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status update

maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Thursday February 28, 2002

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Module Updates
February 25
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • Lots of bugs being fixed across the whole team, and lots of triaging happening too.
  • We have about 29 nsbeta1+ bugs and 29 nominations.


  • badami
  • darin
    • fixed bug 103757 "'headerless' http for ad banner does not load"
    • working on bug 124042 "support internationalized resource identifiers (UTF-8 URI)"
    • reviewed patches.
    • heavy triaging for mozilla 0.9.9
  • dougt
    • investigated a topcrash'er in Netscape 6.2.1 (107872). I believe that Earthlink has shipped a library for webmail access that is not compatible with current version of mozilla. We are trying to contact someone at Earthlink that can confirm this.
    • Investigating a crash on the tinderbox BRAD when I apply a patch for the file transport (122523). It looks as though it is some kind of circular dependancy between the modified file transport and the uriloader. Thanks alot to to let me spin a build there and debug!!
    • Submitted an optimize of the xpcom component and category registries for review. Data shows that there is between a 1% and 1.5% startup performance increase, with this patch as well as a 66% reduction in the buffer size needed to read in the data.
    • Working on a patch to reduce the misuse of the nsIRegistry by the plugin code whichi causes continual growth of the application registry file. This growth is responsible for a large seek when populating this mPlugin records. (109739)
    • Created a patch which converted UCONV over to use the category manager. AlecF is going to fix up this patch and land it.
    • Reviewing many patches.
  • gordon
    • Fixed bug 102921 "Mozilla crashes when Cache points to nonexistent directory"
    • Fixed bug 122682 "browser hangs temporarily if switched offline during GetHostByName"
    • Fixed bug 116562 "Flash movie is not loaded if disk cache disabled"
    • Fixed bug 108046 "DNSService Shutdown should use WeakPtr for pref service"
    • Fixed bug 107766 "DeactivateEntry: bad cache entry state while quiting"
    • Fixed bug 97097 "nsDNSService::Resolve should use the dns cache"
    • Fixed bug 122499 "about:cache 'no expiration' value needs to be changed to -1"
    • Participated in Priority Cache/Prefetch Requirements Specification meeting
  • neeti
    • Investigated/reassigned memory leak bugs 124495, 124497.
    • Working on bug 109739 - plugins registered in appreg each time they are used.
    • Triaged bugs
  • nivedita
    • uploaded patch for bug 105804 "Transparent animated GIF displays incorrectly "
    • have a patch for bug 89419 "Caching of images loaded from a 302 is broken "
  • pavlov
    • More and more bug triage.
    • Working on topcrash bugs (83804, 92577, 119693, 110076) for moz1.0
  • gagan
    • fixed a bug with status/reports for automatically replacing occurences of bug 12345 with it's link on bugzilla and bugscape.
    • added new teams to status/bugs --
    • fixed status/bugs parsing to now correctly handle keywords.
    • New columns for nsbeta1 and nsbeta1+ added to status/bugs.
    • status/bugs now sends about 60% less data. This optimization achieved by removing default parameters on bugzilla queries should make status/bugs load much faster now and should also make bugzilla a tad faster.
    • helping build the library for mozpoint (details to follow)


Plans for next week

  • badami
    • Other assigned bugs on my plate.
  • darin
    • continue work on IRIs
    • fix other mozilla 0.9.9 bugs.
    • triage bugs
  • gordon
    • Monday-Thursday off to take family to Tahoe.
  • nivedita
  • pavlov
    • Continue fixing topcrashers and the rest of my 1.0 bugs.
  • gagan
    • Work on collecting more ideas/scripts for mozpoint.
    • Deliver focal reviews.


  • badami
    • WIN2K on my PC has crashed and m/c refuses to boot. Had to shift to start using a laptop.
  • gordon
    • Noises are being made about shareable profiles. If this is a requirement, it could imply pretty big changes for being so late in the game, depending on how it is defined.
  • nivedita
    • Couldnt reproduce crash for the bug 101731. Bug description says that it is reproduceable on low memory. Tried simulating low memory by reducing the swap space and the maxmem switch of boot.ini. But unable to achieve a crash.

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