD; 1.7 alpha update; More future milestones in Bugzilla; Other
Monday January 26, 2004
1.7 alpha update; Mozilla Firebird 0.8 update; GRE;; Moving Firebird Help to; Developer Day

Independent Status Reports

Monday February 2, 2004
Urlnav, Weather, Dictionary Search, easyGestures and QuickNote

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