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Last Updated Wednesday March 6, 2002

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Module Updates
March 5
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • nsbeta1+: 37, nsbeta1: 24. Will report progress from now on.
  • Lots of traveling and standards work for the team. Ray Whitmer in Mt. View 3/4-3/8.
  • Build dependency on xmlextras finally broken!


  • harishd
  • jst
    • Spent all of this week in Mandelieu, France, at the W3C Plenary meeting. Got a fever on the way there, spent most of the week sleeping. Not a good trip at all :-( The few hours this week that I wasn't too tired to lift my head off the pillow I spent keeping up with email and participating in the DOM WG F2F meetings (thursday and friday).
    • Did a few random super reviews
  • peterv
    • Attended W3C plenary meeting.
    • Made and checked in fix for bug 5794 ([MAC]Aliasing NGLayoutConfigInclude.h to MacConfigInclude.h is evil).
    • Made and checked in fix for bug 127485 (Clean up soap in the mac buildscripts).
    • Checked in fix for bug 92377 (Build failure: dom/src/base/nsDOMClassInfo.cpp depends on extensions/xmlextras). The DOM module doesn't depend on extensions anymore and --disable-extensions should work again.
    • Reviews for rginda and sicking.
  • nisheeth
    • Finished fix to bug 125465 (Add CString, AString, UTF8String support to nsVariant). Will check in to the branch and trunk today (Monday).
    • Met with jband and dougt to divide work on bug 125466 (Add new string type support to the XPCOM proxy event mechanism). Filed new bug 128560 (Fail when Async Proxy methods are passed as out or in-out params) on dougt.
    • Investigated bug 81446 (Reloading a page leaks memory). Used dp's heapdump tool and spacetrace to figure out what is going on. Haven't reached closure yet. More work on this will happen this week.
    • Tried to use the new Windows license from Geodesic to run Great Circle but couldn't get it to work. Have emailed their customer support guys about it.
    • I filled in for Clayton on Thursday and Friday and had to attend some extra meetings.
  • rayw
    • At W3C meetings all week, which will be describeed elsewhere, since the procedings are not public.
  • tmutreja
    • 1. Completed fixing 73308.
    • 2. Worked for 75283 and uploaded the final patch.
    • 3. Patch uploaded for 69792.
    • 4. 117009 : Worked on it but it has some issues and needs quite some time. Moved to future milestone.
    • 5. Spent some time on 120556 & 107927. 107927 may need more time for a better solution.
    • 6. Working on 125037, 119335.
    • 7. 125658: Marked as dupe of 94176.
    • 8. Filed bug# 128232.
  • heikki
    • Made fix for 81546, XHTML form documents don't display initially, also found a dupe for this on my 1.0 list.
    • Made fix for 123953, crash when using XMLSerializer on "orphaned" node.
    • Made fix for Bugscape 12317, XMLHttpRequest.abort() problems. Now moved to Bugzilla as 129109.
    • Investigated 126473, uninitialized variables in XMLExtras, come from QI macros.
    • Bug triage.
    • Flew back to California, what a nice weather ;)

Plans for next week

  • harishd
  • jst
    • Try to not think about last week.
    • Catch up on way too many bugzilla mails.
    • Work on my IFRAME loading changes (bug 52334).
  • peterv
  • nisheeth
    • Continue working on bug 81446.
    • Fix bug 125466.
    • Profile slow DHTML test cases to see what's up.
    • Be "virtual" Clayton while he is out of town.
  • rayw
    • Many W3C to-do items, not described in detail here.
    • SOAP bug fixes -- figure out how to escalate certain new bugs.
  • tmutreja
    • Bug fixing!
  • heikki
    • Focal actions.
    • Check in the bugs I have fixes for.
    • Bug triage for the team.
    • Work on my nsbeta1 bug list.
March 5
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • triaging for nsbeta1, topembed continues
  • lots of bug fixing going on
  • XPCOM sdk has landed!!! yay -- thanks Dougt


  • badami
  • darin
    • final patch for bug 124042 "UTF-8'ify nsIURI/nsIURL" under review.
    • final patch for bug 99165 "freeze nsIInputStream nsIOutputStream"
    • final patch for bug 114897 "My.Yahoo - Logs you out when using Back button"
    • heavy triaging
  • dougt
    • Landed XPCOM SDK. See dist/sdk/xpcom. Soon this will be tarred up and posted to nightly.
    • Landed generic sdk build commands. Much thanks to Chris Seawood for the heavy lifting. See my commented in news://
    • Converted the nsGenericModule from using the nsSupportsHashtable to a linked list to remove the depenancy on xpcom/ds. Then converted it to use no double caching at all. See 108233.
    • Found a nasty sampling problem with nsIDKey. See 127805.
    • Continue to work on optimizing xpcom component registry 48888. Now builds on linux, mac, windows and the static build. This will land for 1.1.
    • Identified a few more classes to be moved to xpcom/glue. See 120474.
    • Darin's got a r= from me for his 800+k patch for UTF URL/URI's.
    • Was virtual Gagan on Wednesday and Thursday.
    • Played around with FTP update again. Found some architecture problems with the nsIProgressDialog. 128119, 128147, ect.
    • Disable NSGetFactory support in XPCOM. See 77151
  • gordon
    • Made significant progess learning to ski in Tahoe, during 4-day vacation.
    • Waded through 500 email messages upon return.
    • Triaged bugs.
  • neeti
    • Investigated/reassigned bugs 127913, 127323.
    • Not much done this week since I was sick.
    • Investigating possible solutions to bug 109739 - plugins registered in appreg each time they are used.
  • nivedita
    • worked on bug 101731 "M098 N621 Trunk crash [@ imgContainer::FillWithColor] ", marked as works for me as it was not reproduceable.
    • marked bug 125894 "crashes (all instances) when loading the url" as dupe of bug 94336
    • worked on bug 110048 "Rapid memory leak causing eventual crash". Could not reproduce the bug, updated bug with observations.
    • worked on bug 98835 "Memory not released after loading huge table and image containing pages". Purify results showed potential leaks in layout. Hence re assigned it to layout.
    • marked bug 106166 "multipart/x-mixed-replace web cam site not updating" as works for me as the fix of the bug 42224 fixed it.
    • marked bug 118233 "png decoder module error handling crash" as dupe of bug 89595.
    • working on bug 74542 "table with background/transparent images not rendered properly" and bug 113561 "transparent images defined as background aren't rendern properly".
  • pavlov
    • Checked in fix for bug 42224 with code from me and nivedita. Most multipart JPEG images should work properly now.
    • Fix ready for 76177. Will check in shortly.
    • Working on topcrash bugs. Working on getting reviews and such for bug 89595.
  • gagan
    • Collected video samples for the Netscape Technology series training.
    • Helping Tracy Walked automate the smoketest emails ...ah the power of python! :-)
    • Attended "Positive Power and Influence" course. Good stuff.
    • Delivered all the focal reviews.


  • badami
  • dougt
    • Reviewed Darin's 800+k patch for UTF URL/URI's. :-)
  • gordon
    • My face got sunburned pretty badly on Tuesday.
  • gagan
    • Didn't get much time to work on mozpoint

Plans for next week

  • badami
    • More bug fixing.
  • darin
    • land patch for bug 124042!!
    • focus on mozilla 1.0 bugs
    • more triaging
  • gordon
    • Maybe go back to Tahoe to do some more skiing...
    • ...or work on bugs for mozilla 1.0.
    • Decisions, decisions...
  • nivedita
    • To work on assigned bugs
  • pavlov
    • Try to wipe out topcrash bugs.
    • Attending conference on Thursday and Friday.
    • Continue triaging nsbeta1/mozilla1.0/topembed bugs.


March 5
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>

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