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Last Updated Thursday January 17, 2002

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JS/DOM Performance
January 13
Submitted by Markus Hübner <>

just wanted to inform that there has been recent perf investigations on js/dom by basic, petern and me.

nice testcases to illustrate the bugs and great input from other guys ....

just see bugs

January 16
Submitted by Heikki Toivonen <>


  • harishd landed the changes in XML parsing architecture, amazing improvements (and some bizarre slowdowns).
  • nisheeth is back and will be working on perf/footprint issues.


  • mstoltz
    • Finished coding new security policy storage; working on debugging
    • Read "Secrets and Lies" by Bruce Schneier, about security design
  • harishd
    • Landed expat changes ( bug 105137 ). Start up time dropped by ~6% and memory bloat dropped by ~ 2MB. However, the page load and xul window performance degraded by ~1% and ~2% respectively. Still investigating the problem ( bug 119066 ).
    • Landed fixes for bugs 113657 , 115262, 92618, 95487 ( branch ).
    • Fixed regressions ( bugs 119399 , 119038 , 119727), caused by the expat landing.
    • Worked with danm and jgaunt to fix bug 119068 .
    • Did code reviews.
  • jst
    • Spent time working on bugscape bug 11672 , problem with lowpriority timers not fireing properly in embedded apps on Win98 and WinME.
    • Worked on bug 52334 , problems with iframes and display: none.
    • Worked on bug 118933 , speeding up the nsScriptNameSpaceManager lookup code.
    • Wrote peer reviews.
  • peterv
    • Finish up output rewrite. Reviews are almost done. Yay.
    • Checked in a fix for nsVoidArray assertions in nsDocument.
    • Tested patch to fix nsVoidArray assertion in Mac menu code.
    • Updated patch for DOM Level 3 XPath to throw XPathExceptions.
    • Reviews.
  • rayw
    • Various SOAP improvements
    • Fixing security model WRT xpconnect
    • Eliminating last traces of superceded security-related calls
    • More discussion of the unsolved untrusted SOAP client problem
    • Conversion and discussion of issues related to SOAP property bag for decoding complex types.
  • heikki
    • Code reviews for jst, harishd.
    • Checked in fix for bug 105319 , reset title when no XHTML title element.
    • Was out sick on Tuesday and Wednesday, and not feeling too hot on the other days either.

Plans for next week

  • mstoltz
    • Keep working on caps rewrite, check in next week.
  • harishd
    • Work on bug 119066 .
    • Work on P3P related issues.
    • Triage bugs.
  • jst
    • Continue working on performance and bloat improvments.
  • peterv
    • Focal review.
    • Get output rewrite superreviewed and checked in.
  • rayw
    • Finish Property Bag and make progress on other complex type issues.
    • Work on type - subtype in all permutations -- what to do with missing type descriptions, missing encoders - decoders, etc.
  • heikki
    • Focal reviews.
    • Fix 110544, setting comment node text is slow.
January 16
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>


  • Fixed a bunch of crashes.
  • You can now tab into the message pane to access links and form elements. This was one of the highest priority accessibility bugs in mail.
  • Print Address Book and Print Address Book Card now work.
  • Started investigating LDAP features.
  • We now remember the last directory accesses for saving and attaching attachments.
  • We've improved error reporting by displaying the server name in error messages.
  • Resolved as fixed 64 bugzilla bugs.

Performance and Footprint

  • Look here for the performance page.
  • Look here for current performance numbers.
  • Compose Window
    • Seth fixed a reply performance regression where we were quoting the entire message including attachments when we should have only been quoting the body.
  • Footprint
    • Navin fixed some address book leaks when composing and sending messages. This should fix some other address book leaks in quick search.
Mailnews Accomplishments
  • Cavin
    • Made it so we report which server an error occurred on.
    • Made it so that the Save Image context menu displays the correct text.
  • Seth
    • Fixed a subscribe crasher.
    • Implemented address book print.
    • Fixed addressbook card printing.
    • Made it so we remember the last directory we used for attaching attachments.
    • Made it so we remember the last directory we used for saving attachments.
    • Helped drive the bug where addresses would disappear when scrolling.
  • Navin
    • Fixed a crash when compacting local folders
    • Fixed a crash when deleting a large number of messages.
    • Made it so that menus that display folders sort to match the folder pane
    • Fixed cross folder navigation so that it traverses folders in the order they are shown in the folder pane.
    • Helped fix one of the mail Tinderbox builds.
  • Dan
    • Started researching and planning for LDAP over SSL feature.
  • Srilatha
    • Made it so the dialog for setting the Mapi pref doesn't occur when composing a message.
    • Cleaned up some preferences code.
    • Moved some properties files to the correct place.
  • Jean-Francois
    • Made it so we flush the recycled compose window cache when switching profiles.
    • Fixed a bug where Edit Message as New could corrupt binary attachments.
    • Made it so that a recycled plaintext window displays the correct font.
    • Made it so that a recycled compose window resizes itself correctly.
  • David
    • Checked in fixed for making mime cache images in the memory cache.
    • Fixed a problem where uploading messages to imap folders on servers that don't support uidplus (like UW) caused the server to drop connections and lose messages.
    • Fixed a rare crash parsing mork files
    • Continued working on IMAP folder privileges/sharing.
  • Scott
    • Has a fix to add an icon to the Windows system tray when biff goes off.
    • Fixed one of the mail Tinderbox builds.
  • Bhuvan
    • Made it so we use the correct identity when forwarding a message.
    • Made it so Mail Security prefs persist when switching panels or closing the Account Settings dialog.
  • Sean
    • Corrected mnemonics for Compact Folder and Get Messages.
    • Fixed xpinstall integration of mailnews MAPI feature now that MAPI has landed on the trunk.
    • Added keyboard shortcuts for Labels (you can use "1,", "2,", "3", "4", "5")
    • Made it so the Stop button enables correctly.
    • Made Labels sort correctly.
    • Helped make 3 pane tabbing work correctly. You can now tab into the message pane and access links and form elements.
    • Made Select All in the message pane context menu work correctly.
  • Rajiv
    • Started doing investigation for LDAP Replication
    • Did some testing on MAPI
    • Provided fixes for the 3 pane tabbing bugs mentioned above.
    • Provided the original patch for the fix for corrupt binary attachments mentioned above.
  • Stephen Walker
    • Fixed a javascript warning.
January 17
Submitted by Daniel Glazman <>

This week

  • Daniel (Layout Team)
    • CSS WG conf call
    • fixed and checked in:
      • 77705 add CSS support to Composer (YAY !)
      • 116393 Table properties dialog partially horked
    • Worked on (all three waiting for reviews)
      • 119164 remove obsolete xul elements and attributes from Composer xul
      • 119447 [CSS] Composer should be able to unbold/unitalicize invalid markup
      • 118110 add a keyboard accelerator to select the parent element(s) of the current selection
    • EDITORBASE meeting
  • Kin (Layout Team)
    • Spent most of Monday trying to catch up on my 3 week backlog of email and bug discussions. I still haven't gotten all the way through it, so if you sent me something, while I was out, that needs my immediate attention, please ping me.
    • Worked with sfraser to track down the cause of the "can't type in any text widgets on Mac" smoketest blocker on Tuesday.
    • Lots of code reviews/superreviews.
    • Helped cmanske and jfrancis debug a couple of problems they were looking into. Also debugged several bugs reported via email/newsgroups.
    • Thanks to jfrancis for setting up my mac with the new build environment.
    • Sheriffed Thursday morning/afternoon.
    • Attended EDITORBASE, Layout All-Hands, and CPD All-Hands meetings.
  • Joe (Layout Team)
    • caught up on mail, news, & bug triage from xmas vacation
    • EDITORBASE meeting
    • code reviews for cmanske and glazman
    • began code review for akkana's Find patch (this will take a while)
    • fixed and landed bugs 119053 , 92331 , and 101632
  • Akkana (Composer Team)
    • Found a fix for 112139 , hang in rewrap code; attached a patch, waiting for review.
    • Reviewed some code for Charley, and worked a bit on debugging 108296 (the link checker FE, tied in with my bugs 114926 and 115318 ).
    • Updated the patch for bug 97157 (find performance) -- string APIs changed again.
    • Participated in EDITORBASE meeting.
  • Kathy (Composer Team)
    • helped with several smoketest blocker bugs
    • triaged some of the editorbase bug list; proposed some to be de-emphasized
    • worked with Sujay to select his top-8 bugs from EDITORBASE list
    • worked with Adam Lock to get his patch in shape for sr= from rpotts (blocking my publishing work)
    • removed about 1K worth of unused static variables
  • Charley (Composer Team)
    • 0.9.8 bugs checked in (most fixes done last week, week
      • 93487 Saving default directories for HTML and image files
      • 115694 Show correct text and background colors on toolbar
      • 112951 Fix list layout problems in Link and Spelling dialogs
      • 114668 Checkbox state for "Delete separator character" not saved in Create Table dialog
      • 116672 Rearrange buttons in Spelling dialog
    • 0.9.8 bugs fixed and checked in:
      • 100825 Make "Super" and "Sub" text styles mutually exclusive
      • 87637 Fixed layout in Advanced Edit dialog; in the process, fixed global menulist CSS so it lines up better horizontally with other widgets when align="top" .
      • Bugscape 10450 Move Composer-only menuitems into new composerOverlay so IM and Mail don't include them.
    • Ready to checkin 1st version of Link Checker dialog ( 108296 ), so crash when exiting dialog can be explored by Akkana, and also Neil Rashbrook's Form elements UI. The "Form" submenu for inserting elements is exposed only in the Debug menu so we can test this more and resolve any remaining problems. The tree was a mess on 1/8, so I didn't get to checkin then. I was tempted to checkin on 1/9, but as I'm leaving for vacation in late afternoon, I didn't think it wise to take the risk. I'll check it in on 1/14 or 1/15 before 0.9.8 closes.

Next week

  • Kin
    • Reviews for 0.9.8 deadline.
    • Help out with any 0.9.8 blocker bugs.
    • Triage the backlog of incoming Editor:Core bugs.
    • Re-triage my milestoned bugs based on new incoming bugs.
    • Help jfrancis with EDITORBASE bugs
  • Daniel
    • EDITORBASE bugs on Joe's plate
  • Joe
    • finish Find patch review
    • EDITORBASE work
  • Akkana
    • Hector potential reviewers mercilessly until I have r= on 97157 and sr= on it and 80805 .
    • Get a review for 112139 and get it in.
  • Kathy
    • check in save code (98550) and code removal (117927, 115115, 26384)
    • work on publishing
    • work with Adam on API changes he has proposed
    • reduce total number of EDITORBASE bugs (if possible)
  • Charley
    • Work on Publishing UI and 0.9.9 bugs.

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