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Status Update #217 — Monday November 24, 2003

Maintained by Alex Bishop <>

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Mozilla Website

The new Mozilla website has been launched. This new site caters more to the end user, with better product information, clearer download links and more details about help resources. New Mozilla initiatives, such as telephone support, CD sales and donations are now promoted throughout the site. Navigation has also been improved and a friendlier layout and colour scheme have been created. The Mozilla Web Site Project outlines several planned enhancements for the future.

Mozilla Thunderbird

A new Mozilla Thunderbird build with many improvements is available. The 2003-11-19 build features a redesigned new mail alert, a better progress bar, an option to only make a message read after it has been viewed for n seconds and several other enhancements. In addition, it is now possible for a user to set Thunderbird to be his or her default newsgroups client on Windows. More information can be found in Scott MacGregor's post to the MozillaZine Forums.

NTLM Authentication

Microsoft's NTLM authentication protocol, popular on Windows-based corporate networks, is now supported by Mozilla on all platforms (bug 224653). Previously, NTLM authentication was only available to Windows Mozilla users, requiring the presence of the Windows SSPI API. Now, the SSPI code has been discarded and a cross-platform implementation has been checked in.

Mozilla ActiveX Control

Adam Lock of the Mozilla ActiveX Project has released version 1.5 of the Mozilla ActiveX Control, which allows developers to embed Gecko into applications in much the same way that they can embed Internet Explorer. The control supports most of the API of the IE control for easy porting. The Mozilla 1.5 ActiveX Control can be downloaded from

Web Page Translation

The Mozilla Application Suite once again features automatic Web page translation, this time using Google Language Tools (bug 135181).


On Linux, the permissions on newly-created profile directories have been tightened (bug 59557).

Tree Status

The trunk is currently frozen for Mozilla 1.6 Beta. Check tinderbox for the latest status.

Staff Meeting Minutes

Monday November 10, 2003
Releases update; New roadmap update; New website; addresses in important docs; bz's suggestion about flag policy at release time
Monday November 17, 2003
Releases update; Localised builds; New website; Thunderbird tinderboxes; CVS over SSH

Previous Updates