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Last Updated Thursday July 18, 2002

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Module Updates
July 16
Submitted by Steve Adamski <>


  • David Bradley found a JVM bug which may be responsible for many crashes; and he was sheriff on wednesday.
  • Waldemar continues working on the ECMA standard, particularly in the area of arithmetics
  • Phil has been doing much triage.
  • Kenton has been doing reviews for SpiderMonkey
  • Roger has been spending a lot of his time on SpiderMonkey and Rhino fixes and reviews.


  • rogerl
    • Spider Monkey bug triage, bug fixing and fix reviewing.
    • Rhino ditto, but less so.
    • JS2 - examining Rhino implementation with an eye to Rhino2.
  • dbradley
    • Discovered a bug that looks to be in Sun's JVM, uncovered when running Purify. Filed a bug with Sun concerning it. Bugzilla bugs 78220 and 156165. May be responsible for other hard to reproduce startup crashes.
    • Played Sheriff on Wednesday
    • Able to get a little work done on the XPConnect document
    • Tested the Chimera install, found intermittent crashes - bug 157157
  • waldemar
    • Worked on JS 2.0 specification of long integer arithmetic, type conversions, and the character type.
  • pschwartau
  • thesteve
    • I had the pleasure of being able to tell everyone at the All-Hands, how much I appreciate the work that Phil has been doing.


Plans for next week

  • dbradley
    • Focus on finishing up XPConnect document
    • Get 1.2 bug list in order
  • pschwartau
    • No update -
  • thesteve
    • COMconnect/gecko2 planning meeting with Matt D'Ercole on Wednesday.
    • More JS2 interaction with the Chief Architects


Doug Turner
July 17
Submitted by Doug Turner <>
  • Investigated komodo's use of network API. Sent mail to Ken Runyon asking for his input on what features necko was missing.
  • Timer fun. Investigated the top crashers caused by some race condition in the timer code.
  • Discussed the need for some kind of special "high bandwidth" setting in necko. I am not convinced there is a need, but Saari believes that getting the data off the wire as fast as possible seems like a first step.
  • Continued adding comments, time estimates, and new items to the Gecko 2.0 document.
  • Created testcases for security firedrills.

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