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status update

maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Thursday October 17, 2002

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Version 0.3, "Lucia", was released on 14 October 2002, including image blocking, popup whitelist, a "go" menu, tabbing and bookmark changes, and the usual slew of bugfixes/tweaks. Version 0.4 is targetted for 21 October 2002, with the goal of some bookmark and sidebar fixes, along with further polishing. See the release notes for more information about both of these releases.


Correction to last week's update: Minotaur has not been supplanted by Thunderbird, but is a seperate effort to make a standalone mail client with the same UI as the existing mozilla mailnews.


Limited prefetching of content has been enabled in the trunk for some time now. Read about it in the FAQ.

Mozilla 1.2b

Mozilla 1.2b was released on 16 October 2002. Major visible changes since the last release are typeahead find, link prefetching, icons/text option for toolbars, native themes for Linux and XP, filter changes, startup bookmark groups, and MacOS 10.2 compatibility.


This has been checked in, but is not the default build. If you want to experiment you can build your own (configure with --enable-xft on an xft/fontconfig capable system) or download a binary. Give it a try and file bugs if you encounter problems. (bug 126919)

Palm sync

Test builds are available for win32 - read bug 155417 for the location and instructions. The developers would welcome assistance getting this feature working on other platforms.


  • ArronM (Paper)
    • Animated GIFs now restart at their first frame when reloaded either by the reload button, or by setting src in javascript (bugs 17126, 86572, 103530, 107815, 129986, 152756)
  • Boris Zbarsky (bz)
    • Spent a bunch of time working on bug 171830, mostly testing. Convoluted inline style testcases that anyone has would be much appreciated.
    • Trying to understand enough about block/inline reflow to be useful with the block-inside inline work that needs to happen.
  • Josh Soref (timeless)
    • committed patch to make context menus cleaner (adds redo)
    • working on flawfinder bugs (mostly weeding out useless reports). working on removing xp_str.h and xp_path.h.
    • working on removing some nsIEnumerator implementations and some RDF bloat.
    • helping a contributor cleanup strlen consumers who really don't need to use strlen.
    • some bonsai patches.

Tree Lockdown

The mozilla tree remains in driver approval lockdown for the 1.2 release. More details can be found on the roadmap.

This means that in addition to the usual review/super-review you also need driver approval before checking in. Here's what you need do to get driver approval:

  1. Get your patch reviewed and super-reviewed
  2. Tidy the bug patch history - if there are old patches in the bug, make sure they're marked obsolete
  3. Mail drivers@mozilla with a message that includes the following information:
    • bug number
    • description of the bug, visibility, why it's important, etc.
    • risk assessment of the bug, what testing has been done, possible failure modes if the patch doesn't work correctly
    • who gave the r/sr
    • a link to the bugzilla bug (never include the bugzilla page as an attachment)
    The subject of the message should start "[trunk approval]".
  4. Be patient as you wait for a response. Work on a another bug, mediatate, play golf, watch a sunset, stick your head in a bucket of water -- whatever works for you. Remember that there are people all over the world in the same situation; drivers hasn't singled you out for torture.

Independent project status updates

The latest collection of independent (mozdev) status reports covers Themes, PolMoz, Aphrodite, Tagzilla, Kiosk, and MultiZilla.

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