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Last Updated Wednesday November 20, 2002

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Qt port owner

A reminder that Chris Seawood has been seeking an owner for the Qt port of mozilla, which has been broken since at least 0.9.9. Without a serious maintainer stepping up this port will be going the way of the dodo (read: removed from the cvs tree). The sunset date has been set as 1.3beta (currently scheduled for 8-Jan-2003) -- bug 178987.

DOM Inspector

  • Christopher A. Aillon is the new DOM Inspector module owner.
  • Inspector now has the ability to hide empty text nodes. (Bug 147189)
  • Timeless fixed a crash which occured while inspecting an error window. (Bug 153821)
  • Clicking an element in the DOM Node tree view will now correctly work for non-HTML elements. (Bug 163137)
  • Copying on unix platforms will now also copy to primary. (Bug 107812)


  • caption-side:left and right is now supported (bug 3166)
  • There was an extension to the XSLT js interface, namely, we added a .reset() method. That puts your XSLTProcessor back into an initial state. Sorry, but this change did not make it into 1.2. If somebody creates a stable product based on 1.2, we suggest landing the patch in bug 178461.
  • tinderbox now keeps statistics on code size
  • Boris Zbarsky - My personal progress is mostly lots of reviews, with my time split between fixing the stylesheet ordering mess in the CSSLoader and trying to figure out a cleaner way to pass around style information during inline style changes. Landed a big patch to convert a lot of Editor to nsCOMArray; still waiting for review on a similar patch for mailnews.
  • Embedding widget has been ported to gtk2 - bug 121253.
  • spam detection has been turned on in the default build. Read the documentation to see how to take advantage of this.

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