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Last Updated Wednesday November 21, 2001

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Module Updates
Necko, Imagelib, XPCOM
November 19
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • darin landed the URL parsing rewrite (bug 103916) that has landed us with a significant improvement in page load time. Way to go Darin!!
  • riaging continues-- lots of bugs to go thru still.


  • darin
    • landed standard url rewrite (bug 103916)
    • fixed bug 97958 "[CRASH] on :jar protocol" with the help of dbaron
    • fixed bug 107789 "deprecate nsIRandomAccessStore (superceded by nsISeekableStream)"
    • revised digest auth patch (bug 15860)
    • worked on patch for bug 83471 "prevent infinite redirection loops"
    • triaged bugs
  • neeti
    • Checked in fix for removing serviceEntry from ComponentManager.
    • Working/investigating on xpcom threadsafety issues.
    • Triaged bugs.
  • gordon
    • Squishing bugs:
    • WONFIX bug 89903 "Slow Page Load with Cache on Remote Drive"
    • FIXED bug 84531 "DNS cache eviction count not always decremented"
    • WORKSFORME bug 108388 "Caching of DNS entries has stopped"
    • WORKSFORME bug 92069 "MacBinary is recognized as Untyped binary data"
    • create patch for bug 110405 "Assertions in cache code"
    • duped and triaged more bugs.
    • worked on bug 105344 "Memory cache pref should be a percentage of physical RAM"
    • worked on bug 81724 "disk cache needs stream wrappers"
  • gagan
    • attended the all managers offsite- learned about people and processes.
  • dougt
    • 105719. Worked on optimizing observer service notification. Patch improves notification but still has some problems.
    • triaged bugs.


  • darin
    • some regressions from standard url landing :(
  • gordon
    • The tree never seems open during the day...
  • gagan
    • no status from pavlov this week :-(
    • 0.9.7 bugs creeped up a little (possibly from the spillage from 0.9.6)
  • dougt
    • Windows machine died - blue screen of death at startup. Fixed after replacing redbook.sys with a new version. Weird huh?!

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • fix standard url regressions
    • land digest auth patch
    • fix other bugs for mozilla 0.9.7
    • triage bugs
  • gordon
    • continue work on bugs 81724 and 105344.
  • gagan
    • maintain the decorum in webplatform as virtual clayton.


November 19
Submitted by Scott Putterman <>


  • Lots of performance work going on including a number of message display performance improvements.
  • Checked in the Prefill Filters feature.
  • Fixed lots of regressions.
  • Resolved as fixed 64 bugs.

Performance and Footprint

  • Look here for the performance page.
  • General
    • Varada is almost ready to land mail Tinderbox leak/bloat testing.
    • Varada is continuing to add instrumentation so that we can start automating performance timing.
  • Message Display
    • Scott made the browser tag extendable so we could disable session history and global history in the message pane
    • Scott reduced the number of round trips between JS and C++ when displaying a message by broadcasting the headers all at once in one call instead of one call per header.
    • Scott overrode command sets coming from utilityOverlay.xul so we don't attempt to update those commands when focus and select events are fired. This was causing us to update cmd_undo, cmd_redo and cmd_delete multiple times when displaying a message.
    • Scott optimized some of our CSS rules to be a little faster for message display. Removed some obsolete headers.
    • Scott delayed construction of the long email address view until the user clicks on the toggle.
    • Scott cached & reused our dynamically created email address nodes for to, cc & bcc in the header view to reduce the time spent doing frame construction and general JS processing time.
  • 3 Pane
    • Navin removed some printfs that were being printed out during message download and biff.
  • Compose Window
    • Cavin investigated whether lazily creating some of our dynamic menus would improve open window time and discovered that the difference isn't very much.
  • Startup Performance
    • Cavin analyzed the time for creating various tool bars in the mail window. It’s about 5.5% faster without the tool bar, 6.83% faster without tool bar and status bar, and 7.82% faster without tool bar, status bar and quick search bar.
    • Cavin and Stephen did some timings without the sidebar and found that we save between 10-20% without the sidebar in the 3 pane.
    • Cavin did some dll profiling and found that loading dll's takes about 2.5% of mail startup time.
  • Address Book
    • Seth continued to work on the conversion to outliner and is fixing several bugs along the way. The current estimate has him able to land by the end of November.
  • Footprint
    • Navin fixed nsImapCacheStreamListener and nsNntpCacheStreamListener leaks whenever we read from cache. It happened if you read a message more than once.
    • Navin started generating Purify logs for common pop operations and is looking into bloat for these same operations.
    • David removed the orkin layer of Mork and continued fixing Mork leaks.

Mailnews Accomplishments

  • Scott
    • See performance work above.
    • Turned on SMIME for trunk builds.
    • Fixed a regression caused by some new grid changes that caused you to lose your header view when you went into brief mode.
  • Cavin
    • See performance work above.
    • Fixed a crash loading a threaded folder.
  • Sean
    • Finished the thread pane and filter dialog works for labels. This is in the review process now.
  • Seth
    • See performance work above.
    • Bulletproofed a top crasher in news.
    • Bulletproofed a biff crasher.
    • Made it so that "properties" brings up a mailing list when a mailing list is selected in the directory pane.
    • Fixed a regression where an existing card couldn't be edited.
    • Fixed a regression where search results weren't showing up in the search dialog.
    • Fixed a regression where reply stopped working.
    • Fixed a regression where edit message as new and forward inline stopped working.
    • Made it so we enable the Get Msgs toolbar button even if a folder isn't selected.
  • Navin
    • See performance work above.
    • Fixed a bug where copying messages was failing from a 2nd pop account.
  • David
    • See performance work above.
    • Fixed a problem saving offline imap attachments if the message was read online with Mime Parts on Demand and stored offline when it was read.
    • Tracked down some draft editing regressions.
  • Varada
    • See performance work above.
    • Checked in prefill filters.
  • Bhuvan
    • Started converting the Account Manager to use the new </wizard> tag.
    • Made it so we can read in ISP data from the rdf files with the new tag.
    • Fixed a regression where you couldn't create a news account.
    • Fixed a regression sending mail caused by performing actions in the account manager.
  • Jean-Francois
    • Continued to work on bugs associated with recycling the compose window.
  • Håkan Waara
    • Aligned some text in the subscribe dialog.
    • Fixed some autosubscribe bugs.
  • Christopher Blizzard
    • Made it so messages can be dragged from the thread pane to the compose window on Linux.
  • Stephen Donner
    • Improved some context menu wording.
  • Ben Ruppel
    • Fixed some access keys in the addressbook.
  • James Gurganus and Geoffrey Gustafson
    • Fixed a bug where we were sometimes leaving off the last byte when sending attachments thereby sending corrupt attachments.
November 20
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
Here is a link to the Navigator team's progress report for last week:

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