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Last Updated Wednesday March 27, 2002

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March 25
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • harishd
    • Worked on JS line number reporting ( bug 111576 ). Apparently, this bug is sucking my blood :(. Have a patch to satisfy JS debugger but will be working on a correct fix post 1.0.
    • Worked on bug 96861 ( SCRIPT was getting reevaluated when it was not supposed to ).
    • Spent a major portion of my time working on P3P Policy Viewer ( bug 124503 ).
    • Did code reviews.
    • Did sheriff duty.
  • jst
    • Fixed topcrash bug 131725 . Made nsLocation deal with null URI's from the nsIWebNavigation implementation.
    • Finally fixed the last known problems with the iframe loading changes (bug 52334), the last known remaining problem is pageload perf issues, I keep getting inconsistent numbers, and it seems like things have slowd down a bit, but I'm still not convinced that I caused it. Still investigating.
    • Did a bunch of sr's.
    • W3C DOM work.
  • nisheeth
    • Gave my final exam for Database Systems on Thursday. Was out on vacation from Monday through Thursday.
    • Started looking into bug 64945 (Better Default layout for "vanilla" XML documents). Heikki has already done a bunch of work on this. I am continuing with that.
  • mstoltz
    • Got reviews for last week's fixes, and checked them in.
    • Added new introductory section to security review guide, and posted it at
    • Analysis of some potential firedrills.
  • rayw
    • Fixes to SOAP including error reporting, zero-length arrays, support for new string types, all related to corresponding changes in xpconnect.
    • W3C editing and issue handling. AC Rep stuff, etc.
    • Updates and fixes to SOAP documentation
    • Research / reviews on other bugs belonging to group.
    • Significant amount of private email and a few messages on newsgroup helping people using SOAP.
  • heikki
    • Code reviews for, rayw, harishd
    • Checked in fix for bug 126473, uninitialized variables in DOM class info macros.
    • Fixed bug 132238, support special <!-- oo>--> comments in strict parsing (incorrect comments according to spec, but...)
    • Fixed bug 132785, support special comments in strict parsing (incorrect comments according to spec, but...)
    • Made fix for bug 93218, support HTTP headers for XML.
    • Fixed bug 127490, compiler warning in xmlextras/schema.
    • Fixed bug 120836, regression in handling illegal characters in XMLHttpRequest.responseText.
    • Fixed bug 130045, <![ should be closed by > so that content generated by MS Word (for example) works as expected.
    • Made fix for bug 86583, can't drag XLinks, images or image map links.

Plans for next week

  • harishd
    • Work on bug 124503
    • Remaining high priority issues.
    • Serious bug triaging.
  • jst
    • Continue fixing mozilla1.0 bugs.
    • Try to land my iframe loading changes.
    • More W3C work.
    • Try to keep up with all the sr requests that are dropping in.
  • nisheeth
  • mstoltz
    • FInish and post C++/buffer overruns section of review guide
    • Fix critical 1.0 bugs
    • Triage remaining bugs
  • heikki
    • Fix all my nsbeta1+ bugs.
    • See if Purify finds any problems with comment parsing since some people are seeing regressions that I cannot reproduce.
March 27
Submitted by Mike Potter <>

There have been a ton of bug fixes in the last week to get things working better.

Colin P and I fixed a whole bunch of front end bugs. This makes the calendar look a lot better under both Windows and Linux.

Mostafa fixed some problems with alarms, so that now a dialog window pops up when you have an alarm, and you can acknowledge these alarms.

The bottom line is that calendar is in a much better state than it was 2 weeks ago. Take a look at it, and install the XPI.

We need help with people willing to do some front end XUL work, as well as someone who can port libical to Mac so I can use it on my Cube at home. :)

There's also been talk about a calendar server project starting up, inspired by the use of libical in Mozilla.

Check out netscape.public.mozilla.calendar or #calendar in you want to get involved. drivers
March 27
Submitted by Asa Dotzler <> approved checkins for over 240 bugs this last week. We've taken a few more big-ticket items and have a couple to go. drivers will be ramping down this next week and actively soliciting fixes that we need to branch and have a Release Candidate 1 sometime (hopefully) late next week. We need to get RC1 out there quickly and get feedback on all the changes we've taken since 0.9.9 and at the same time we need the release to stand up so that users will put enough hours on it to give meaningful feedback. Please help us to get the builds into good shape over this next week with particular attention to recent regressions and topcrash+ bugs.

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