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Last Updated Wednesday November 7, 2001

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Module Updates
Necko, Imagelib, XPCOM
November 5
Submitted by Gagan Saksena <>


  • lots of bug fixing and heavy triaging under way.


  • darin
    • fixed bug 98884 "Automatic page refresh for Expires META tag not working"
    • fixed bug 103070 "No new connections issued when waiting for timeout"
    • fixed bug 107719 "avoid extra copy of http request headers"
    • closing in on a final patch for bug 103916 "nsStdURL::GetSpec() is 2.6% of main1()"
    • triaged bugs
  • neeti
    • Working on removing nsServiceEntry from ComponentManager.
    • Had a meeting with jband about xpcom threadsafety.
    • Triaged Bugs.
  • gordon
    • Fixed bug 86474.
    • Triaged bugs.
    • Worked on stream wrappers for disk cache.
  • dougt
    • Initial design review of module unloading completed. Working on adjusting POC. Meeting with Jband later this week for another review.
    • Investigating N62 xpcom top crasher.
    • Updated XPCOM Project page
    • Updated embedding interface list which current xpcom status.
    • Cleaned up nsIWeakReference interface
    • Worked with Robert Ginda on xpcom-autoregistration notification (104168)
    • Landed a 3% window startup perf improvement (104962)
    • Conditionalized nsIChromeRegistry service from being started up by nsAppRunner (107346)
    • Cleaned up nsISimpleEnumerator. Moved out of nsIEnumerator.idl
    • Helped QA track down all of the asserts during shutdown.
    • Preparing for Developer Day presentation
  • pavlov
    • triaged out 0.9.6 buglist.
    • continuing work on bug footprint/perf bug 104999... its getting close, but won't make it for 0.9.6. Hopefully will land shortly after the tree opens for 0.9.7.
  • gagan
    • met with a team from directory server for using necko in some of their products (interesting possibilities here)
    • Fixed bug 100595- topcrash on
    • helping with triaging in different areas.


  • darin
    • didn't get to land the standard url patch
  • pavlov
    • been sick.

Plans for next week

  • darin
    • land the standard url patch
    • fix remaining 0.9.6 bugs
    • triage bugs
    • work on 0.9.7 bugs
  • dougt
    • XPCOM Presentation For Developer Day on the 9th.
    • Review module unloading with Jband tomorrow.
  • pavlov
    • finish 104999
  • gagan
    • Networking in Mozilla presentation for Developer Day (Nov. 9th)


November 6
Submitted by Mike Potter <>


  • Put the calendar files up on for everyone to try out.
  • Posted a message in n.p.m.calendar and general, MozillaZine and the Open Office mailing list.
  • Fixed a bug in the day view that caused multiple events to appear as though they were overlapping. This is not yet in the build available to the public.

Next week

  • Put the code into's CVS.
  • Ensure that calendar component and calendar keyword are added to bugzilla.
  • Get the calendar to be part of the daily build process, when MOZ_CALENDAR is turned on.
  • Consolidate feedback to make up the initial requirements document for Mozilla calendar.
November 7
Submitted by Daniel Glazman <>


  • Akkana (Composer team)
    • Checked in fix for 106111 , allow plaintext-only Linux build for embedding.
    • Found a way to reproduce 104195 (rewrap destroys quotes) and wrote a fix.
    • Discussions of plaintext editing, publishing UI, and saving APIs.
    • Reviewed a few fixes.
    • Sheriffed.
  • Kathy (Composer team)
    • revised and checked in fix for nsIDiskDocument move to nsIURI
    • started moving nsEditorShell save methods out into JS
    • some investigation into double-keyevents on Macs (only some OS? slower Macs???)
  • Charles (Composer team)
    • 0.9.6 bugs fixed and checked in:
    • 99306 Better errror message when Row, Col input field is empty in Table dialog
    • 102046 Enable/disable 'Advanced Edit' button the same as 'Ok' button in dialogs
    • 97826 Fixed '% of cell' label in menulist for table width when inserted in an existing table.
    • 97455 Fixed setting all attributes on an inserted link.
    • Revised Publishing UI based on discussions from last week. We now have two dialogs: One to use when publishing a page which still allows changing the location and other settings; a second "pref-like" dialog to edit settings on all sites. Rewrote all the publish prefs code using new nsIPrefBranch interface. The plan is to check this in soon after 0.9.6 milestone so we have UI to test publishing core work.
    • Bug triage and load balancing for milestones through moz 1.0.
    • Reviewed more big XUL/JS fixes by Blake Ross for XUL 1.0 compliance . Other UI code reviews as well.
  • Daniel (Layout team)
    • CSS WG conf call
    • fixed and checked in
      • 107372 nsHTMLEditRules::GetAlignment() modifies the content tree!
    • fix in hand
      • 34849 dynamically added STYLE element doesn't alter style (side effect of this fix : it is now possible to add/modify/remove style element and CSS rules in Composer's source view and see the changes switching back to other modes, bug 60841).
  • Kin (Layout team)
    • Code reviews/superreviews
    • Checked in fixes for
      • bug 99517 (Text migrates past H. Line, loses formatting when converted)
      • bug 98730 (Find/Replace not finding a string with more than one space)
      • bug 103539 (Find does not always find strings containing spaces.)
    • Created fix for bug 96455 (hr has duplicate lineboxes in frame tree ) which is one of two possible approaches. I'd like to get some one more knowledgeable about block/inline reflow to look at it.
    • Looked into bug 97207 (textarea pastes sometimes misplaced by failing to reposition caret) and found some disturbing things, like the fact that in some cases the point in the event structure passed to frames is not always transfromed into the correct coordinate system.
    • Looked into bug 96503 (Changing font size with Format Menu results in an inconsistent font size).
    • Triaged and did some preliminary debugging for various editor bugs.
  • Joe (Layout team)
    • no status submitted


  • Akkana
    • Finish and check in the fix for 104195 .
    • More work on save API related bugs.
    • Try OS X build.
    • Investigate 103808 (pasting primary rather than clipboard X selection on Unix) and perhaps other selection-related bugs.
    • See if I can help with bugs referenced in the plaintext editing tracking bugs, 108120 and 108194.
  • Kathy
    • continue moving nsEditorShell save methods to JS
    • investigate double-key events
    • 0.9.6 bugs (fix or move off)
  • Charles
    • Continue on Publish UI and 0.9.6 bug fixing.
  • Daniel
    • will start looking at the merging conflicts Joe and Charley friendly gave me for CSS in Composer ;-)
  • Kin
    • Triage Triage Triage
    • Continue working on 0.9.6 bugs.
    • Finish up glazman's CSS Composer code review.


  • Strange problems with UI, especially toolbar buttons and color controls not showing state. With the help of Joe, we think that Composer code is working ok; can't figure out who to blame for these problems.
  • Struggling with bug 106728 : "New" button doesn't work in Composer. It works in my tree and I can't figure out why! I'll work on it more on the weekend.
  • Still spending too much time monkeying around with builds and daily breakage. The tree is the less stable than it's been in months.
November 7
Submitted by Peter Trudelle <>
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