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Last Updated Friday April 18, 2003

This status update page is updated approximately once a week. To get news in between these updates, you are invited to check out MozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla news and advocacy.

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Phoenix Renamed to Firebird, Minotaur Moves Towards Approved Thunderbird Name

On Monday, it was announced that Phoenix's new name is Firebird. The name was changed in response to a request from Phoenix Technologies (the BIOS manufacturer), who make a embedded browser for digital systems. The Firebird name was chosen after many months of consideration and legal advisors to believe that it does not infringe on any existing browser-related trademarks.

The previously announced Thunderbird name was also approved for the Minotaur stand-alone mail newsgroups client. Existing Minotaur/Thunderbird information has been moved to the new Thunderbird Mail Project Page and the first Thunderbird-branded Windows trunk build has been released.

Navigator Start-Up, New Window and New Tab Behavior

Your setting for whether a blank page, your home page or the last page visited loads when Navigator starts up no longer has to influence what your new windows and tabs do. All three scenarios (Navigator start-up, new window and new tab) can now have separate behaviors specified (there is no Preferences UI for new windows yet) (bug 197671).

HTML Mail Composition

It is now possible to specify the default font, size, style and color to be used when composing a HTML mail message (bug 107877).

Spellchecking Selections

With an appropriate spellchecker installed, Mozilla can now spellcheck just the currently selected text (bug 91131).

Address Book Export

Some Address Book export bugs have been fixed (bug 124217).

Opening Attached Mail and Newsgroup Messages

Messages that are attached to other messages (for example, forwarded emails) now open in message windows (with the usual presentation) rather than browser windows (which just show the message source) (bug 143565).

POP3 Mail Accounts

When creating POP3 mail accounts, the New Account Setup wizard now has a checkbox (enabled by default) to download all messages from the server (bug 77202).

Mach-O Profile Migration from 4.x

Netscape Communicator 4.x profiles can now be migrated to Mach-O (Mac OS X) Mozilla. (bug 190336).

Mac OS X Drag-and-Drop

Several Camino drag-and-drop changes have now been merged with the trunk, allowing Mac users to perform tasks such as saving images by dragging them from a page to the Finder (bug 193053).

GNOME GConf Support

On GNOME, Mozilla can now automatically pick up GConf system preferences (bug 195708).

GTK 2 nsITheme Support

Work is ongoing to implement nsITheme support on GTK 2. None of the checked-in code is part of the build yet (bug 174471).

Staff Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the staff meeting of Wednesday 9th April are now available.

Independent Status Reports

Third party updates from Monday 14th April are now available.

Previous Updates