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Last Updated Saturday September 14, 2002

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Module Updates
Necko, Imagelib, XPCOM
September 10
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • Darin continues to fix a lot of bugs.


  • darin
    • landed patch for bug 163746 (trunk) - large image requests never load once interrupted
    • landed patch for bug 151843 (trunk) - nsIFile::Append inconsistent across platforms
    • landed patch for bug 12274 (trunk) - RFE: browser should prefetch LINK tag documents
    • landed patch for bug 166396 (trunk) - embedders should be able to override the default socket type.
    • developed patch for bug 166647 - allow prefetching from a META tag (including other fixes for link prefetching)
    • developed patch for bug 105340 - allow spaces in proxy prefs + some nsProtocolProxyService cleanup/optimizations
    • developed patch for bug 166498 - nsHTTPChunkConv should be removed from the tree
    • developed patch for bug 24197 - RFE Show progress while uploading files (in a form post)
    • attended first round of necko API review
    • attended profile sharing meeting; discussed transaction queue details.
    • discussed unicode file:// URL issues with Roy Yokoyama.
    • planned future cache work with Gordon (e.g., 2-level disk cache, preferences, and tuning).
    • reviewed lots of patches
    • heavy triaging for moz 1.2 beta
  • gordon
    • Returned from vacation, and waded through a couple thousand emails.
    • Attended a Necko API freeze meeting. More required.
    • Planned out cache enhancements to attempt for Mozilla 1.2 with Darin.
  • neeti
  • gagan


  • gagan
    • We have slacked on our sheriff duties. Need to slap our wrists.
    • No report from Pavlov-- now 4 weeks in a row.
    • No report from Dougt.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • the usual...


September 11
Submitted by Mike Potter <>

A lot of progress was made in the past week with the calendar.

  • Many speed improvements:
    • The event list was converted to a tree which draws its content from a custom JS view, instead of creating all the XUL elements in JS and appending them to the tree. This saves a *ton* of time to redraw the list, especially for users with lots of events.
    • The month view was redrawing every time an event was clicked. This was fixed, and we got a huge speed gain there. Its much more useable with lots of events now.
  • A few UI tweaks to the Manage Calendar dialog, making it easier for users to subscribe to remote calendars, and add local calendar files of their own.
  • Added in the ability to publish your calendar data to an FTP server, or a webDAV enabled http server (similar to Apple's iCal).
  • Apple released iCal and published a large list of events to their ical website. We can read in this list of events without problem ( we even handle their webcal:// protocol). Click on any of the links at to see this.
  • Added the ability to drag calendar links onto the calendar in order to subscribe to them.
  • A few other small fixes, bugs: 166615, 166762, 165693, 167153, 167285, 154961, 165197.

We need help getting the packaging done for users on Mac OS X. Please email if you can help us out. We have everything built, we just don't know how to package everything up. If you want to help out with the calendar, check out the website at for a list of New bugs that need work.

Calendar version 0.8 has been released - many selection p roblems are fixed, with small speed increses as well.

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