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Status Update #218 — Monday December 8, 2003

Maintained by Alex Bishop <>

Previous Updates

Mozilla 1.5.1

Mozilla 1.5.1 has been released for Mac OS X. This minor update fixes a downloading crash on OS X 10.1 (bug 213639).

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4 is now available. This latest version includes an updated default theme, better operating system integration, a Palm address book synchronization extension and several other new features and bug fixes.

Mozilla Firebird

Mozilla Firebird has a new download manager and an offline mode (bug 171600).


NSPR 4.4.1 has been released.

JavaScript escape() and unescape()Functions

The JavaScript escape() and unescape() functions have been changed to be more compliant with the ECMAScript standard (bug 44272). This means that they are no lomger suitable for URL manipulation: the functions encodeURI(), decodeURI(), encodeURIComponent() and decodeURIComponent() should be used instead.

Mozilla Firebird on iPaq

Doug Turner and Darin Fisher have Mozilla Firebird working on a HP iPAQ 5555 Pocket PC running Familiar Linux 0.7.2.

Tree Status

The trunk is currently frozen for Mozilla 1.6 Beta. Check tinderbox for the latest status.

Staff Meeting Minutes

Monday November 24, 2003
Website; 1.5.1; 1.6 beta update; Thunderbird update; Localised packs/builds on CD; Points of contact for questions; CVS over SSH update; Relicensing update

Independent Status Reports

Monday November 24, 2003
MozManual, Mozquery, Deepest Sender, Mycroft, Preferential, MessageID-Finder, ieview, Searchsidebar, ConQuery, HON, Creating Applications with Mozilla
Sunday December 7, 2003
MSDbar, wmlbrowser, Optimoz Mouse Gestures, MozWho, MozManual, URLFix, ConQuery, Xprint, Moji, StumbleUpon, esayGestures, DictionarySearch, ReloadEvery

Previous Updates