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Last Updated Wednesday February 20, 2002

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Module Updates
February 18
Submitted by Gagan Saksean <>


  • Great fixes and patches coming in from the India group.
  • Last stretch of big fixes going in for 0.9.9 from the whole group. Great job guys! Mozilla 0.9.9 should be a great release!


  • badami
    • Proposed patches for 95350, 110880, 111960, 116361, 91429.
    • Tracked down some URLs in 120012 to be a reflow problem. Filed bug 122976
  • darin
    • landed final patch for bug 109179 "replace nsStdEscape with NS_EscapeURL"
    • fixed bug 113959 "canceling a cached page load blows away the cache entry"
    • landed another patch for bug 86917 "socket transport should try all ip addresses returned by DNS service"
    • fixed bug 103402 "HTTP authentication allows view of first page if previously authenticated"
    • fixed bug 96705 "[zope] authentication should invalidate cache"
    • landed patch by for bug 116798 "Opening IMAP mail hangs Mail program (and Mozilla)"
    • developed plan for bug 124042 "support internationalized resource identifiers (UTF-8 URI)"
    • triaged bugs
  • dougt
    • Working on 0.99 bugs.
  • gordon
    • Created patch for bug 97097 "nsIDNSService::Resolve does not use the dns cache"
    • Created patch for bug 107766 "DeactivateEntry: bad cache entry state"
    • Created patch for bug 108046 "DNSService Shutdown uses getService; use WeakPtr"
    • Created patch for bug 122499 "change about:cache so -1 means "no expiration"
    • Created patch for bug 116562 "Flash movie not loaded if disk cache disabled"
    • Created patch for bug 122682 "browser hangs temporarily if switched offline while DNS thread in gethostbyname"
  • neeti
    • Fixed bug 122438 - ConvertContractIDKeyToString(...) optimization.
    • Fixed bug 119220 - Occurances of uninitialized variables being used before being set.
    • Investigating bugs 124495, 124497.
    • Triaged bugs.
  • nivedita
    • uploaded patch for bug 111037 "browser won't show Mac PNG"
    • uploaded patch for bug 93658 "Page crashes mozilla, but only over the network"
    • uploaded patch for bug 106166 "multipart/x-mixed-replace web cam site not updating "
    • uploaded patch for bug 42224 "server JPG push fails after several frames and displays broken image icon "
    • bug 120202 "M097 crash [@ MSVCRT.DLL | MSVCRT.dll - gfxImageFrame::SetImageData] " appears to be related to reflow. uploaded the observations
    • bug 79283 "Gif images don't fully load, even with refresh " marked as works for me as the bug is not reproducble.
  • pavlov
    • Checked in fix so image blocking will block backgrounds -- bug 84654.
    • Checked in patches for nivedita for bugs 86508, 78114 and 111037! She is doing a great job!
    • Brendan checked in his patch for timers in bug 117061 which has shown improvment on some of the DHTML tests.
  • gagan
    • on request from scott and peter, removed xptoolkit and eclient teams from status/bugs pages.
    • helping a lot of people get upto speed on using status/bugs and status/reports.
    • triaged about 100 bugs for nsbeta1
    • collecting thoughts on presentation material in XML/DHTML/CSS. Maybe will publish something on mozilla.


  • badami
    • Still to get to bottom of 120628.
    • Focals and other management activities eating into productive time.
  • nivedita
    • bug 101731 "M098 N621 Trunk crash [@imgContainer::FillWithColor]" tried to emulate low memory on WINNT using the /maxmem switch in boot.ini, and reducing swap space , but could not reproduce the crash. Need to look into other ways to reproduce the crash.

Plans for next week

  • badami
    • Track down 120628
  • darin
    • fix more bugs
    • triage more bugs
  • gordon
    • Get patches checked in.
    • Finish disk cache data stream wrappers for use of cache block files.
    • Continue priority cache planning and discussions.
  • nivedita
    • bug 101731 "M098 N621 Trunk crash [@imgContainer::FillWithColor]"
    • bug 74542 "table with background/transparent images not rendered properly". The gif is getting placed at an offset in the column of the table.
    • Need some more bugs to work on.
  • pavlov
    • Get in as many 0.9.9 fixes as possible.
    • Continue bug triaging.


  • badami
    • cvs account still doesnt work.
  • darin
    • bug 117363 - unable to send mail using yahoomail, hotmail, etc... unable to reproduce the problem, but 100% reproducible for several folks.
  • gagan
    • Vinay Badami is still having problems with CVS access :-(
    • Bug 117363 is still a hard to reproduce-- if someone can help reproduce this internally that will be great! All you have to do is to use hotmail/yahoo mail with the latest builds.
February 18
Submitted by Nisheeth Ranjan <>


  • harishd
    • Was on *vacation* until Wednesday.
    • Landed fixes to bug 107087 , 104856, 124463 ( regression in RDF sink ).
    • Investigated bug 123475 ( topcrash in expat ). Very close to a fix.
    • Fixed bug 124788 ( hang in htmlparser ). Fix is in.
    • Worked on bug 111576 - fix in hand.
    • Worked on P3P issues.
    • Triaged untargeted, 0.9.9, and 1.0 bugs.
    • Did code reviews.
  • jst
    • Fixed bug 109487 . UMR in nsHTMLInputElement::HandleDOMEvent().
    • Attended embedding related meetings with people from AOL headquarters on Monday and Tuesday.
    • Fixed a ton of issues with my iframe loading fix for bug 52334 .
    • sr'ed peterv's huge nsDOMClassInfo extendability changes (bug 92377 ).
    • sr'ed jkeiser's huge form submission rewrite ( bug 120682 ).
    • Did more random smaller sr:s...
  • peterv
    • Worked on patches for bugs 92377 (Build failure: dom/src/base/nsDOMClassInfo.cpp depends on extensions/xmlextras), 34849 (dynamically added STYLE element doesn't alter style) and 103235 (Implement DOM Level 3 XPath WD).
    • Checked in a couple of fixes to keep SOAP building on Mac.
    • Attended FOSDEM and the second Mozilla European Developers Meeting. Had a lot of fun meeting the people behind the nicks and listened to some interesting talks. Gave talk on Mozilla in the main FOSDEM track.
  • nisheeth
    • It was a four day week for me. Took Monday off before my midterm on Tuesday.
    • Attached fix to bug 84186 . Awaiting code reviews. Will check in next week. Some more detail about the work follows. Added AUTF8String and ACString support to XPIDL and XPConnect. Also added the [-t output version number] command line argument to the XPIDL compiler and the XPT Linker. When the output version number is specified, the compiler checks that the input IDL file only uses constructs that are supported in that version. The linker checks that all typelib files it reads are of the version specified or below. Both the compiler and the linker report errors and abort if these checks fail.
  • mstoltz
    • Tried injecting js code in the javascript console, found denial of service attack with special characters.
    • Tried buffer overflows in zip/jar.
    • Found a vulnerability in Page Info dialog. (NC)
    • Attacks on crypto object.
    • Looking for general buffer overflows.
  • rayw
    • Many minor fixes to SOAP codebase, not all cosmetic. Entirely cleaned up on Friday from reviews.
    • Added descriptive exception support so SOAP developers get more meaningful error messages.
    • Wrote documentation for SOAP at mozilla/extensions/xmlextras/docs
    • A number of work-arounds for Schema type system, to fix my mistaken assumptions and give me a complete type hierarchy among the built-in types.
  • tmutreja
    • Submitted patch for 62188.
    • Patch uploaded for 95224. (Patch reviewed and needs SR).
    • Patch submitted for 94176.
  • heikki
    • Checked in the fix to bug 123090 , give Mozilla the ability to be registered as the default handler of XHTML documents on Windows.
    • Code reviews for rayw, harishd, mstoltz
    • Bug triage, our teams's numbers are now ok for 0.9.9 & 1.0.
    • Worked on Mac project files for P3P and SOAP. Need someone with better knowledge of the Mac build system...

Not accomplished

  • rayw
    • Did not get permission to enable SOAP on default build
    • Mac fixes for SOAP were not landed
    • No significant work on W3C issues except a few emails on issues


Plans for next week

  • guninski
    • Finish 0.9.9 bugs
    • Check in performance patch
    • Decide which classes to attend at RSA conference
  • jst
    • Continue working on the remaining issues 52334.
    • sr peterv's implementation of the DOM Level 3 XPath API's (bug 103235 ).
  • peterv
    • Get 0.9.9 bugs with fixes reviewed and checked in.
    • Bug triage.
  • nisheeth
    • Land fix for bug 84186
    • Add CString and UTF8String support to nsIVariant (bug 125465) and xpcom's proxy event mechanism ( bug 125466 ).
    • Manage XML/DOM team for next week while Heikki is out on vacation.
    • Start working more with Tim Rowley on image space optimization on Linux.
    • Start profiling slow DHTML test cases to see whats up.
  • rayw
    • Try to enable SOAP by Tuesday.
    • Prepare to be gone for W3C Plenary meeting in 1 week.
    • Prepare some bigger demo of SOAP technology.
    • Start on W3C proposals, etc.
  • tmutreja
    • Patch for 62188 needs more analysis and work.
    • Work on few more bugs.
  • heikki
    • Vacation.
    • Work on my bugs.


  • tmutreja
    • All the bugs with status [sr=], need to be checked-in.
February 20
Submitted by Daniel Glazman <>

This week:

  • Akkana
    • 123087 : went through several iterations of the Find API (and implementations) with Kin, and eventually we came up with one we both think is solid.  Should be ready to check in.
    • Checked in part of bug  80805 , making composer use the new find/replace (initially disabled).  Unfortunately the code regressed since it was written (possibly mjudge's embedding checkin?), and
      var editorXUL = window.opener.document.getElementById("content-frame");
      is now returning null and no one seems to know why.  We haven't gotten any traction on finding someone who understands what might have changed. :-(
    • 71726 : Figured out why the validation tool is no longer loading.  Unfortunately it's an asynchronous callback which has regressed (possibly related to the regression in bug 80805?) and bbaetz and darin say it's not a netlib API.  Who owns addEventListener and how can I find out what the replacement callback is?
    • Chased a regression in link checking, which Charley said he could try to track down as part of 10829.
    • Lots of code reviews: serializer fixes from Tanu, and various editor issues.
  • Kathy
    • remove nsIDiskDocument
    • produced first patch for image corruption bug
    • lots of code reviews
    • bug triage / filing
  • Daniel
    • CSS WG conf call
      • prepared W3C plenary meeting
    • fix in hand, ready for check-in beginning of next week
      • 16255 allow class assignment to elements
      • 102547 Using different paragraph style, cause alignment problems
      • 121903 After choosing to use CSS style sheets instead of HTML elements in the CSS editing choice in the  "edit" preferences menu doesn't allow background colors to work properly
    • worked on
      • 54479 Nested lists are incorrectly generated ; I doubt I will have a fix before 099, this is really a very hard problem and the indent rules become extremely complex if we want to make valid markup...
    • code reviews
  • Kin
    • Spent almost all my time this week doing Reviews/SuperReviews.
    • Did some preliminary debugging on some incoming bugs.
    • Lots of discussions in various bugs.
    • Attended CPD All-Hands, EDITORBASE, and Layout All-Hands meetings.
    • Attended Composer  Performance meeting
    • Spent more time discussing low-level find API and implementation with akkana.
  • Joe
    • work in progress on EB+ bug:
      • 98572 : cut & paste from <pre> always adds <newline> at the end
    • EB+ fixed:
      • 101041 : making blocks from selections sometimes grabs more than it should.  I made a small fix for this bug last week, but it wasnt enough.  The original report was really only the tip of the iceberg, and some major work was required to fix all the issues.
      • 41336 : mailcite turds - get rid of them!
      • 114112 : some block operations messed up when in cell selection mode
      • 99089 : Inserting a link should pad with a non-link space if needed

Next week:

  • Akkana
    • Check in  123087 , and make it the default so we'll get reports of any bugs.
    • Find out why the patch for  80805 regressed, fix it, check in the fix and enable new find/replace for composer.
    • Find and fix the  71726 validation regression.
    • Investigate and hopefully fix  124099 , a rewrapping problem.
    • After tree closure, be available if issues come up with find or replace, and otherwise investigate editorshell removal
  • Kathy
    • 0.9.9 bug list
    • code reviews
    • bug triage
  • Joe
    • Land existing fixes
    • EB+ bug fixing
    • do reviews for others landing editor fixes
  • Kin
    • Try and knock off a few EDITORBASE bugs on my own list.
    • Take the week off from reviewing, so I can get some other things done.
  • Daniel
    • check-ins and bugs
    • friday off
    • W3C plenary meeting 25-28 feb.

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