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status update

maintained by Tim Rowley <>

Last Updated Wednesday January 9, 2002

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Previous Updates

Module Updates
January 2
Submitted by Mike Potter <>


  • Lots of bug fixes when we integrated the new version of libical for the backend. This fixed a lot of problems for us, especially with repeating events.
  • Added in the ability to create advanced repeating events. You can now set an event to repeat on every 3rd Monday of the month (for eg.) as well as on the 20th of the month (for eg.). You can also have weekly events repeat on certain weekdays, like events that happen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.
  • UI fixes but we're still not 100% up to date with the latest XUL stuff.
  • An Installer for Linux only. We're working hard on getting it up for Windows too, but need help.

Help Needed

  • The calendar team needs help from people to work on XUL front end and with installers to people on Windows and Mac can install and use the latest calendar. Join on #calendar to help out.
Necko, Imagelib, XPCOM
January 7
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • not much to report this week.
  • most of the team returning back from holidays/vacation this week.


  • pavlov
    • I'm back from vacation.
  • gagan
    • Added a 'Login Failed' page to status reports tool.
    • Added a motd page for status reports.


  • gagan
    • Focals!

Plans for next week


  • pavlov
    • My laptop has died again.
January 8
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>


  • Landed the Address Book Outliner branch.
  • QuickSearch added to the Address Book
  • Added "Get Map" (Map It!) functionality to the Address Book. When you display a card with an address it will add a button that will take you to the MapQuest map for that address.
  • Added addressbook export in the .csv and .tab formats.
  • Simple Mapi landed on the trunk.
  • Blake added a context menu for the html compose window.
  • Resolved as fixed 95 bugs.

Performance and Footprint

  • Most of the mail team is going to focus on performance in 0.9.8
  • Look here for the performance page.
  • Look here for current performance numbers.
  • 3 Pane
    • Navin checked in the fix to make folder navigation faster.
    • Navin made multiple delete faster.
  • Message Display
    • David and Cavin worked on preventing certain attachments from being downloaded more than once when displaying a message.
    • David changed mozTXTToHTMLConv.cpp and its clients so that it no longer allocates memory when no conversion is required (which is true in the large majority of the calls). Converted it to take 8 bit characters, which gets rid of a roundtrip from 8 bit to unicode back to 8 bit. Reduced some of the code bloat.
  • Address Book
  • Footprint
    • Navin fixed leaking name and description on loading each plugin.
    • Navin fixed leaking author comparison upon canceling news messages .
    • Navin fixed some leaking char* in mime on reading messages
    • Navin looked into bloat we're seeing when typing.
    • Jean-Francois fixed a leak while building the attachments list.

Mailnews Accomplishments

  • Cavin
    • Worked on making it so that the Save Image context menu only shows the image name rather than a bunch of other information.
    • Started looking into a bug where Outlook Express mailing lists aren't being imported.
    • Started working on adding the server name to server errors. This will help make it less confusing for people with multiple accounts.
  • Dan
    • Added tasklist for LDAP work to Mozilla.
    • Reviewed Seth's outliner branch changes.
    • Reviewed and checked in John Marmion's fixes mentioned below.
  • Seth
    • Added Quick Search to the Address Book.
    • Made it so we properly migrate the 4.x pref for autocompleting against local addressbooks.
    • Added "Get Map" (Map It!) functionality to the Address Book
    • Added addressbook export in the .csv and .tab formats.
    • Made it so that multiple selection in the addressbook clears out the card preview pane
    • Fixed a crash switching from flat to threaded view.
    • Made it so we clear the message pane when more than one item selected
    • Made it so the offline menu item works from mail windows
    • Fixed a crasher when deleting in large address books.
    • Added the column selector to the address book.
    • Made it so we select the next Address Book card after a delete.
    • Implemented ascending and descending sort order for the address book.
    • Made it so we commit the address book after importing.
    • Made it so we can display more columns in the address book.
  • Navin
    • Fixed a crasher on mail shutdown
    • Removed PR_Sleep call hack in nsMailboxProtocol on copying local messages.
  • Sean
    • Made it so that "Netscape" isn't hardcoded into one of our properties files.
    • Got the Work Offline mnemonic patch checked in.
    • Fixed a bug regarding the default state of labels in migrated and new profiles.
  • Rajiv
    • Landed Simple MAPI on the trunk.
  • Srilatha
    • Helped Rajiv land Simple MAPI on the trunk.
  • David
    • Implemented method to iterate over mork cells in a row which is needed by the Address Book
    • Made it so our moz mime image callback code now can put images directly in the memory cache instead of dropping them on the floor. With help from Scott, made it so that imglib can get these images directly without having to go through libmime and reparse the whole message.
    • Started working on the imap folder property sheet sharing tab.
  • Scott
    • Made the security panel for s/mime match the spec.
    • Began exploring some options for mail notification in the system tray (including integration with quick launch)
  • Bhuvan
    • Polished up the Address Book Sidebar context menus
    • Fixed a case where mail setup wasn't being completed.
  • Jean-Francois
    • Fixed a case where a multipart/alternative email wasn't showing up.
    • Fixed a bug where Reply was looking like Forward Inline.
    • Fixed a hang when viewing a particular message.
    • Fixed an Uninitialized memory read in nsStreamConverter::SetMimeHeadersListener
  • John Marmion
    • Made it so that LDAP attributes aren't case sensitive.
    • Made xmozillausehtmlmail work with LDAP.
    • Made it so that we have a mnemonic for Work Offline.
    • Made it so the message pane shows the focus ring.
  • Stephen Walker
    • Fixed some js warnings.
  • Denis Antrushin
    • Made it so we don't change the real name of a forwarded message to "ForwardedMessage.eml".
    • Fixed a bunch of the outliner scrollbar problems we've been having for a while (such as the disappearing thumb).
  • Alex Vincent
    • Fixed a js warning.
  • Blake Ross
    • Added a context menu to the html compose window.
  • Stephen Donner
    • Cleaned up message compose logging.

Previous Updates