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Last Updated Wednesday February 6, 2002

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Module Updates
Fabian Guisset
February 3
Submitted by Fabian Guisset <>


  • I'm back in business
  • Made patch for bug 33871, "Implement DOM2 HTML HTMLDOMImplementation"
  • Made patch for bug 76895, "CloneNode() doesn't work for DocumentFragment"
  • Made patch for bug 56764, "Document insertBefore doesn't throw an exception for text nodes"
  • Made patch for bug 69196, "HTMLImageElement pixel attributes don't work (border, vspace, hspace)"
  • Made patch for bug 30529, "Implement nsIDOMChromeWindow, {mini, maxi}mize(), restore(), windowState"
  • Made patch for bug 85776, "NamedNodeMap for attributes throws wrong exceptions"
  • Made patch for bug 123232, "Made NamedNodeMap more standards-compliant"

Plans for next week:

  • Prepare my talk about DOMClassInfo for the EU Mozilla Metting
  • Fix more bugs
  • Test some more the Zope framework for the new website
February 5
Submitted by Daniel Glazman <>

This week:

  • Kin (Layout team)
    • Reviews/SuperReviews
    • Did some preliminary debugging of bugs in my un-milestoned Editor:Core list.
    • Checked in fix for bug 117141 (Composer crashes when loading pages with an HTML Select element [@FrameManager::GetPrimaryFrameFor]). Opened bug 123049 (AppendChange() doesn't handle anonymous content frames, causes crash in FrameManager::GetPrimaryFrameFor()) to track remaining issue in layout.
    • Have fix (currently needs reviews) that should properly transform event points to and from the proper coordinate spaces when calling GetFrameForPoint(). This should fix the following bugs:
      • Bug 83650 (textarea control has problems with caret positioning at end)
      • Bug 97207 (textarea pastes sometimes misplaced by failing to reposition)
      • Bug 103039 (Line editing in text entry boxes messed up)
    • Spent quite a bit of time tracking down the cause of bug 117695 (Links in the URL above will crash mozilla [@ nsTypedSelection::EndBatchChanges]) I'll need to do some investigation into what stage is safe to insert the inital value of text widgets so that layout re-entrancy is avoided in all cases.
    • Attended EDITORBASE and Layout All-Hands meetings.
  • Joe (Layout team)
    • was sick for 4 days. Worked this weekend bug fixing to try to make up time (we don't have much time).
    • Reported a couple of weeks ago I had a fix for 113691 : Composer freezes when removing multiple ol or ul tags. Fix was no good, but have good one now. This also fixes:
      • 113290 :Freezes when deleting some formatted text and
      • 112144 : Attempt to reply to mail freezes entire Mozilla.
    • fixed:
      • 103685 : Caret disappears after deleting a blockquote w/ paragraph style
      • 121282 : Pressing enter causes caret to jump from end of <p> to the<h1>
      • 117418 : rewrote some code in nsWSRunObject.cpp.
      • 114911 : can't join two lists using delete key
    • revamped fix for:
      • 120000 : Indent list inside table causes table to split
  • Daniel (Layout team)
    • CSS conf call
    • worked on:
      • bugscape 11956 : AIM sends CSS-based styles if the CSS pref is checked
      • 34849 dynamically added STYLE element doesn't alter style
      • 46474 starting a new block kills off style selections
      • 102612 Changing the font color twice then changing the paragraph style of the first line makes the second lilne the same style
    • EDITORBASE meeting
  • Akkana (Composer team)
    • 121046: Checked in a fix for the rewrap hang.
    • 113551: add bindings for Sun copy/paste keys.
    • Lots of code reviews, meetings and discussions.
    • More work on new Find:
    • Split off API/dialog resetting issues into bug 123087, wrote the new API for nsIFind, and moved the relevant code from nsFind.cpp to nsWebBrowserFind.cpp (which should also fix bug 112846).
    • Fixed a bug in the new find algorithm mentioned in bug 97157 (needs review).
    • Worked with Mike Judge on several iterations of his editor embedding patch (still ongoing).
    • Worked a bit on bug 109380 (removing editor shell dependencies from layout) but decided I was better off waiting until Mike lands.
  • Kathy (Composer team)
    • put out some preliminary patches for publishing; made some revisions based on feedback (still revising nsWebBrowserPersist.cpp for Adam)
    • discussed publishing changes with Charley
    • talked to Daniel about one of his bugs
    • feedback to BBaetz about ftp upload bug
    • code reviews
  • Charley (Composer team)
    • 0.9.9 bugs fixed and checked in:
      • 122933 Fixed Open Location dialog for Composer
      • 121939 Fixed busted 'New' command in Composer
    • Fixes ready for review:
      • 117791 Crash when using Insert Character in Message Composer
      • 96477 Image and Link dialog modifications to support creating link while in image dialog and simply the Link dialog (most of the work by Neil)
    • Great progress on Publishing UI! With the great core work by Kathy, I can now easily publish files via FTP to any web site:
      • Basic UI is working well: Creation of new publishing site profiles, saving all data in prefs.
      • I can create a new file, use "Publish As" menuitem, publish the file , click on "Browse" on toolbar and see the new file in seconds.
    • Found a bug in network code and got a quick response by Darin to fix it immediately.
    • Plan to checkin this work next week (right, Kathy?)
    • Meetings to discuss EDITORBASE bugs.

Next week:

  • Akkana
    • Continue work on new find.
    • Continue to help Mike land editor embedding.
    • More serializer code reviews for Tanu; try to hold off other code reviews so I can make progress on find and editor shell.
  • Kathy
    • get a new revision to Adam for more feedback / review
    • check in Composer changes
  • Charley
    • Work on Publishing UI and 0.9.9 bugs.
    • Triage 0.9.9 bugs
  • Daniel
    • EDITORBASE bugs
  • Kin
    • Lose this flu/cold.
    • Triage the backlog of incoming Editor:Core bugs.
    • EDITORBASE bugs.
  • Joe
    • Bug fixing. Getting reviews. Doing landings. Giving reviews.
February 5
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • We have way too many bugs in 0.9.9: 92. We might be able to fix 20 or so. That also means we'll have too many bugs in 1.0, so we need to triage those numbers down. Untriaged numbers are also creeping up (133), need to look at those too.
  • We have 45 nsbeta1 nominations, and 3 nsbeta1+ bugs. Need to go through the nominations.
  • Need help with P3P front end!


  • harishd
    • Worked on bug 111576, and bug 107087.
    • Worked on P3P related issues.
    • Did code reviews.
    • Triaged my bugs.
  • jst
    • Fixed bug 113498. Made .src on a new Image(); always be absolute.
    • Fixed bug 113856. Don't crash when resolving a name of a class w/o a primary iid.
    • Worked on bug 52334, making iframes/frames load their document even if they're not displayed.
    • Reviewed mstoltz's security manager speedups (bug 119646).
  • peterv
    • Working on fix for bug 92377 (Build failure: dom/src/base/nsDOMClassInfo.cpp depends on extensions/xmlextras).
    • Made patch for bug 113351.
  • nisheeth
    • Wrote up Pav's idea on how to improve animated GIF performance and memory usage and posted it to n.p.m.performance.
    • Connected with Tim Rowley and started on removing scale/composite code from gtk's DrawToImage() function.
    • Looked at Geodesic's Great Circle tool's memory analysis report on Mozilla available at Signed up as a beta tester for their Windows and Linux builds. Set up a conference call with Michael Spertus, Geodesic's CTO, for Monday for more technical collaboration. More information on Great Circle is available at
    • Volunteered to help dbradley on XPConnect/XPIDL side of work for bug 84186 (8-bit UTF8-capable string type for XPIDL). Attended a meeting with Darin, Brendan, Jband, Jag, and Rick to talk about what should be done.
    • Collected reading material with the help of JBand, waterson and the web on memory management (allocator benchmarks, fragmentation solutions, etc.) and started to read it.
  • mstoltz
    • Re-evaluated assertion bug (84276) - problem has gone away
    • Found fix and effective workaround for document.write security problem, bug 122317. Found subtle problem in principal handling of
  • heikki
    • Code reviews for Fabian Guisset, jst.
    • Fixed bug 106053, removed unused XHTML namespace declarations from XUL.
    • Fixed bug 122710, moved dtd folder under res.
    • Made fix for bug 123090, no file associations for XHTML documents on Windows.
    • Decided to postpone freezing XMLHttpRequest interface (see bug 108907).
    • Updated XML in Mozilla, XML-RPC and XML Extras web pages.
    • Participated in XPointer discussions.
    • Helped a bunch of people with their XML problems.
    • Found a volunteer for documenting how to emulate XML Data Islands in Mozilla (see bug 116277).
    • Found a new module owner for XML-RPC. Give a pat to Samuel Sieb ( Wrote a bare bones project page for XML-RPC (

Plans for next week

  • peterv
    • Work on fix for bug 92377 (Build failure: dom/src/base/nsDOMClassInfo.cpp depends on extensions/xmlextras).
  • nisheeth
    • Remove scale/composite code from gtk's DrawToImage() routine.
    • Work on bug 84186 (8-bit UTF8-capable string type for XPIDL).
    • Investigate the 10 MB bloat discrepancy between "greatest to least" and "least to greatest" traversals of the web pages in John Morrison's page loader test harness.
    • Organize bug list to reflect what I am working on.
    • Read scc's documentation on Mozilla's strings.
    • Use the evaluation copy of Great Circle to analyze memory use in Mozilla.
    • If I get time, redo waterson's memory allocator comparison ( with latest versions of the allocators to see if we can do better. Also, continue to read the documents on memory management.
    • If I get time, pick off bugs from DHTML performance meta bugs: 21762, 118933, 117436.
  • mstoltz
    • Continue fixing 0.9.9 bugs
    • Work on security reviewers' guide
  • heikki
    • Go through nsbeta1 nominations.
    • More bug triage; get our 0.9.9 and untriaged numbers down.
    • Work on 0.9.9 bugs.


  • harishd
    • Need to find someone to work on the front end for P3P.
    • Need help with XSLT in P3P.
February 5
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • lots of bug-fixing and triaging in progress. (specially by darin)
  • focal work all done! :)


  • darin
    • landed another patch for bug 109179 "replace nsStdEscape w/ nsEscapeURLPart"
    • landed patch from for bug 113163 "Performance problem at downloading"
    • fixed bug 114125 "nsStandardURL::Clone fails to clone the nsIFile if one exists"
    • fixed bug 121765 "NS_MakeAbsoluteWithCharset should not URL escape before calling nsIURI::Resolve"
    • setup new mach-o tinderbox on ruchi to relieve planetoid :-)
    • fixed bug 121521 "ABR doing 'File->Open...' to open a file from disk"
    • fixed bug 118651 "nsIFileURL.file needs to return nsIFile that was set"
    • fixed bug 122872 "mach-o bustage in nsNativeThemeMac.cpp"
    • fixed bug 122787 "(nsIURI) nsStandardURL::SetFileName doesn't recalculate mPath"
    • fixed bug 122675 "socket transport doesn't cancel properly if busy resolving or connecting"
    • fixed bug 123031 "Setting username and password on nsIURI object damages host part of URL, preventing FTP transfer"
    • fixed bug 86917 "socket transport should try all ip addresses returned by DNS service"
    • getting closer to a solution on the UTF-8 string fu :)
    • discussed disk cache "block file" optimizations w/ gordon
    • discussed priority cache w/ gordon
    • reviewed a bunch of patches
    • triaged bugs
  • neeti
  • gordon
    • reviewed miscellaneous patches
    • updated requirements and finalized design for data streams in cache block files
    • (w/Darin)
    • participated in meeting concerning cache/plugin issues (w/Darin, Patrick, others)
    • continued "priority" cache requirements/design discussions (w/Darin, Barrowman)
  • dougt
    • Landed nsIComponentRegistrar implementation.
    • Fixed XPCOM unregistration crash.
    • Found ~4% startup improvement (122523). Data also suggests with this patch the data segment was reduced by ~10% or ~2MB.
    • Found double stat()'ing problem on windows and linux (122892)
  • pavlov
    • Checked in fix for bug 104999. Tests by Cathleen show large drops in data size on Windows98 (should be the same or better on the rest of the Windows platforms)
    • Working with Brendan on bug 117061. The patch he has fixes the problems on my machine and his, but we are getting reports that it doesn't fix the problems on other people's machines, so we are waiting on info from those people.
    • Bug 121673 contains a patch for idle timers. The patch is almost ready to go, but needs a little bit more work on Linux and Mac.
    • Nivedita has a patch for bug 85595 (white backgrounds in transparent animated GIFs). We are testing it and hope to have it ready soon.
  • gagan
    • all focals done.


  • dougt
    • Got strep throat this week. Missed the blendoff. :-(
  • gagan
    • some late focal peer-review requests trickling in... :-(

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • fix & triage more bugs, of course ;)
  • gordon
    • Store data streams in cache block files. The path looks clear to both me and Darin.
  • pavlov
    • Work with "Tech Legend" Brendan Eich to land his patch for 117061.
    • Finish up the patch for 121673.
    • Help Nivedita get her patch for 85595 ready and land it.


February 6
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>


  • Fixed a few topcrashers.
  • Added a bunch of improvements for new mail notifications in the Windows System Tray.
  • A number of offline imap and news fixes were checked in.
  • Added a Clear button to exit Quick Search.
  • Resolved as fixed 54 bugs.

Mailnews Accomplishments:

  • Cavin
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to get into a state where you couldn't send unsent messages from a migrated profile.
    • Fixed a bug where messages didn't always show up the first time viewing an imported folder.
    • Checked in his fix for importing messages correctly that have "From" at the beginning of a line.
  • Scott
    • Made it so that double clicking the biff icon in the system tray brings up a mail 3-pane window.
    • Made it so that we only show the biff icon in the system tray if biff went off and not when the user clicks get new mail.
    • Added biff icon support for Win95 and other window versions which don't support unicode tooltips in the system tray.
    • Made biff for pop reflect the correct number of new messages.
    • Defined a window title for the edit smtp dialog so you can actually bring it up.
    • Made Localization improvements for the biff icon tooltip text.
    • Made it so we clear the selection from the attachment pane when we click on another message.
  • Jean-Francois
    • Provided better handling of the recycled compose window cache.
    • Fixed a bug where body content could be lost when switching identities in the plaintext compose window.
  • David
    • Fixed a couple top crashes.
    • Made it so the watched/ignored icon shows up immediately.
    • Fixed some crashes playing back offline imap empty trash.
    • Checked in several fixes for downloading newsgroups for offline use.
    • Fixed a problem selecting non readable, shared, imap folders.
    • Made it so we don't allow drag and drop into read only folders.
  • Navin
    • Fixed folder pane, menus, and offline selector folder sorting on mac OS X
    • Fixed a top crash on start-up in nsMsgFolderDataSource
    • Fixed another case for non-functional filters UI because of corrupted rules.dat - made it so that we backup rules.dat and create a new rules.dat and also alert the user.
    • Made drag and drop of messages work across multiple 3 pane window. Previously we'd lose the message when the user tried to do this.
    • Added a Clear button to get out of quick search.
  • Sean
    • Made it so that File/Attachments/Save All has an access key
    • Continued working on accessibility in the compose window.
    • Helped with some installer issues.
  • Srilatha
    • Has a patch for the offline LDAP panel.
    • Has a patch for the secure and Logon UI in the Directory Server Properties dialog.
    • Started working on the replication progress dialog.
  • Dan
    • Made lots of good progress on the LDAP C SDK 5.0 autoconf work. It should be ready to undergo review soon.
  • Bhuvan
    • Fixed a regression where you couldn't OK out of the Account Manager after deleting an account.
  • Rajiv
    • Completed the analysis and design for LDAP Replication and completed writing the document for it
    • Continued working on LDAP replication and was able to give a demo of the initial replication implementation.
  • Håkan Waara
    • Added icons for Watched and Ignored threads.
    • Fixed a bug where the filter criteria "Begins with" was being treated as "Contains".
  • Alex Vincent
    • Submitted a patch for a bug where making a subject or attachment change wouldn't be recognized as something needing to be saved.
    • Provided fixes for bugs that the folder sorting bug on Mac OS X depended on.
  • Chris Waterson
    • Provided fixes for bugs that the folder sorting bug on Mac OS X depended on.
  • André Dahlqvist
    • Helped polish the Account Wizards account type page labels.
  • Blake Ross
    • Fixed some UI problems with some preference panels.
  • Stephen Donner
    • Fixed some text in the offline download dialog.
    • Removed "Done" from the Subscribe dialog's status bar.
    • Made the Edit/Past As Quotation compose window context menu overlay correctly so that a blank menu item doesn't appear.

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