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status update

maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Wednesday November 6, 2002

This status update page is updated every week. To get updates and news throughout the week you are invited to check out mozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

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Chimera, the Cocoa/Gecko browser for MacOS-X, released version 0.6 on 4 November 2002. Some of the changes for this version include Keychain support, improved cookie management, plugin fixes, and Talkback support. Read the release notes for a full list.

Qt port owner

A reminder that Chris Seawood has been seeking an owner for the Qt port of mozilla, which has been broken since at least 0.9.9. Without a serious maintainer stepping up this port will be going the way of the dodo (read: removed from the cvs tree).


Various news items:

  • Fixed publishing to a FTP url
  • Removed xmlextras dependency
  • Added ability to import events using the new wizard
  • Fixed performance issue with the calendar and event list
  • Working on MacOS-9 (peterv(AT)netscape) - now able to run on MacOS-9/X, Windows, and Linux
  • Planning to go into the default builds during the 1.3 cycle

Volunteers would be greatly appreciated to help with fixing bugs, triaging bugs, QA, documentation, graphics, UI design, etc.... More information about the project and how you can help can be found on the Calendar project page.

Mozilla forums

mozillazine has been running a set of web forums for quite some time. They've recently upgraded to a phpBB based system -- check out the new forum list.


Independent project status updates

The latest collection of independent (mozdev) status reports covers AbiMoz, Sardine, Games, Linky, and mozdev.

Tree status

The mozilla tree has branched for final work on the 1.2 release. The trunk has reopened for normal r/sr checkins in the 1.3 cycle.

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