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Last Updated Wednesday August 21, 2002

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Module Updates
August 5
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

Disclaimer: this status is only for the mailnews contributors inside Netscape; other development work has been going on. Non-Netscape mail-news contributors are encouraged to send their status reports directly to <>.


  • Marked as fixed1.0.1 3 bugzilla bugs on the branch.
  • Resolved as fixed 7 bugzilla bugs on the trunk

Mailnews Accomplishments

  • Sean
    • Updated the win32 installer to support Win2k SP3 feature.
    • Fixed some email address alignment issues with presence in the message pane.
    • Fixed a bug where the context menu broke threadpane navigation using the next button or keyboard up down arrows.
    • On sabbatical.
  • Cavin
    • Added PR_LOG support for Address Book Sync.
  • Navin
    • Fixed a regression where you can't delete local folders when it prompts for confirmation.
    • Have a fix for not being able to move the same msg to newly created local folders twice in a row using drag and drop.
    • Have a fix for when exiting quick search, if no message selected, scroll to first new message.
  • Jean-Francois
    • Posted a fix for "mailto: link treats body= as HTML"
    • Has a fix for S/MIME failing with HTML Only Emails and MS Outlook
    • Has a fix for included GIF images not displayed properly
    • Has a fix for mailto: urls don't preserve newlines for body. The patch was provided by
  • Bhuvan
    • Verified and drove the patch for bug 138462 (In wizard, canceling cancel can prevent further use of Mozilla) in trunk and branch.
    • Investigated bug 150471 (Clicking OK does nothing after editing advanced options) and fixed problem in Smtp advance panel and working on AccountManager panel.
    • Sabbatical starts 8/12
  • Varada
    • Looked into first windows opened after initial account setup are extremely slow to open.
    • Worked on getting the mail smoketests working on tinderbox both on the branch as well as the trunk.
  • David
    • Fixed imap custom keywords to handle multiple keywords (support was there, but broken) since it seems the server suddenly started sending us multiple special keywords.
  • Srilatha
    • Have a fix for bug 44170. In the mailing list window, autocomplete with an entry in a different address book and these entries' Display Name do not appear then next time the list dialog opens.
    • Made the mailing list window modeless. Fixed one problem where if the user is editing a mailing list (the mailing list window is open for 'Mailing list A'), and goes back to addressbook and tried edit it again, we should bring focus to the existing window. (without the fix we open a new window).
  • Dan
    • Started prototyping a spam-plugin & interface to help me understand the existing code base better. Postings in .mail-news about this will be forthcoming.
  • Rajiv
    • Continued with Palm Hotsync development
Necko, Imagelib, XPCOM
August 8
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • several bug fixes coming along.
  • triaging efforts continue.
  • Dougt is attending Phonton meetings regularly.


  • darin
    • checked in patch from for bug 94734 (trunk/1.0) - crash on a bugzilla search
    • fixed bug 159413 (1.0) - Pipelining "WARNING" should be revised...
    • created patch for bug 157131 - nsIIOService need to be frozen
    • discussed and reviewed latest patch for bug 81724 with gordon.
    • designed solution for NTLM authentication (bug 23679).
    • discussed solution for bug 119321 with bzbarsky.
    • attended profile sharing meeting on Tuesday; wrote up a proposal for sharing preferences.
    • attended cache security review on Thursday.
    • reviewed patches and triaged bugs
  • dougt
    • Investigating a possible bug in the FTP implementation of uploading whereby only a buffered inputstream (for uploading) works.
    • Attended MRE meeting.
  • gordon
    • Held security review for cache module. Found only minor issues related to cache itself. A more detailed review for buffer overruns would be useful.
    • Posted another patch for bug 81724 "Disk Cache Phase 3". Reviewed the patch with Darin and updated the patch incorporating his feedback.
  • gagan
    • attending meetings as virtual nisheeth.


  • gagan
    • attending meetings as virtual nisheeth.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • land nsIIOService API changes
    • fix, review, and triage more bugs!
  • gordon
    • On Vacation until August 29.
  • gagan
    • attending meetings as virtual nisheeth.


  • gagan
    • attending meetings as virtual nisheeth.
August 12
Submitted by Mike Potter <>

Here are the fixes over the past few weeks:

  • AJB fixed:
    • Date/time formatting using OS settings on Windows. Fixed this so that it still looks good on Linux as well.
    • Preferences now in root of pref.tree, as opposed to hidden under Advanced. xml/xcs import and export. (This allows xml exporting, and enables us to do printing).
    • Printing (work started). (This is so cool. The events are exported to XML, and then formatted using XSL and then that window is printed. Users will be able to make their own style sheets to control how items are printed.)
    • Task list fixes (I don't remember these)
    • Scrollbars on small windows (Small fix)
  • and I fixed:
    • Some build bugs (small items)
    • Hide past events (regression fixed)

Work has also started on an open source calendar server. Work has also begun and is progressing on an OSX build.

It should also be noted that Apple announced a new calendar, iCal, which uses the same backend calendar format as Mozilla calendar. Hopefully we'll be able to interact with their files as well.

August 12
Submitted by Dan Mosedale <>

Disclaimer: this status is only for the mailnews contributors inside Netscape; other development work has been going on. Non-Netscape mail-news contributors are encouraged to send their status reports directly to <>.


  • Gave the first Palm Sync demo.
  • Fixed a bug which could lead to folder loss during auto-compact.
  • Resolved as fixed 32 bugzilla bugs on the trunk

Mailnews Accomplishments

  • Jean-Francois
    • Fixed bug 154370: generated HMTL code of mail has a bug
    • Fixed bug 141730: replying to or forwarding inline encrypted mail should be first deciphered
    • Fixed bug 156146: email forward attachments limited to 8.
    • Fixed bug 149072: included GIF images not displayed properly
    • Posted patch for bug 110729: Attachment displayed by plugin should not open in the message display frame (and codepage is affected).
  • Bhuvan
    • Fixed 150471 (Make sure that Account Manager window is closed properly when pressed on OK after editing advanced SMTP servers window)
    • Fixed 102265 (a polish bug in the mailnews panel of the mail prefs dialog)
    • On Sabbatical from 8/13-10/1
  • Varada
    • Fixed 117323 - make the address icon able to click, selecting the addressing line.
    • Fixed 60917 - Mail composer should watch NS_TEXT_EVENT in subject text to update the window title.
    • Has fix for 95789 - wrong default domain after selecting different mail account
    • Has fix for 161384 - Account Settings: Copies & Folders being cropped
  • Rajiv
    • Continued working on Palm sync development.
    • Gave a demo of Palm sync
    • Looked into the threaded view code and started work on the People centric Organized view
  • Seth
    • Fixed 124269. fix the behaviour of select all (ctrl a) when the folder pane has focus
    • Fixed 161371. js errors to the console when opening the edit menu when a server is selected in the folder pane.
    • Fixed 161333. fix js warning when there are no selected messages
    • Reviewed and landed fix #120842. when viewing settings for an account, scroll to that account in the account manager tree. especially nice if you have lots of mail news accounts. thanks to for the fix.
    • Started XRE project (
  • Navin
    • 153251 - Fixed a bug "error on getting new imap msgs", was related to bogus custom headers. Made it so that custom headers are checked for rfc2822 format before they are added to the pref.
    • 123402 - Fixed PRTime abuse in auto-compact code.
    • 117032 - Made "Delete messages on the server.." label clearer for pop3.
    • Worked on drag and drop from search results to 3 pane window.
    • Worked on copyService cleanup bug because it was needed for above
    • 162008 worked on local to imap undo regression
  • David
    • Added some extensibility hooks to the mail db for getting and setting string properties on msg hdrs from js
    • Fixed handling of IMAP language command - because of changes to the prefs API, we were never sending the language command, and due to an implementation flaw, we were never sending the language command to any but the first imap server.
    • Fixed problems going on/offline w/o an unsent messages folder
    • Fixed imap subscribe UI so that it lists children when expanding container folders
    • Fixed problems in the code that hid or greyed out features not supported by certain imap servers
    • Fixed save as in news while offline to use common save as listener code
    • Fixed regression with namespace handling for special imap folders on cyrus servers, initial patch by
    • Fixed purging of news headers not to skip some headers, based on initial patch by
  • Dan
    • Has first anti-spam prototype. It's filtered it's first few messages.
  • Srilatha
    • Fixed a problem with mailing list dialog being modeless. When the mailing list dialog is open and if we add/delete a card to/from that mailing list in the addressbook window, the mailing list dialog should be refreshed immediately.
  • Sean
    • On Sabbatical
Christian Biesinger
August 13
Submitted by Christian Biesinger <>

Bugs Fixed:

  • bug 98092 Show image file size in image properties dialog
  • bug 160309 classic theme has invalid property values
  • bug 151899 Show link target in "Page Info"
  • bug 97123 Modifier+Enter in address field and go button should behave like modifier+click on link
  • bug 158976 `Work Offline' menu item isn't checked like in most other browsers
  • bug 48436 Change "Document: Done (xxx secs.)" to "Done"

Worked on bugs:

  • bug 81572 some filename input fields in mailnews account settings have no browse button. I have now an idea how to fix it, will have a patch later this week
  • bug 132109 download manager should have a menubar. patch is attached to the bug, waits for review from blake.
  • bug 47909 show progressmeter in statusbar only if needed. Has a patch, but waits for review from sspitzer.
  • bug 81202 page info should show http headers. has patch and review, need to ask for super-review


  • bug 77730 - has a patch, but the module owner rejected it... must not remove the toolbar.

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