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maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Wednesday April 17, 2002

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Module Updates
April 16
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • bug fixing continues.


  • darin
    • fixed bug 134203 "Some credit unions... cannot be accessed with current Mozilla"
    • fixed bug 135547 "make event queues more robust"
    • fixed bug 136678 "byte range request fails if server returns anything other than 206"
    • fixed bug 136216 "viewpoint] GetURL fails on https file when the file is part..."
    • created final patch for bug 93054 "implement HTTP/1.1 pipelining"
    • continued work on patch for bug 129279 "nsIFile unicode/utf8/ascii task"
    • continued work on patch for bug 124465 "[meta] freeze specific necko APIs for mozilla 1.0"
    • reviewed patches
    • triaged bugs
  • dougt
    • nsIComponentRegistrar is now frozen.
    • Fixed a problm where you could not run a build and debug a different version of mozilla. For example, you could not debug mozilla while running an opt build of mozilla On windows if you set MOZ_NO_REMOTE, you will be able to debug mozilla while running another version.
    • Checked in a fix for ContractIDToCID. Thanks to Christian Biesinger. 135965
    • Checked in a fix for nsComponentManagerUtils. Thanks to David Baron. 132705
    • Started to debug Darin's nsIFile/UTF8 changes scheduled for mozilla 1.0
    • Fixed a shutdown crasher where it was possible to enter a freed monitor during shutdown. 135330.
    • Moved event queue startup into initalization of XPCOM. 135531
    • Removed a large number of allocations/copies in hash key creation by using nsPromiseFlatString. 135781
    • nsNativeComponentLoader is now threadsafe because of the fix 98755.
    • Fixed a problem which caused download files to FAT filesystems under Linux to fail. Problem is that SetPermissions always fails on FAT partions. Thanks to Boris Zbarsky for the suggested patch. See 134163.
    • Spend a bunch of time recovering a large patch which I left to bitrot. Two points - patch sucks; disk space is cheap - save a tree.
    • Filled in for Gagan at the necko staff meeting.
  • gordon
    • Finishing up work on bug 81724 "disk cache stream wrappers for use of cache block files".
    • Will get numbers to quantify performance improvement this week.
  • neeti
    • Investigating bugs 131326, 123808.
    • Triaged bugs.
    • Have patch for bug 109739.
  • gagan
    • added support for row sizes in status/reports


  • darin
    • need to do more work on the "Advanced->HTTP Networking" prefs panel (bug 136956)
    • still not done with nsIFile work :(
  • dougt
    • I need to take my sabbatical by mid-June.
  • gagan
    • Pavlov on vacation this week.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • finish off nsIFile work
    • finish off necko API work
    • land pipelining patch on trunk
    • fix more bugs
    • triage bugs


April 17
Submitted by Daniel Glazman <>

This week:

  • Akkana (Composer Team)
    • 129122: reply to a plain text ISO-2022-JP mail with certain size in HTML format freezes the browser.
      Checked in the fix on both the trunk and branch.
    • 132612 (Find in Page does not find all matches): investigated, found the source of the problem, haven't yet found a fix.
    • No progress on getting a super-reviewer for 134439 (plaintext mail compose non-wysiwyg).
    • Pinch-hit for evening sheriff on Thursday.
    • Helped Kathy with several iterations of the double-click fix for bug 134503 ; helped Charley with a few other fixes.
    • Helped review and test several Unix key binding issues.
    • Discussed bug 92102 Frame enumeration in search
      with valeski -- he wants me to take it over from ccarlen. Consensus at editor meeting was that it should come after bug 109380 (layout dependance on editorshell).
    • Discussion in 132378 about mailto: link problems.
    • Upgraded tectonic to Redhat 7.2 (for improved gdb).
  • Charley (Composer Team)
    • No status this week (on vacation)
  • Kathy (Composer Team)
    • upgraded to MacOSX 10.1.4
    • upgraded to RH 7.2
    • 136956 worked on http networking preference panel
    • 134503 worked on double-click problem in Composer (multiple revisions; thanks to Akkana for all her help testing and reviewing!)
    • checked in fixes for:
      • 135862 new strings for new composer windows (New > Composer Page)
      • 75898 new keybinding on MacOS' for new message (Command-Shift-M)
      • 135771 fixed problem where publish was canceled but new files appeared to be still uploading
      • 135527 fixed problem where publishing was being canceled when it shouldn't be (images already exist in the desired location)
      • 126258 fixed problem in publishing where we were ignoring error conditions
      • 136857 networking preference panel didn't update properly (submitted by Gilles Durys)
    • code reviews
    • sheriff duty (including backing out changes per cathleen)
  • Daniel
    • CSS WG conf call
    • worked on the CSS Editing Object Model
    • Checked in
      • 80742 (nsbeta1+, adt2, EB+) cannot remove named anchors
      • 103213 (nsbeta1+, adt3, EB+) Inserting a character should not discontinue text styles
    • fixed
      • 136848 table disappear after switch between normal edit and show all tags
      • 137061 some CSS values are not correctly shown in a STYLE attribute
      • 135141 CSS 3 indirect adjacent combinator
    • Worked on
      • 96057 Paragraph directionality control UI in Composer, after Simon Montagu's comments
      • 17533 allow stylesheet creation/manipulation : CSS in Composer step 3
        this item implies some explanations : I have started doing this on my personal time and have implemented in just a few hours a very large part of it ; I hope to have a demo'able version for 20020425 ; since I am using only XUL+JS+XBL and do not need any extension to the CSS Object Model for the moment, I hope to be able to make a very simple XPI, installable even on older versions of Mozilla or Netscape.
        (thanks to mpt for his useful UI comments)
    • lots of reviews
    • attended Layout Staff Meeting
  • Joe (Layout Team)
    • no status
  • Kin (Layout Team)
    • Lots of Reviews and SuperReviews!
    • Did some preliminary debugging on several Editor:Core bugs.
    • Various discussions with editor folks on things they are working on.
    • Checked in the following fixes to the TRUNK and MOZILLA_1_0_0_BRANCH:
      • Bug 110940 (order List ID does not display correctly after change)
      • Bug 136408 (Crash editing pages with text widgets)
      • Bug 128136 (Printing disables keyboard movement of caret in textfields)
    • Checked in fix for bug 106489 (Text entered in box does not appear) into the TRUNK. It's been verified by QA, but I think ADT wants things to bake on the trunk for a couple of days before sending another request for approval.
    • Have fix for bug 68331 (Moving caret in TEXTAREA to start of line can cause page to scroll). It's making it's way through the approval process.
    • Attended CPD AllHands and Layout AllHands meetings.

Next week:

  • Akkana
    • Continue to search for sr for bug 134439.
    • 132612 and 134275 (find algorithm fixes).
    • 109380 : remove editorshell dependencies from layout.
  • Kathy
    • bugs, bugs, bugs
    • work with Akkana on some of the networking-related bugs
    • http networking preference panel (136956)
    • checkin double-click patch (134503)
    • plan next California trip
  • Daniel
    • continue helping Joe
    • continue the above
    • plan to be off 19 april
  • Kin
    • Continue working on my mozilla1.0 bugs.
    • Reviews.


  • Is anyone doing anything about bugzilla being so slow at times? Do we know what the problem(s) is?

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