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status update

maintained by Alex Bishop <>

Friday May 30, 2003 (Status Update #201)

This status update page is updated approximately once a week. To get news in between these updates, you are invited to check out MozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla news and advocacy.

Previous Updates

Mozilla 1.4 Release Candidate 1

Mozilla 1.4 Release Candidate 1 came out on Thursday. This build is intended to help testers find any serious remaining bugs in preparation for Mozilla 1.4 final.

Mozilla Thunderbird

A build of Mozilla Thunderbird that contains some icons from Arvid Axelsson (designer of the default Mozilla Firebird theme) and toolbar customization improvements is now available. The new icons are the first step towards Thunderbird gaining a new default theme. Read Scott MacGregor's post to the MozillaZine Forums for more information. Note that a later Windows build is also available.


New documentation for Mozilla's accessibility API module has been published.


Composer now has an improved GUI for editing form elements (bug 45495).

Tabbed Browsing

Opening a bookmark group now replaces the existing tabs, rather than appending. You can use the Back button to revert to your previous set of tabs (bug 203960).


On Windows, Mozilla now looks for plug-in IDs (PLIDs) in the Registry and scans the referenced folders for plug-ins, helping to solve the 'first install' problem (bug 159445).


The bookmarks schedule/notify feature, broken since the bookmarks rewrite to use unique IDs, now once again prompts the user when a bookmarked page is updated (bug 203992).

Download Manager

Items in the Mozilla Application Suite's Download Manager now have context menus (bug 132019).

Tree Status

The trunk is currently open (but check tinderbox for the latest status).

Staff Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the staff meeting of Monday 19th May are now available.

Independent Status Reports

Third party updates from Friday 30th May are now available.

Previous Updates