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status update

maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Wednesday October 30, 2002

This status update page is updated every week. To get updates and news throughout the week you are invited to check out mozillaZine, a site devoted to Mozilla advocacy.

Previous Updates

Palm sync

New test builds are available for win32 - read bug 155417 for the location and instructions. The developers would welcome assistance getting this feature working on other platforms.


Some recent developments:

  • Started work on email/calendar integration, so you can email alarms to any email address (for example, a cell phone). When you receive an .ics file via email, you can right click and hit open and it pops up the new event dialog.
  • Work has started on supporting multi-day events.
  • You can now sort the event listing (via title, start date, end date, categories, etc...)


Version 0.4, "Oceano", was released on 29 October 2002. New this time around are the return of type-ahead find, www.<foo>.com autocomplete, themes, and the usual assortment of tweaks/fixes/improvements. Check out the release notes, download a build, and give feedback on the Phoenix forums.


  • Fine-grained popup blocking has been disabled pending further backend work. (bug 174765)
  • Marquee support has been turned back on by default - see dbaron's newsgroup posting for the reasoning. (bug 161109)
  • Progress on Xft work can be followed by watching the tracking bug 172768.

Independent project status updates

The latest collection of independent (mozdev) status reports covers XP Server, NeedleSearch, Uzilla, Optimoz, Annozilla, Beonex, Tagzilla, Themes, mozdev, and MultiZilla.

Tree Lockdown

The mozilla tree remains in driver approval lockdown for the 1.2 release, with lots of good fixes going in during the past week. More details about the lockdown can be found on the roadmap.

This means that in addition to the usual review/super-review you also need driver approval before checking in. Here's what you need do to get driver approval:

  1. Get your patch reviewed and super-reviewed
  2. Tidy the bug patch history - if there are old patches in the bug, make sure they're marked obsolete
  3. Mail drivers@mozilla with a message that includes the following information:
    • bug number
    • description of the bug, visibility, why it's important, etc.
    • risk assessment of the bug, what testing has been done, possible failure modes if the patch doesn't work correctly
    • who gave the r/sr
    • a link to the bugzilla bug (never include the bugzilla page as an attachment)
    The subject of the message should start "[trunk approval]".
  4. Be patient as you wait for a response. Work on a another bug, write some documentation, meditate, play golf, watch a sunset, stick your head in a bucket of water -- whatever works for you. Remember that there are people all over the world in the same situation; drivers hasn't singled you out for torture.

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