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Last Updated Wednesday October 23, 2002

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Alex Hecht writes:

Hi, we landed bug 155578. Do check it's dependency list. This landing fixes a bunch of common issues:

  • HTML output method really generates HTML now, and not XHTML. This should fix bugs that go along casing of element names (like CSS rules) and the javascript methods of the generated document. Due to severe technical issues we will *not* support document.write during the transformation, though.
  • We have a new js interface to XSLT now. See the interface description for details. I hope to update the project page with samples soon. The interface is different to IE's transformNode, but using the new interface and js prototypes, one should be able to fake it. And yes, this interface does support parameters. No, the interface is not frozen, and it will at least be extended. We still support the old transformDocument method, but we dropped support for the observer (which nobody seemed to use anyway).
  • We did some significant architecture changes, which will make extensions to output methods or the js interface a lot simpler. The interfaces for js and content got separated, which gives us more freedom and more stability to web developers.

Some changes to content landed as well, that should fix the xhtml:script issues we had.

Please test your pages.

Axel, Jonas and Peter (in alphabetical order, we all worked on this)

Palm sync

New test builds are available for win32 - read bug 155417 for the location and instructions. The developers would welcome assistance getting this feature working on other platforms.


  • Phoenix version 0.4, "Oceano", is planned for release this week
  • mozilla can now build with Visual C++ 7.0/.net
  • XML prettyprinting finished off and turned on by default (bug 64945)
  • Spellchecking is in the process of being reviewed, hopefully finished by the end of the week
  • New layout components in bugzilla (bug 160347)

Tree Lockdown

The mozilla tree remains in driver approval lockdown for the 1.2 release. More details can be found on the roadmap.

This means that in addition to the usual review/super-review you also need driver approval before checking in. Here's what you need do to get driver approval:

  1. Get your patch reviewed and super-reviewed
  2. Tidy the bug patch history - if there are old patches in the bug, make sure they're marked obsolete
  3. Mail drivers@mozilla with a message that includes the following information:
    • bug number
    • description of the bug, visibility, why it's important, etc.
    • risk assessment of the bug, what testing has been done, possible failure modes if the patch doesn't work correctly
    • who gave the r/sr
    • a link to the bugzilla bug (never include the bugzilla page as an attachment)
    The subject of the message should start "[trunk approval]".
  4. Be patient as you wait for a response. Work on a another bug, mediatate, play golf, watch a sunset, stick your head in a bucket of water -- whatever works for you. Remember that there are people all over the world in the same situation; drivers hasn't singled you out for torture.

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