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status update

maintained by Alex Bishop <>

Friday July 11, 2003 (Status Update #207)

This status update page is updated approximately once a week. To get news in between these updates, you are invited to check out MozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla news and advocacy.

Previous Updates

Mozilla 1.5 Alpha

The trunk froze for Mozilla 1.5 Alpha earlier this week but it has since been reopened and a branch has been cut for Mozilla 1.5 Alpha. Branches are not usually created for alpha and beta releases but want to allow some installer fixes to bake without delaying the reopening of the trunk. See David Baron's message to netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey for more details.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird build 2003-07-08 is now available. This build features Qute-style icons in the message composition window, has a reorganized Options dialog and exposes the Certificate Manager. Read Scott MacGregor's post to the MozillaZine Forums for more details.

DNS Rewrite

On his weblog, Darin Fisher has posted an update on the ongoing DNS code rewrite (bug 205726).

Animated Images

Animated images can now be stopped by pressing the Stop button or the Esc key (bug 70030).

Spell Checker

In HTML message composition, the spell checker will now ignore quoted text (bug 212469).

Viewer App

The Viewer App has been rewritten in XUL (bug 137331).

Tree Status

The trunk is currently open (but check tinderbox for the latest status).

Independent Status Reports

Third party updates from Monday 7th July are now available.

Previous Updates