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status update

maintained by Alex Bishop <>

Last Updated Friday April 11, 2003

This status update page is updated approximately once a week. To get news in between these updates, you are invited to check out MozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla news and advocacy.

Previous Updates


  • In all builds dated April 7th or later, Minotaur now uses its own profiles, rather than sharing with Mozilla. See README.html in the Minotaur FTP directory for more details.
  • The first Windows trunk build of Minotaur is now available. Previous Minotaur binaries were built from the 1.3 branch.


Camino now has a new search bar that offers built-in searching of Google, Google Images and the current site via Google Site Search (bug 158246).

Launching Downloaded Executable Files

It is now possible to launch downloaded executable files from within Mozilla (bug 91969).


Mail & Newsgroups now supports yEncode (yEnc) decoding (bug 119964). There are currently no plans to support yEnc encoding.

'No Proxy for:' IP Address Masks

The 'No Proxy for:' box in Preferences now supports /xx masks for IP addresses (bug 80918).

SMTP Server Issues

  • The bug that causes the same SMTP server to appear multiple times in the Advanced Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings dialog has been fixed (bug 96207).
  • A problem with SMTP server user names containing @ or % characters has been fixed (bug 86370).
  • If your incoming and outgoing mail servers are the same, Mozilla will use your incoming server user name as the user name for your SMTP server, rather than the first part of your email address (bug 107953).

CRAM-MD5 Authentication

CRAM-MD5 authentication is now supported for IMAP and SMTP (bug 41594 and bug 150212).

Mail Start Page

The Mail Start Page is now loaded from the chrome, rather than downloaded from (bug 191171).

Translucent Non-Rectangular Chrome Windows

Mozilla can now do translucent non-rectangular chrome windows (bug 113232). This feature currently only works on GTK and will crash on 24-bit color displays.


Building with --disable-xul now works (bug 69995).

Tree Status

The tree is currently open (but check tinderbox for the latest status). The trunk will freeze for 1.4 Beta at midnight between Tuesday 22nd April and Wednesday 23rd April.

Previous Updates