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Status Update #220 — Monday January 5, 2004

Maintained by Alex Bishop <>

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Mozilla Firebird

Mozilla Firebird now has a help viewer and help content, thanks to the Firebird Help Project (bug 165960).


ChatZilla 0.9.54 has now landed on the trunk (bug 229545).


History searches are now case-insensitive (bug 131470).

Proxy Configuration

The online/offline indicator on the Status Bar now has a context menu for switching between proxy configurations (bug 223908).

Internationalized Domain Names

Internationalized domain names now display correctly in mail and newsgroups messages (bug 228543).

Tree Status

The trunk is currently open (but check tinderbox for the latest status). Checkins to the 1.6 branch require approval from

Independent Status Reports

Sunday January 4, 2003
Firebird Help, MacroTracker, SearchSidebar, xHermes, Forumzilla, wmlbrowser, MozManual and MozEdit

Previous Updates