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status update

maintained by Alex Bishop <>

Friday May 23, 2003 (Status Update #200)

This status update page is updated approximately once a week. To get news in between these updates, you are invited to check out MozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla news and advocacy.

Previous Updates

Mozilla Thunderbird

An experimental Windows build of Mozilla Thunderbird that uses the new XUL toolkit (the same one as Mozilla Firebird) has been released. More details are available in Scott MacGregor's post to the MozillaZine Forums.


ChatZilla 0.8.31 has landed on the trunk (bug 206639). In this version, character sets can now be changed per channel, autoconnect networks now open in the correct order and the /list command works on servers that comply with the RFC 2812 standard.


Daniel Wang has posted a list of recent documentation changes to the newsgroups.


Several bookmarks issues, particularly sorting bugs, have been fixed (bug 205378).

Junk Mail Controls

Running junk mail controls manually now automatically moves messages identified as junk to the designated Junk folder (bug 180029).

View Source

While viewing the source of a page, you can now jump to a specific line number (bug 104383). In addition, links in the JavaScript Console now go directly to the line in question (bug 79612).

Tree Status

The MOZILLA_1_4_BRANCH (temporary tinderbox page) has been created and the trunk is now open for Mozilla 1.5 Alpha checkins. Check tinderbox for the latest status.

Previous Updates