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Last Updated Thursday January 24, 2002

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Module Updates
January 22
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • Focals, focals, focals.
  • We have a bunch of performance fixes waiting for the tree to open (and in one case waiting for a blockers to be fixed).
  • The huge XSLT rewrite is also waiting for the tree to open. This will bring a bunch of improvements, for example enabling JavaScript in the result document.


  • rayw
    • SOAP: A fair amount of new code involving the handling of complex data types and arrays, mapping back and forth between these and common native types. I put in new array code for decoding many variations of multidimensional, sparse, and partially-transmitted arrays.
    • I also wrote a few new test cases. Also identified (after some wasted effort) an xpconnect feature we rely on that had not been added to xpconnect, making some tests impossible (except through Vidur's proxy code).
    • Lots of W3C and SOAP work.
  • harishd
    • Fixed bug 120345 , and 102515.
    • Investigated bug 119066 ( no clue yet! ).
    • Did code reviews.
    • Worked with Dave Barrowman on P3P related issues.
    • Wrote peer reviews.
    • Triaged bugs.
  • peterv
    • Got output rewrite reviewed (Thanks to Pike, sicking and jst for the reviews).
    • Started improving xsl:number support.
  • nisheeth
    • Starting 2002, I'm leaving management and going back to development. I will still be part of the XML/DOM/Security team but will work on projects that are identified within Cathleen's Performance/Footprint team.
    • Wrote self assessment for July 2001 - December 2001 focal period.
    • Attended a performance meeting on Monday to figure out which tasks to work on.
    • Saw Pav's presentation on ImageLib on Wednesday to learn about imagelib before trying to help him out.
    • Had a one on one with Pav on Wednesday to understand what is blocking Pav's patch to bug 104999 (don't keep around redundant image data). Organized a meeting with Kevin, Pav, and Don Cone on Thursday to get more traction on the blockers. Don and Pav will work together to fix the blockers to Pav's patch. I am free to go work on other stuff.
    • Spent an hour with dp on Thursday learning about spacetrace.
    • Spent all of Friday in a room with Heikki doing focals for the XML/DOM/Security team.
  • mstoltz
    • Bug fixes, testing, and other continued work on caps performance boost (119646). Showing 10x speedup in CanAccess().
    • Worked on security reviewers' guide for upcoming review effort
  • heikki
    • Code reviews for harishd
    • Trying to get jrgm's page loader tests running on my machines so I could test on some nonstandard URLs (XML, comment heavy pages, etc.). I am stuck - test stops after first page.
    • Run page load time test with my comment parsing improvements - 2.5% improvement but I am blocked by a string bug. See bug 110544.
    • Went through a bunch of old XML bugs in hopes that harishd's XML parser architecture change would have fixed them - was able to mark half a dozen as worksforme, including crashers!
    • Focal reviews.

Plans for next week

  • harishd
  • peterv
    • Check in output rewrite (after fixing some small reviewer nits).
    • Make DOM ClassInfo extensible.
  • nisheeth
    • Work on bug 81446 (Reloading leaks memory)
    • Work on bugs hanging off of DHTML performance meta bug
  • mstoltz
    • Finish performance work and check in.
    • Triage and set schedule for the rest of the next release cycle.
    • Keep working on reviewers' guide
  • heikki
    • Some more work with focals.
    • Provided the tree opens for 0.9.9., check in a bunch of stuff.
    • Need to do something about the XML regressions that seem to be caused by perf/footprint work mostly.
January 24
Submitted by Daniel Glazman <>

This week:

  • Akkana (Composer Team)
    • Gave a brownbag talk on using the DOM serializers
    • Wrote a document for on using the serializers.
    • Checked in the fix for 112139, infinite loop/hang in rewrap.
    • Checked in the first implementation of 80805, the new find code. It's currently preffed off by default. Spent a lot of time trying to fix the mac build since diffs on the XML project file didn't work right between my Linux machine and Joe's mac.
    • Checked in the fix for 105122, Windows ctrl+bs/del.
    • Spent some time helping chase down Mozilla font problems on Linux.
    • Discussed sheriff scheduling issues with Kathy and Chris McAfee: the colorful calendar and the mail script don't follow the same algorithm, so they keep getting out of sync.
    • Helped bryner investigate bug 97708, a crash in copy/paste.
    • Numerous meetings.
  • Kathy (Composer Team)
    • triage of editorbase bug list
    • triage of non-targeted bugs
    • got ftp publishing of main Composer document working in nsIWebBrowserPersist but Adam isn't 100% happy with this approach (note: http publishing is blocked by some bug on Darin's plate)
    • checked in code for using nsIWebBrowserPersist for saving
    • fixed smoketest blocker 120344 in Composer
    • code reviews and reopening bugs that were incorrectly resolved as fixed or worksforme
  • Charley (Composer Team)
    • 0.9.8 bugs fixed and checked in:
      • 112276 Output correct values for 'align' attribute for img, iframe, object, applet, and input elements.
      • 120607 Fixed hasAttribute for non-mapped attributes. (Got some experience in DOM code to fix this and last item.)
      • 109296 Link Checker dialog UI (first draft). We still have problem, but I can now get help from Akkana to debug this.
      • 10540 Moved Composer-only menuitems to new overlay to not show them in IM and Mail Composer.
      • Checked in Neil Rasbrook's Form element UI ( 45495 ). Continuing to improve those dialogs (new patches attached for 0.9.9).
    • Fixes ready for review:
      • 114531 Add radio buttons to let user control using alt text. Much nicer than the current, annoying error dialog.
      • 93487 Set default directory in Composer. I'm fairly sure my work is right, but there was a problem in FilePicker code that I still need to investigate
      • 89975 Make "Edit Page" edit a focused frame in frameset page. This expanded to include moving all editor-related methods from XPFE files into editorApplicationOverlay.js (in editor UI tree) so it's included via an overlay. Also submitted cleanup of navigator.js code for "Save Frame" as suggest by Brade.
    • Meetings to discuss EDITORBASE bugs.
  • Daniel (Layout Team)
    • CSS WG conf call
      • excerpt from W3C home page:17 January 2002: The CSS Working Group is pleased to announce the first release of the CSS Selectors Test Suite written by Daniel Glazman (Netscape/AOL), Ian Hickson, and Tantek Çelik (Microsoft) for Selectors and the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language Levels 2 and 3.
    • 119614 rename/remove obsolete elements/attrs from Composer xul
    • 119447 Composer should be able to unbold/unitalicize invalid markup ; I had to back out the fix for this bug because of the very bad regression described in bug 120377
    • 120377 highlight color icon does not work
    • 102547 Using different paragraph style, cause alignment problems ; my fix for this one will allow to remove from the document most of useless DIVs, those DIVs being generated when user aligns content
    • 120662 composer background image broken source code
    • on Joe's plate
      • closed various WFM
      • 95453 highlighting text and clicking on 'Left Align' adds <br> ; I wonder if my fix for 102547 above could solve that one too
      • 99545 can not use the alignment buttons if text styles (bold, italic, and underline) are set before typing
    • reviews
    • EDITORBASE meeting
  • Kin (Layout Team)
    • Lots-o-Reviews
    • Introduced jkeiser to a couple of people up here in MV, sat with him and waterson for an overview of layout and the frame construction process.
    • Had a couple of discussions about find design/implementation with akk and jfrancis.
    • Helped with smoketest blocker on Thursday morning (Bug 120228). Spent some time talking with sfraser, who is working on the bug, about RenderingContext implementation.
    • Editor embedding implementation discussions with sfraser and mjudge.
    • Tried to get to triaging incoming Editor:Core bugs (about 63 of them), but kept getting sidetracked. Managed to do some preliminary debugging on a few bugs.
    • Attended EDITORBASE, Layout-AllHands, and CPD-AllHands meetings.
    • Currently looking into Bug 117141 (Crash in stylesheet code if you open this document)
  • Joe (Layout Team)
    • assisted Akkana with new Find landing; mac build support and many hours of review and testing
    • some code reviews for Daniel
    • bug triage - several bugs closed out WFM by myself and Daniel.
    • investigated and have fix in hand for
    • 113691 : Composer freezes when removing multiple ol or ul tags.
    • 120000 : Data loss: Indent list inside table, lose content.
    • 105761 : Partial link selections do not paste as link.
    • EDITORBASE meeting
    • lots of conversations and mail exchanged about various technical issues (selection & caret machinations, editor interactions with the aol focal document, ...)

Next Week:

  • Akkana
    • Continue work on 97157 : track down problems in new Find.
    • Start work on removing editor shell.
    • 120215 and 120213, adjust sheriff schedule for holiday, and work with Kathy and McAfee on getting the two sheriff schedules in sync.
  • Kathy
    • publishing
    • editorbase bugs (more triage?)
    • work with Akkana to update sheriff schedule (html file)
  • Charley
    • Work on Publishing UI and 0.9.9 bugs.
    • Triage 0.9.9 bugs to push off things we won't have time to do.
  • Daniel
    • keep working on EDITORBASE bugs
  • Kin
    • Try to fend off review requests so I can get through triaging and working on my buglist.
    • Continue looking into bug 117141.
    • Help jfrancis with his EDITORBASE list.
    • Help with any 0.9.8 blockers.
    • Install Linux on my system since IS replaced my dead hard drive
  • Joe
    • the plan is to fix bugs to the exclusion of almost everything else. Syd, Kevin, others: please continue the feedback on what bugs on my list are important. Go ahead and mark up the bugs in some way to indicate the hot ones.

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