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status update

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Last Updated Thursday May 16, 2002

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Module Updates
May 14
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • nsIFile changes finally landed! Great job by Darin and the team.
  • Several bug fixes trickling in.
  • Triaging continues.
  • Data cache block streams results looks promising.


  • darin
    • fixed bug 142870 (trunk) - last bit of nsIFile cleanup
    • fixed bug 142843 (trunk/1.0) - mozilla ignores 'Expires: 0' and 'Pragma: no-cache' when sent with a 'Last-Modified' header
    • fixed bug 139817 (trunk/1.0) - M1RC1 topcrash [@ nsHttpChannel::OnStartRequest]
    • fixed bug 143311 (trunk) - nsStreamListenerTee should completely drop mSink during OnStopRequest
    • investigated bug 42224 - server JPG push fails after several frames and displays broken image icon
    • investigated bug 82948 - HTTP headers visible in the window
    • merged the nsIFile patch onto the 1.0 branch in preparation for landing it sometime next week.
    • reviewed patches
    • triaged bugs
  • gordon
    • Checked in fix on trunk for bug 91795 "large downloads causes mozilla to consume too much memory"
    • Fixed build problem on MacOS X for the 6.2.3 release.
    • Fixed "clear cache" bug for data cache block streams patch.
  • pavlov
    • Put together a patch for bug 142113. Will check in shortly.
    • Looking in to resource loss on Windows that seems to be related to loading images (bug 143909 among others)
    • Continue working on bug triage.
    • Working on setting up my recently aquired Mac.
  • neeti
    • Working on bugs 131326, 142072.
    • Triaged bugs.


  • gordon
    • Will need to rerun performance tests for data cache block streams patch.
  • gagan
    • no status from dougt this week.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • fix more bugs
    • review patches
    • triage bugs
  • gordon
    • Check data cache block streams patch into trunk.
  • pavlov
    • I am going to get Aaron M's patch for bug 85595 in to the tree this week.


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